Neo Enchant Data Pack (1.21) introduces a new suite of enchantments. Explore innovative ways to enhance your Minecraft experience. This new version now uses Minecraft’s Data Driven Enchant. Play like Modding! Enjoy playing this data pack!


  • Bright Vision: Gives night vision to the player.
  • Fear: Prevents Creeper and TNT explosions when this enchantment is applied.
  • Auto-Feed: Automatically feeds you every minute.
  • Anti-Venom: Provides protection against negative effects.
  • Life+: Gives the player extra hearts.
  • Fast Swim: Grants the player a dolphin Grace effect.
  • Agility: Increases player speed.
  • Leaping: Boosts the player.
  • Lava Walker: Allows the player to walk on lava.
  • Poison Aspect: Poisons the mob upon hitting it.
  • Life Steal: Drains health from the target and transfers it to the player.
  • Auto-Smelt: Automatically smelts items.
  • Mining+: Lets you mine a 3×3 area.
  • Accuracy Shot: Arrows fly straight.
  • Explosive Arrow: When arrow hit a block, create an explosion, the entity take damage.
  • Attack Speed: Increases your attack speed.
  • Timber: Cut down a tree with one strike.
  • VeinMiner: If you break a mineral block, all surrounding minerals also break.
  • XpBoost: Gain additional experience from killing mobs.
  • SkyWalk: Allows you to fly if there is a 4 blocks gap below your feet. To desced just crouch.
  • Harvesting: If you break any crop with this hoe (wheat, carrot, potato, beetroot or nether wart), it will break other crops around it.
  • Scyther: Allows you to transform dirt in farmland in x by z surface depending enchantment levels
  • Step Assist: Allows you to walk up blocks more easily.
  • Reach: Increase the range of your attack.
  • Builder Arms: Allows you to place and break blocks from a longer distance.
  • Armored: For elytra, reduce the damage taken.
  • Striker: On mace, have a small chance to call the thunder, if the weather is stormy, the thunder will strike the mob at each hit and work also on lighting_rod. Also you are immune to damage thunder.
  • Enchantement in creative menu

    Enchantments can be obtained from the creative menu, or with the /enchant command.


How to install:

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