Minecraft 1.19.3 Snapshot 22w45a is out now with a brand new bamboo block, an upgraded vex, and lots of new inventory updates. Snapshot 22w45a also changes vex’s texture in the game. The new appearance of the entities makes it clear that the evil spirits used to be Allays; players interested in Minecraft’s lore will definitely like Vex’s texture update. The developers have also brought Inventory UI changes for the Creative mode and more. Let’s look at all the additions and changes in snapshot 22w45a.


  • Added new default skins for offline players
  • Added Block of Bamboo and Stripped Block of Bamboo
  • Block of Bamboo can be crafted from 9 Bamboo and can be stripped like other wood logs
  • Bamboo Planks crafted from Block of Bamboo yield only 2 planks compared to 4 for wood logs
  • The Vex now has a new look
  • The Wild update music has been tweaked to be slightly less loud
  • When opening, Shulker Boxes will pop off blocks which are attached to opened faces (such as Torches)
  • Blocks that require support cannot be placed on these open faces while the Shulker Box is open
  • “Teleport to Team Member” option in spectator menu now only shows up for teams with viable target players
  • Added Operator Items Tab option in the Controls menu which is off by default
  • Creative Inventory changes


  • Changes to Vex model and textures
  • The Vex retains a slightly oversized hitbox to make it easier to fight


How to install:

Minecraft 1.19.3 Snapshot 22w45a Download Links

Client: Download from Server 1

Server: Download from Server 1

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