Natural Structure Redone Addon (1.20, 1.19) enhances the atmosphere of your Minecraft world by adding subtle details like sticks and bushes scattered throughout the environment. These items are easy to spot on the ground and help locate certain materials. Unlike the original, it is compatible with version 1.19 and above and includes expanded features for each block. Biome-specific updates are also planned.


Arid Update

This update adds desert and mesa foliage to your Minecraft World!


Now there is more variety for cacti! (And a very rare secret block and structure!)

The normal cacti generate in the desert and are desert exclusive!

The Blue Cacti generate exclusively in the Mesa/Badlands.

Dragon Fruit can drop randomly when you break the taller variants of Cacti

Desert Foliage

Added a multitude of plants to the arid areas! Both the Mesa and the Desert have their own specific plant sets.

The plants also have varying rarities, for instance, the wildflower and the slime cacti are the rarest!

Cacti Flowers

Pink Cactus Flowers will spawn in 1’s while White Cactus flowers only spawn in 3’s

Low Hanging Brambles

Some extra dried foliage that’s fitting for arid biomes.


  • You can now get sticks out of mangrove roots with the flint scraper

  • Cactus can now be compressed into a Cactus Block

  • New bone sand block that generates in the desert! Can give bones and other items…

  • Updates to the Coarse Sifter, Can now sift sand for desert foliage if they do not spawn in your world.

  • Has Rtx Compatability

Utility Update


Salt will now generate around the world in either stone ore form or sand ore form on the surface. You have to use a stone tool or above to get Pink Rock Salt.

Create Blocks and a lamp with pink rock salt!

Crush pink rock salt into powder to use on the drying table!

Drying Table

With Utilities come Drying Tables!

Drying Tables have an upgradable item that allows the use of salt and halves the time it takes to dry items.

You can dry a variety of items:

  • Leaves
  • Kelp
  • Apple
  • Rotten Flesh
  • Meat Chunks

Mortal and Pestle

The author had completely redone the Mortar and Pestle! Now in order to balance the mortar and pestle you will have to use the pestle to create dyes!

Craft an Andesite Mortar and a suitable pestle. Pestles will now lose durability on every use!

Now Flowers will create Petals, Crush those petals inside of the mortar!

Extras: You will have to create Sugar by crushing it too (Bonemeal too).


Flint Scraper

This is a tool that is a utility item, which is necessary for bark!

Bark Can create a multitude of items, ranging from woodchips, all the way back to paper.

Paper Has also been redone, You will now have to make paper pulp (the traditional way) or the (bark way) and dry it on the drying table!

New Wood Fences and Branches!

Created with their respective wood type, create the fence versions with 2 branches!

Giving Paper more uses, the author created Paper Lanterns!

Accessibility (For those whose structures don’t generate)

The creator has added the new Coarse Sifter. Use this block to sift dirt and have access to pebbles which will enable the ability to access the flint scraper and everything necessary in finding every block. You can also find Pink Rock Salt rarely to help speed up those drying racks!

General Blocks

Landscape Photos


Nimberry bushes spawn in the plains and in the meadows. Each berry gives you a 3-second speed boost to help traverse the flat plains

You can also make a Nimberry Bowl which will give you 10 seconds of speed and 2 and a half a bar of hunger. Stacks to 16.

Ground Foliage

Mushrooms are Red and Brown.

Red Mushrooms are most often seen in Birch forests and in swamps.

Brown Mushrooms can be most often found in Dark oak forests, mangrove swamps, and swamps, and along rivers.

Leaf piles and dried leaf piles generate in their respective biomes.


Bones – They spawn rarely through the entire world and sometimes at cave entrances.

Branches – Currently only oak. You can strip branches to make them fit better.

Bush – Dried + Snowy / Jungle

Bushes drop leaves and sticks. They can also drop dried leaves if they spawn in deserts/mesas and savannahs. Bushes also can connect with each other if placed manually. There is also a jungle bush variant.

Dried Bushes also can connect. They drop dried leaves.

Rocks – 3 Variants + Snow

Rocks can spawn everywhere, no matter the biome. They can come in snowy and different varients (Once they fix ticking)

They drop pebbles which can be used to put rocks down.

Sticks 4 – 4 Variants (3 Spawn Naturally)


Not much different from Natural Structures besides it working in 1.19 and that now you can stack sticks up to 4. The most common stick spawn is the 1 pile stick.

2 Stick piles:

3 Stick pile (Natural Structures one):

4 Stick pile, you have to manually place:

Installation Note:

  • Make sure you activated all the following Experimental Gameplay Options:

How to install:

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Natural Structure Redone Addon (1.20, 1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

mcaddon: Download from server 1Download from server 2

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20

mcaddon: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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