Minecraft 1.19 Snapshot 22w16a brings the soundtrack for 1.19 into the game, along with a new record disc known as “Disc 5”.


  • Added new music.
  • Added Disc Fragment 5 and Music Disc 5.

Four New Music Tracks:

  • The new music tracks are called Ancestry, Aerie, Firebugs, and Labyrinthine.
  • They play in certain biomes and in the main menu.

Music Disc 5:

  • A new music disc has been added to the game.
  • Unlike other discs, it can only be obtained by finding and crafting 9 Disc Fragments together.
  • These Disc Fragments can be found rarely in Ancient City chests.


How to install:

Minecraft 1.19 Snapshot 22w16a Download Links

Client: Download from Server 1

Server: Download from Server 1

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