Update: A ‘b’ version has been released and is available through the launcher


  • Command block choosing wrong people / Selecting players cross-dimensional
  • In multiplayer screen holding shift and pressing “down” without selecting any server crashes the game
  • Zombies with increased health don’t deal damage
  • Using the autocomplete function in chat (tab) disconnects clients in multiplayer
  • When under resistance effects above 5, /kill command does not work.
  • Game Tick Speed Issue?
  • Packet250CustomPayload StackOverFlowError
  • Player inducible stack overflow
  • Health scoreboard doesn’t display hearts from health boost
  • Take damage when removing health boost effect
  • Natural regeneration = false not working in peaceful
  • Health overflow isn’t removed when health boost ends
  • Baby Zombies Spawner crash the game
  • No Server Connection Bars in Multiplayer Menu or Ingame
  • Ressources packs still named Texture packs in options
  • “Health Boost” Potion Effect shows “potion.healthBoost”
  • Minecarts do not have the correct texture pack
  • Firecharge texture is green
  • Fire Animation Jumps and skips frames.
  • GUI broken when Boss health bar is visible
  • Carpet can be placed ontop of glass panes but not ontop of iron bars
  • Texts for “credits” and “end” not showing up properly in default or with a resource pack on.
  • DoDaylightCycle bed bug
  • Biome colormaps are not updating on texture pack change

To get the snapshot, use the new launcher available in the link below. To return to 1.5.2, simply start the old launcher and play as normal.

Windows: Server 1 DownloadServer 2 Download

MAC/OSX: Server 1 DownloadServer 2 Download

Linux: Server 1 DownloadServer 2 Download

Server files:

Cross-platform jar:

Windows EXE:

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