Minecraft 1.18.1 Official Download is a small update for the Java Edition that contains some fixes not included in the main 1.18 update. In Minecraft Java Edition 1.18.1, there is a lot of improvement and reparation on the Overworld generation such as larger caves, taller mountains, new mountain biomes, new cave biomes, and flooded caves. It is compatible with 1.18 servers.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause players on low-bandwidth connections to get timeout errors when connecting to a server.
  • World fog now starts further away from the player, to make distant terrain more visible.
  • Instead of applying fog as a spherical volume it is now applied as a cylindrical volume.
  • Users running Minecraft in a 32-bit environment will receive a warning in the main menu about the upcoming end of 32-bit environment support.
  • For players located in South Korea, there are gameplay timers and notices to help remind players to take occasional breaks from gameplay. This feature is in compliance with gaming laws in this country.
  • Ender’s chests are no longer gift-wrapped around Christmas.
  • Caves have been extensively renovated and extended to y=-64. Additionally, they are produced in two layers with various stone bases, depending on the depth. Now, the subsurface generates rich cave biomes and dripstone caverns.
  • Mountains now come in 6 sub-biomes:
    • Meadow: A grassy elevated biome that looks like flowery and colder plains, with an aqua grass color and dark blue watercolor.
    • Grove: Reminiscent of a snowy taiga with a surface of snow blocks and powder snow, instead of grass blocks.
    • Snowy Slopes: Generates on the slopes of a mountain when next to plains and snowy tundra. They are always covered in snow, snow block, and powder snow.
    • Jagged Peaks: One of three biomes covered in snow, snow blocks, and stone that generate in the mountain peaks. This sub-biome tends to generate in sharp and jagged peaks in areas with snowy, cold, and temperate biomes.
    • Frozen Peaks: The other biomes that are also active at mountain tops. The difference between this frozen peak and Jagged Peaks is that instead of being made of stone, this frozen peak is made of ice and is packed ice. In regions with snowy, cold, and temperate biomes, tends to produce smoother and less craggy peaks.
    • Stony Peaks: One of three biomes that generate in the mountain peaks. As its name, it is covered in stone, gravel, and strips of calcite. Tends to generate in any peak surrounded by warm biomes such as jungles and savannas, to avoid temperature clashes.
  • There are 4 new advancements:
  • Caves & Cliffs
    • Fall from the top to the bottom of the Overworld.
  • Feels like home
    • Ride a strider on lava for 50 blocks in the Overworld.
  • Sound of Music
    • Play music with a jukebox in a meadow biome.
  • Star Trader
    • Trade with a villager at the build height limit.



Java 18+

Java Runtime Environment 1.8.0

How to install:

  • To install the Official Release, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the “Launch Options” tab.
  • Official Release can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Minecraft 1.18.1 Official Download Links

Java Client: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

Java Server: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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