Minecraft Essentials Addon (1.20) improves your Minecraft multiplayer/server/realms by adding Money, Auction, Home, Warp, TPA, and Combat systems. You can use Money to trade items. You can set home to avoid getting lost. You can use TPA to teleport to other players. The addon is very customizable.


General Command List:

Admin Command List: (ONLY ADMIN CAN SEE THIS)

Don’t understand the command?

  • Don’t worry use !help command to get command list and the description! You can also use !help <command_name> to get command usage! (“?” that means the choice is not must be filled)

You can use Minecraft Format to select player.

Example: !money “Test Player” or !money Paoeni

General Command:

  • !help (To show Command List / Help List)
  • !back (Teleport to last died location)
  • !playerlist (Show player list in server)
  • !tps (Check Tick per Second)
  • !message <player_name> <message> (Send private message to Player)
  • !reply <message> (Reply private message)

Money Command :

You can get money from selling items, killing mobs and players, or make a trade with another player.

  • !money <player_money?> (To see your’s / someone’s money)
  • !pay <player_name> <amount> (To pay/give money to another player)
  • !topmoney (See Top Money leaderboards)
  • !shop (To buy something)
  • !sell (To sell something)
  • !auctionhouse (Auction house)

Home Command:

  • !home <home_name> (To teleport to home that you’ve been set)
  • !sethome <home_name> (Set or Add home)
  • !delhome <home_name> (Delete or Remove home)
  • !listhome (To see list of your’s home)

Warp Command:

  • !warp <place_name> (Teleport to place)
  • !listwarp (To see list of warp in the server)

TPA Command:

  • !tpa <player_name> (Sent request for teleport to other player)
  • !tpahere <player_name> (Sent request to other player for teleport to you)
  • !tpasetting <on/off> (Set your tpa setting. If its off you can’t send tpa request to other player and other player can’t send tpa request to you)


Use /tag @s add admin to give you admin command access

  • !adminpanel (Show admin panel)
  • !setmoney <player_name> <amount> (Set player’s money)
  • !setwarp <place_name> (Set warp to place that anyone can access)
  • !delwarp <place_name> (Delete warp)
  • !broadcast <message> (Send message to all player)
  • !ban <player_name> <reason> (Ban player)
  • !unban <player_name> (Unban player)
  • !kick <player_name> <reason> (Kick player)
  • !setting <settingname> <value> (Set configuration)

  • !shopsetting (Add, Edit, and Remove item or group in Shop, Join Discord for Tutorial)
  • !sellsetting (Add, Edit, and Remove item in Sell, Join Discord for Tutorial)
  • !resetdata (Reset all / specific Data)
  • !mute <player_name> (Mute a player)
  • !unmute <player_name> (Unmute a muted player)
  • !inventorysee <player_name> (Check Player’s Inventory)
  • !log (Check Logs)

You can do configuration in the file Configuration.js

Maybe this addon will not work if there are other addons that have custom commands and the same prefix!

Installation Note:

  • Make sure you turn on the Beta APIs in the Experimental Gameplay.

How to install:

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Minecraft Essentials Addon (1.20) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20

mcaddon: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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