NBT Studio Tool allows easy customization of many aspects of Minecraft, through the modification of NBT tags. Creating custom potions and tools with powerful enchantments is as easy as running a few commands. And with the help of the Book of Souls, it’s possible to create highly complex entities and spawners with ease.

NBT Studio is an NBT editing application, the spiritual successor to NBTExplorer. It has been rewritten completely from scratch to support a vast array of new features, while keeping the familiar layout of controls. New features include Bedrock support, SNBT support, undo/redo functionality, drag and drop, multiselect, and more! It’s called Studio to make it sound more important than it really is.



  • NBT Studio supports reading and writing the following NBT formats. Features marked with a star are new NBT Studio features not present in NBTExplorer.
    • Java NBT files, such as level.dat
    • Java region files (.mca and .mcr)
    • Bedrock NBT files, such as .mcstructure files (little-endian NBT)
    • SNBT files (stringified NBT, like in commands: {Enchantments:[{id:sharpness,lvl:10s}]})
  • NBT files can be exported to any of these formats using Save as. You can load an SNBT file, then export it as a little-endian g-zipped binary file if you wish.
  • NBT Studio also allows the creation of blank NBT files. You can start from scratch and export to any format. Additionally, you can use Ctrl Alt V to create a file from SNBT data on your clipboard.

SNBT Support:

  • NBT Studio is designed around the easy transfer and conversion between textual SNBT data and structured NBT data. As mentioned, SNBT can be opened as a file or pasted as a new document.
    • You can add a tag as SNBT anywhere in the document. Whatever type is parsed will be the resulting type of the tag. Compounds and lists will be fully parsed with all of their children.
    • Existing tags can also be inspected and edited as SNBT. You can modify entire compounds in-place, or simpler tags.
    • The cut, copy, and paste actions add the tag to your clipboard as SNBT. You can copy multiple tags as text, or import SNBT data obtained elsewhere.

Tag Editing:

  • NBT Studio adds an assortment of convenience features to make navigating and editing NBT data easier.
  • The tag creation and edit menus have fields for both tag name and value, so you don’t have to do it in two steps
  • Hold Shift while adding a tag to skip the menu and select its name automatically
  • NBT lists of type byte, short, int, or long can be edited as hex just like arrays
  • Tags can be selected, dragged, and dropped to move them to a different parent
  • Undo and redo functionality with Ctrl Z and Ctrl Shift Z
  • Deleting tags automatically selects the next tag for easy obliteration
  • New and improved search window allows searching by regular expression, as well as an option to select all matching tags
  • Press Enter to edit the selected tag
  • Press Space to expand/contract the selected tag, or Ctrl Space to expand all
  • Right-click on a file to see options to save it, or open it in File Explorer
  • Right-click on a container tag to see options to add a child tag
  • Files display an asterisk (*) to indicate there are unsaved changes


NBT Studio Tool Download Links

Windows Installer (Exe file): Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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