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Minigolf in Minecraft, possible through the attribute of items sliding over ice. Minigolf 4 Map. You just stand on the start block, drop your ball with the drop key (normally “Q”) and it will slide over the ice. The point where the ball lands is your starting point for the next throw. If your ball lands in the finish-hole, you can move on to the next level. Will you manage to beat the recommended throws in each level, beat your friends or do you even manage to beat my own records? Please activate commandblocks on in your server config and enter the map on peaceful.



  • 4 completely different parkours with 63 holes and different difficulties (from easy to extreme).
  • Traps, obstacles and other crazy things will try to stop you and your friends.
  • Singleplayer and Multiplayer (max. 4 players) compatible.
  • An interactive tutorial to explain you the rules not just by reading a book.
  • A scoreboard system to count the amount of throws.
  • German and English version included.

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For Minecraft 1.8


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