More Recipes Data Pack (1.16.5, 1.15.2) adds even more recipes to your crafting table and the blast furnace. Stay tuned as more and more update will come with extra recpies will come throughout the updates of Minecraft.


Added Crafting Recipes:

-Nether star: gold block, diamond block, blaze rod.
Nether star

-Saddle: leather, string, iron ingot.

-Trident: prismarine shard, stick.

-Turtle egg: egg, kelp, scute.
turtle egg

-Elytra: stick, feather, leather chest plate.
elytra (2)

-Emerald: stone, blaze powder, dried kelp block.

-Mycelium grass block: brown mushroom, bone meal, red mushroom, dirt.
mycelium grass block

-Cobweb: Strings.

-Sea Pickle x2: Glow stone dust, kelp, torch.
sea pickle

-Bell: Cobblestone, Stick, Gold Block, Gold Nugget.

-Diamond Horse Armor: Diamond
diamond horse armore

-Iron Horse Armor: Iron Ingot
iron horse amour

-Golden Horse Armor: Gold
gold horse amour

-Chainmail Leggings: Iron Nugget.

-Nametag: String, wooden Sign(Any Wood Variant).
name tag

-Grass Block x6: Seeds, Dirt.
grass block

-Podzol x6: Spruce Leaves, Dirt.

-Red Sand x5: Sand, Red Dye.
red sand

-Chainmail Helmet: Iron Nugget.

-Chainmail Chestplate: Iron Nugget.
chest plate

-Ice: Snow Block.

-Chainmail boots: Iron Nugget.

-Soul Sand(Shapeless): 1x Sugar + Sand + Fermented Spider eye
soul sand

-Brown Mushroom Block: 9x Brown Mushroom (vice versa).
brown mushroom,

-Red Mushroom Block: 9x Red Mushroom (vice versa).
red mushroom

Added Blast Recipes:

  • clay = brick
  • wet sponge = sponge
  • stone = smooth stone
  • cobblestone = stone
  • sandstone = smooth sandstone
  • red sandstone = smooth red sandstone
  • netherrack = nether brick
  • quartz block = smooth quartz
  • clay block = terracotta
  • (oak, birch, jungle, dark oak, acacia, spruce) log, wood, stripped log, stripped wood= charcoal
  • white terracotta = white glazed terracotta
  • orange terracotta = orange glazed terracotta
  • magenta terracotta = magenta glazed terracotta
  • light blue terracotta = light blue glazed terracotta
  • yellow terracotta = yellow glazed terracotta
  • lime terracotta = lime glazed terracotta
  • pink terracotta = pink glazed terracotta
  • gray terracotta = gray glazed terracotta
  • light gray terracotta = light gray glazed terracotta
  • cyan terracotta = cyan glazed terracotta
  • purple terracotta = purple glazed terracotta
  • blue terracotta = blue glazed terracotta
  • brown terracotta = brown glazed terracotta
  • green terracotta = green glazed terracotta
  • red terracotta = red glazed terracotta
  • black terracotta = black glazed terracotta
  • sea Pickle = lime Dye
  • cactus = green dye
  • chorus fruit = popped chorus fruit


  • Make sure the world your playing on has cheats enabled and is a single-player world.
  • There may be issues using it for multiplayer worlds and it will NOT work properly on a server as it was not intended for multiplayer.

How to Install:

Please visit the following link for full instructions: How To Download & Install Data Packs

More Recipes Data Pack (1.16.5, 1.15.2) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.14.4

Download to Server 1Download to Server 2

For Minecraft 1.15.2 to 1.16.5

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