Immerse yourself in a Minecraft world where all creatures, from the fiercest beasts to the tiniest critters, can become your loyal companions. With the MobTamer Data Pack (1.20.2, 1.19.4), embark on an extraordinary adventure where every mob can be tamed and trained to stand by your side. Experience a game-changing twist on Minecraft with the MobTamer Data Pack. Forge connections with creatures once considered enemies, turning them into allies that accompany you on your journey. From epic battles to farming tasks, your tamed mob companions will be by your side, adding new layers of excitement and strategy to your gameplay. Embrace the unique possibilities of a world where every creature can become your friend and protector. Enjoy playing this data pack!


  • Universal Taming: Unlock the ability to tame and befriend any mob you encounter, transforming them from potential foes into steadfast allies.
  • Unique Abilities: Each tamed mob brings its own unique set of abilities and attributes, adding new dimensions to your gameplay and strategy.
  • Custom Training: Train your tamed mobs to develop specific skills and behaviors, creating a personalized companion that suits your playstyle.
  • Variety of Pets: Build a diverse team of tamed creatures, ranging from ferocious predators to friendly farm animals, and utilize their strengths in different situations.
  • Exploration and Combat: Explore the world with your tamed companions, leveraging their powers in battles against hostile mobs or assisting in resource gathering.
  • Agricultural Assistance: Enlist farm animals as helpers in your agricultural pursuits, simplifying tasks like planting crops, collecting resources, and more.
  • Travel Companions: Ride upon tamed creatures to traverse landscapes more swiftly, enabling efficient exploration and transportation.
  • Epic Journeys: Embark on epic journeys with your loyal team of tamed mobs, encountering challenges, discovering hidden treasures, and conquering new territories.
  • Creature Care: Maintain the well-being of your tamed mobs by feeding, healing, and providing suitable shelter, fostering a strong bond of companionship.
  • Multiplayer Interactions: In multiplayer environments, showcase your diverse tamed mob collection and engage in cooperative adventures with fellow players.


How to Install:

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MobTamer Data Pack (1.20.2, 1.19.4) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.20.2, 1.20.1, 1.19.4

Data Pack: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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