Lamorak Mobs Addon (1.20) introduces new animals to your Minecraft world, each with unique characteristics. Unlike other animal addons, the objective of this addon is not just to add more animals, but rather to provide animals that are useful for the development of your game.


Animal Guide

  • New animal guide, in it you can find all the information related to the addon, you no longer need to read everything on this page. The book is made with a simple book on the crafting table.

  • You will need a language pattern to open the book the first time and it is currently only available in English and Spanish. To open the guide you must place the language pattern in the second hand and the guide animal in the main hand to interact with it, in this way, you will obtain the guide animal with the respective language used. The recipe for the language patterns is shown in the images, additionally, in the stone cutter, it can be obtained by placing only paper. You can use either of the two methods to get the guide.
  • Note: The recipes mentioned in the guide can be viewed on the crafting table, there are no images in the guide.



  • Apes are intelligent animals, they live in the jungle and eat the bananas that fall from the banana trees, these trees can be found in the jungle. The apes are neutral, if you attack one, it will scream for its companions and they will all attack you. Apes will always attack spiders. When they kill a spider they will celebrate victory. Apes will carry their young on their shoulders until they are grown.
  • You can heal, breed, and lure them with apples and bananas, you can speed up the growth of baby apes with pumpkin seeds and cocoa beans. Occasionally, if an ape has an assigned bed overnight, it will lie down and sleep.
  • Banana trees spawn in the jungle, you can make a plate sprout by cutting the trunk of a banana tree with scissors, the banana block hanging from the leaves of the tree will occasionally drop bananas, if you cut the banana block alone, you will drop 2 bananas. maximum. You can consume the bananas and they will fill you with 3 life points. The trunk and leaves of the banana tree are only decorative and have no other function at the moment. You can grow the banana sprout with bone meal and thus obtain a banana.


  • Snails are mollusks with many uses, they appear all over the world, and from time to time snails will speed up the growth of your composter if it is full to at least 1 level (your composter has to have at least 1 level of compost for snails to multiply the compost, snails only accelerate the growth of the compost, do not put seeds in the composter) baby snails will be able to climb into the shell of their parents. During the rains, they will hide in their shell and will not move until it stops raining or you take them to the shade where the water does not fall on them.
  • When the snails die they will leave you their shell. With it, you can create a bowl. You can only trap them in a glass bottle to transport them, the reins don’t work with them. You can reproduce, attract, and feed them with wheat, pumpkin, watermelon, and beet seeds. Occasionally drop slime balls.


  • Ants appear in the world in general, there are three types of ant, the queen ant creates the anthills, the soldier ant protects the anthill and the worker ant collects leaves from the flowers, plants, and crops to form amber in the anthill, if you break In an anthill you will not get anything more than angry ants, but by interacting with scissors you will be able to remove the amber and accumulated leaves, with them you can do various things, you can find all the information in the guide.

Installation Note:

  • Make sure you turn on the Experimental Gameplay.

How to install:

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Lamorak Mobs Addon (1.20) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20.40+

Behavior: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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