Minecraft 1.19 Snapshot 22w12a brings more of the deep dark, along with chest boats, strange warden changes, enchantment changes & waterlogged leaves.

Additionally, you’ll be seeing some functionality for the sculk shriekers and some fancy new boats (they have chests).


  • Added Darkness mob effect.
  • Added Sculk Shrieker functionality.
  • Added the Warden mob.
  • Added boat with chest.
  • Added the Swift Sneak enchantment.

Sculk Shrieker:

  • Added functionality to the Sculk Shrieker: Notable for its boney appendages, this block responds to Sculk Sensors detecting vibrations by sending out a warning call to distant Wardens.
    • Watch out when stepping on them, as they will feel that too and send out a call!
  • Initially it may take some time for a Warden to arrive, but you’ll hear it responding in the distance…
  • Once it’s close enough, a call from the Sculk Shrieker will summon the Warden nearby – be prepared!
  • Added Warden mob.


  • The horror of the Deep Dark! A creature with no eyes, roughly resembling the Sculk that can be found throughout the Deep Dark, the Warden is an unstoppable force of nature that inhabits this biome.
  • Just like Sculk Sensors, these terrifying creatures use vibrations as a means to navigate their environment.
  • When vibrations aren’t enough, they will also use a sense of smell to track down their prey – you can observe them sniffing their surroundings to get closer to unsuspecting players and mobs.
  • To add to their myriad of ways to detect you, try not to get too close! If you collide with a Warden, it will notice you.
  • In the Deep Dark, Wardens are everywhere – you just can’t see them. They slumber beneath your feet, and only dig out when enough Sculk Shriekers have alerted them of your presence.
  • Watch your step: the more vibrations a Warden detects, the angrier it will get. You can hear and see this from how fast the souls in its chest are beating.
  • Once a mob has pushed beyond the Warden’s anger threshold, it will face its prey and roar before charging.
  • If, however, you keep the Warden from noticing you or getting angry for 60 seconds, it will dig back underground and despawn.
  • They have a special interaction with thrown projectiles.
    • If the Warden receives two projectile vibrations within 5 seconds of one another, it will grow angrier at the shooter.
    • If the Warden receives a projectile vibration more than 5 seconds from the last projectile, it will not grow angrier at the shooter.
    • This allows you to strategically distract the Warden without it getting angry while you take loot from nearby chests.
  • Unfortunately for all players, Wardens will also disable shields when they hit them with their fists.
  • They do not drop any loot.
  • Wardens are powerful creatures, and it is often better to sneak around one that has emerged instead of taking it head on – you’ve been warned.


  • A new mob effect unique to the Warden and Sculk Shrieker, which will afflict you with it when nearby.
  • Lowers the gamma down at an equivalent of “Moody” while having this effect.
  • In periodic pulses, will lower the overall brightness of the world so that the darkness creeps up against light sources.
  • When the Warden is around, torches will be more important than ever!
  • A new Accessibility slider has been added in your Options menu called “Darkness Pulsing”.
    • Controls how dark the Darkness effect gets when a Warden or Sculk Shrieker gives it to you, but will not affect the fog distance.

Boat with chest:

  • Lets you bring more stuff on your boat adventures.
  • If you are in the boat, press the open inventory key to access the chest contents.
  • If you are not in the boat, shift-right click to access the chest contents.
  • If you break the boat the chest contents will spill out, like with other chests.
  • Also works with hoppers, droppers, and other blocks that interact with chests.
  • Like other chests, opening a boat chest or breaking the boat will anger piglins, since they think all chests belong to them.

Swift Sneak:

  • Imbue your leggings with this shiny new enchantment to move as fast while crouching as you would normally walk!
  • When applied, it will increase your movement speed while sneaking.
  • Has 3 different levels with different speed increases.
  • It is the first enchantment unique to leggings equipment!


How to install:

Minecraft 1.19 Snapshot 22w12a Download Links

Client: Download from Server 1

Server: Download from Server 1

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