Do you dream of having an anime mascot by your side? And dressing up like them too? Kuma’s Anime Pets Addon (1.20) will make it happen. You can find them in various biomes of your world, with different chances and times. They are all loyal to you, but some are more fierce than others. You can even mount one of them!



From the anime Hamtaro, this is a very curious hamster looking to travel and satisfy his curiosities and desires.

  • Spawn: Spawn in the overworld
  • Tame: It is domesticated with any seed


Pochita from the anime Chainsaw Man is the chainsaw demon. It is very easy to make him angry, be careful when taming him! Don’t you dare touch it with bad intentions. No doubt he will defend you and follow you at all times

  • Spawn: Spawn in the beach
  • Tame: It is domesticated with bread

Artemis & Luna

Artemis from the anime Sailor Moon, name comes from the goddess Artemis, with a flexible, playful, and extremely absent-minded character. If you are going to adopt him, make sure you have Luna as a companion to complete the dúo.

  • Spawn: They both appear in the forest, however, Luna only appears during the night
  • Tame: It is domesticated with salmon.


Diana is the daughter of Luna and Artemis, and you should definitely have her to finish the team of 3

  • Spawn: Appears when Luna and Artemis are breeding.

Captain Hawk

From Nanatsu No Taizai we have… the leftover captain Hawk! a cute pig that we will get on the plains of our world, it can be ridden so we can travel on top of its pot-bellied body

  • Spawn: Captain Hawk of the Leftovers Order appears on the Plains
  • Tame: It is tamed with leftovers

Tony Tony Chopper

Now the mascot of the Straw Hat crew, Tony Tony Chopper! His steps are very cute, but be careful that he doesn’t fall into the water because he can’t swim or float.

  • Spawn: Tony Tony Chopper spawns in any frozen biome
  • Tame: It reproduces with cotton candy

Thousand Sunny

In One Piece Film Red, see the animalistic version of the Thousand Sunny, unlike Chopper, this one is a good swimmer.

  • Spawn: Thousand Sunny spawns in the Mesa biome.
  • Tame: It reproduces with cotton candy as well.


  • You also have the opportunity to equip yourself with beautiful clothes (from onesies to hats):

  • Pet-themed cosmetics are obtained from chests in the game’s villages.

Crafting Recipes:


Installation Note:

  • Make sure you turn on the Experimental Gameplay.

How to install:

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