Pikmincraft Addon (1.20) lets you create and command a team of adorable plant-like creatures called Pikmin. They can help you with various tasks and fight enemies in your Minecraft world. If you like the Pikmin series or just want some cute and loyal helpers, you’ll love this addon.



  • Pikmin Pikmin are small beings that are part plant and part animal. They grow from seeds and stay underground until someone picks them up. Then they become loyal to that person and follow their orders. You can use Pikmin for many things, but first, you need to know how to get them and how they work.

General behavior and characteristics:

  • Pikmin are small creatures that have some common traits. They are fast, heal slowly, and avoid danger when hurt. They can also deal some damage, but they are not very strong or durable. They have a few major weaknesses, such as drowning, burning, poisoning, and flying enemies. Some Pikmin types have special immunities to these hazards.
  • You can hold Pikmin as items in your off-hand, but this is only useful for some types. You can also throw Pikmin to make them do different actions. Pikmin will not be harmed by your attacks, so you don’t have to worry about hurting them.

Basic Controls and Commands:

  • To control your Pikmin, you will need a Pikmin whistle, which you can craft with one iron ingot and one nugget. The whistle lets you call back all thrown Pikmin to your inventory. This is very important in many situations. The controls for throwing Pikmin are simple once you get used to them.
  • You can throw Pikmin in two modes: default and follow. The mode depends on where you look. If you look at a nearby block without any entity blocking it, you will throw in follow mode. Otherwise, you will throw in default mode. The mode is always shown above your hotbar when you hold a Pikmin.

Default mode:

In default mode Pikmin will perform a set of actions depending on where you throw them, if they finish a task, are unable to keep doing it, or are called by your whistle, they´ll run back to you and reenter your inventory.

  • By default, they will attack any non-pikmin entity, players included, in a 10-block radius from where they fall, the pick a target, attack it, and pick a nearby item if they can once they lose or kill said target and return, if there are no entities nearby to attack they´ll just bring an item if there is no item either they just return after a few seconds.
  • If thrown to an item directly they´ll just pick it up and return, it without attacking entities.
  • If they hit an entity directly when thrown, they latch onto it and start attacking it, this works differently from them just chasing and melee attacking their target. Pikmin will basically stick to their target, which allows them to damage even flying enemies, they attack and deal damage in a set interval, and their attacks won´t deal knockback but can ignore invincibility frames, so stacking many Pikmin in a single target can rank up the damage. Pikmin latched onto something can´t be damaged by their target, but if said target moves too much, or attacks them, they can shake off the Pikmin from themselves, which will get flung away and keep attacking regularly, but now vulnerable to damage, this all in conjunction makes more efficient to hit enemies directly with Pikmin for combat porpuses.
  • If thrown into a plant-like or mushroom-like non-full block, they´ll start harvesting that kind of block, basically, they´ll find all nearby blocks of that type they can break them, take some of their drops, and keep going until there´s nothing left, the return to you inventory with the items they collected. When doing this they´ll ignore non-fully grown crops, so you can just throw one at your wheat farm to harvest all without fear of breaking crops still to grow, some of the blocks they can harvest are grass, flower, crops, nether wart, bamboo, sugar cane, nether roots, crimson fungus, big drop leaves, nether wart, etc, there are many blocks they can help you harvest quicker and you should try by yourself.

Default mode could be resumed in “Throw at stuff to do something with said stuff”, there´s no need to learn all the details, just know what Pikmin can interact with, they can come in handy for making basic tasks quicker, from just hunting animals and collecting dispersed drops to fighting certain enemies and collecting resources.

Follow Mode:

When in follow mode Pikmin will behave more like tamed wolves, instead of returning to your inventory after doing a task, they´ll follow you around until either called by a whistle or if you pick them up by sneaking and interacting with them. In this mode, they´ll constantly pickup and deposit nearby items in your inventory, attack nearby hostile entities that are targeting you (even if they haven´t hit you), and as well as attack whatever does manage to hit you or you hit yourself, one thing to remark, Pikmin will prioritize staying nearby you over other things

This mode is more useful when you don´t want to constantly have to throw your Pikmin to get them to do stuff, for example in a mining trip, by just having like 10 Pikmin following you around, they´ll pick up any ores and stones you mine for you, and kill any nearby monsters that could attack you, and might even save you from creepers trying to sneak onto you, while they hardly kill one by themselves because of self-preservation instincts, they can anger it and kite the explosion attempts giving you time to either run or kill it yourself. Similar situations might come when chopping down trees where there´s always a lot of loot scattered around, farming mobs at night for loot, etc. This mode is more simple and probably situational, but it is not that hard to use when it might be useful, and then call back your Pikmin when is not

Pikmin types

  • Currently, the addon has 6 types of Pikmin, but the author plans to add more in the future, each type has different kinds of abilities, from fire immunity to the ability to swim, to straight up make you fly and enough force to tear apart an iron golem in seconds, each type is better suited for different task and scenarios and learning the specifics of each one can help you make the most of each one.

Red Pikmin

  • Red Pikmin are pretty basic but also reliable, they deal 3 points of damage instead of 2, which is a small increase but does add up quickly when basically using more than 1 to attack making them the second-best type for combat, they also both immune to fire and lava, and can walk in the later just as a strider can, which by consequences also makes them able to retrieve netherite items from lava.
  • Lastly, throwing a Pikmin to fire or soul fire will make it start going around and extinguishing all nearby fires, is not something you will use a lot but still a nice thing to have.

Blue Pikmin

  • Unlike most Pikmin, blue Pikmin are not scared of water, but better yet they are actually amphibious, being able to both breathe and swim in water at very high speed, keeping up with a swimming player easily, this all is obviously good since you won´t have to worry for them drowning in the random puddles all over the world, they can also bring items from the water more easily which can be tedious even for the player.
  • Besides this, blue Pikmin are also pretty good fighters underwater, being skilled swimmers makes them easy to swarm and attack enemies while also hard to hit, which actually makes them better for underwater fights than the players themselves.

Yellow Pikmin

  • Yellow Pikmin have the most abilities of any type, being at worst reliable in most scenarios. First, they are lighter than other Pikmin, which makes them able to be thrown way further and way higher, yellow Pikmin are immune to lightning strikes, and actually produce electricity by themselves, because of this they produce light both when thrown or being held on your main or off-hand, and when hitting something when thrown or melee attacking they produce a spark of electricity that damages all entities in a 2 block radius besides other Pikmin and their owner, burns them for 2 seconds and can trigger lightning bolt based reactions, charge creepers, turn pigs into zombified piggins, villagers into witches, etc.
  • Yellow Pikmin are not extraordinary in any department but can defend themselves in many, their better throw distance makes them good for attacking flying enemies and “sniping” far away enemies, and their spark attack makes them good for crowd control, even if brief the 2 seconds of fire add some damage and can get you cooked meat more easily, and even if all of that is worthless for you, at least having a hand lamp is always useful.

White Pikmin

  • White Pikmin have simple abilities but are very effective in what they do, the simpler one is just a speed boost, being quicker than all Pikmin which is good for both combat and gathering, white Pikmin are immune to all kinds of magic damage, instant damage potions, poison, wither effect, and even evoker fangs, and lastly, while they are weaker in raw power, doing only 1 damage per hit, they are highly poisonous, inflicting 10 seconds of wither 2 on every hit, which is enough to melt the health of most mobs in seconds, and unlucky regular poison can affect undead mobs.
  • White Pikmin are quite rare, but their poisonous touch and magic immunity make up for it, once alone can kill any regular enemy, and are more effective than other types against witches, wither skeletons, and cave spiders, the only drawback is that all their power comes from the wither effect they inflict, so against enemies with higher health they are not as effective, as stacking more than ones into a single target barely increases the damage it suffers.

Purple Pikmin

  • Purple Pikmin really don´t have any immunities like other Pikmin types, but are far from being bad. Purple Pikmin bodies are made of highly dense muscle, which gives them both better strength and incredible resistance for a pikmin, dealing 3 damage per hit and having 16 hp instead of just 8 makes them closer to a zombie in stats while keeping the benefits of being a Pikmin. Their higher density also makes them heavier, which on the one hand makes them way slower than other types and fall faster when thrown, so they can´t reach as high or as far, but on the other hand they are immune to all kinds of knockback,  and probably their best trait, while thrown their weight creates a powerful shockwave upon hitting anything that deals 4 damage ignoring invincibility frames to anything in a 2 block radius besides other Pikmin and their owner, and can stun for 2 seconds with a 50% chance, and can stack with more purple being thrown in quick succession.
  • One last not combat-based trait, purple Pikmin have a special throw mode,  if you sneak and throw one at any entity it won’t damage it, instead using their strength they pick up said entity and carry it while following you until you call them back with your whistle or for some reason the entity dies, if called they´ll drop in on whatever spot they are and come back to you, which basically lets you transport mobs easier than using leads and boats, or just stop enemies on their tracks since purple Pikmin do keep their distance when carrying an entity.
  • Purple Pikmin are a rare type but are worth going through the trouble to find, they are the best fighters, being able to easily solo regular enemies, shred through hordes of them or single big chunky targets by just spamming them, and being able to carry mobs useful into itself, for many probably the best type of all.

Winged Pikmin

  • Winged Pikmin have wings, obviously :p, which gives them the ability to fly, that itself makes them quicker and better to gather items, and harder to hit by mobs and players alike, but they also use these wings to fly in a straight line when thrown, they don´t fall even a bit only stopping when hitting something or going too far, so if you really don´t wanna get close to an enemy, want to reach a super far away item or gather bamboo from the top of a high mountain, or just have bad aim with gravity affected projectiles then this might be useful.
  • Unfortunately, even if they are hard to hit, winged Pikmin don´t deal that much damage, only 1 per hit, don´t get me wrong, they can still kill stuff, and being able to fly and get chased to airborne enemies like phantoms and ghast, instead to having to latch on into them only to fall shortly after when they get shaken off, gives them a niche in combat, but their damage still leaves much to be desired, luckily for you, if you can´t wait for flying Pikmin to finish off those pesky ghast and phantom, you can do it yourself with their help…
  • Finally, their last ability, Pikmin you are holding on either your main or off-hand are able to carry you and slow down your fall, you can avoid this if you sneak in case you need to, and by holding winged Pikmin on both hands and pressing the jump button, they´ll actually be able to carry you up and let you fly, now, you can´t fly infinitely, doing this tires them up and depletes their stamina, which only recovers when you are on the ground, but you can still fly for a considerable amount of time, and even if their stamina runs out they´ll still slow down your fall, you´ll just have to wait for it to recharge before being able to ascend again.

Lost Pikmin

  • Pikmin become “lost” when they are “dropped” in item form, instead becoming an entity again, when in this state they just wander around avoiding hostile entities, searching for either an onion of their color they can enter or waiting for a player to use their whistle and call them, which they then will goto and enter their inventory.


How to get an onion
  • Before starting to do anything with the addon, you need Pikmin, and for that, you need to either get an onion or get Pikmin from a friend if you are in multiplayer (who will first need an onion too). Onions generate. trapped in random structures around the world, you need to free them, and then you can either interact with them, pick them up and place them somewhere safe to tame them, or just tame them in the spot with sugar, once tamed they follow around like wolves, sit them whenever you want, and the first time you do this they´ll produce a single Pikmin seed, take it and you´ll be able to start producing even more

  • Feeding your onion and producing more Pikmin.
  • To produce more Pikmin onions need nutrients, and they can get this by absorbing different things, the most straightforward way of doing this is using crystallized nectar.

Crystilized nectar:

  • Crystilized nectar is sometimes dropped by entities killed by a pikmin, the Pikmin needs to deal the final blow to the entity otherwise it won´t drop it, entities drop 1 normal nectar for every 16 hp of the max health the entity has, and 1 small nectar for every 4 hp of whatever is left, regular nectar produces 2 Pikmin seeds when absorbed and you get 1 seed for every 2 small nectar, basically you get 1 seed for every 8 hp of the entity´s max hp. To feed the onion just drop the nectar near it while is sitting, it will pick it up and absorb it, producing seeds accordingly.

Pellets and Pellet posies:

  • The second thing you can feed an onion are pellets, which you can get from pellet posies, this works the same as nectar with 2 differences, one is they produce 1 or 5 seeds depending on the number they show up, and two onions will only absorb pellets of their own color.
  • Pellet posies can be found randomly around the world, they look like some kind of weed at first, but once broken and replanted, they´ll grow after a while or if you use bonemeal on them, given even more time or bonemeal and the pellet will grow bigger, on either stage you can harvest the pellet by throwing a Pikmin of the same color to them, only Pikmin can harvest the pellets, this is a more reliable way of feeding onions, but somewhat limited, since you need specific pellets for specific onion colors

Other options:

  • For both the previous options you need at least one Pikmin to produce more, but if you somehow lose all, there are still two options, one is to bring a warden near the onion, due to sculk being some kind of weird biomass, and wardens being blind they are ironically an easy prey for onions which can just absorb and process it before it can react to what is happening, the other option is to feed it a dormant onion of the same color, in both cases you´ll get around 20 seeds, but with how rare onions can be, and how dangerous the deep dark is, this should be a last resort option.

Onion controls and Pikmin storage:

  • The controls of onion are simple but still need to be explained, like wolves you can make them sit or follow you by flying, most of the time you’ll want to sit in a place you have nearby but you can still relocate them if you want, while they follow you, using your whistle will make them go to the exact spot you are standing on.
  • Besides producing Pikmin, onions also work as their home and can store Pikmin of their color safely, there are two ways to do this, you can drop Pikmin near an onion so they become lost and enter it, and then sneak and interact with the onion to take them out one by one, the second way is by using the onion´s interface.
  • If you hit an onion you own, something like this will appear, one toggle and two sliders, the first slider lets you toggle or not the option for Pikmin to exit the onion on their own, something I´ll explain later, the sliders work to specify a set amount of Pikmin to withdraw or deposit on the onion, you just need to enter the interface, use the right toggle, set an amount and press submit, you should use just one toggle, but using both works fine, if you, for example, say you wanna deposit 5 Pikmin but withdraw 10. you just withdraw 5 since is the net result, so you won´t break anything, the right math is done to prevent that, you just waste a bit of time. Sometimes it might be quicker to not use it, but sometimes, like to withdraw 64 Pikmin in one go you might wanna use this, the choice is yours.

Pikmin Colonies:

  • When you allow Pikmin to come out of the onion by themselves, either using the interface or using your whistle directly on the onion, they´ll come out and wander around it, remaining in a 16-block radius and not getting further than that no matter what, this is known as a Pikmin colony, is not necessary you know how this exactly work so you can skip it, but this server porpuses other than just having your Pikmin looking cute wandering around your house without having to build fences and stuff.
  • First, to make a colony you need to have Pikmin inside your onion, then sit it and allow Pikmin to come out, just with that you make a colony, Pikmin in a colony will come out during the day and reenter the onion at night, they normally just wander around, but can be attacked by hostile mobs excluding creepers, and will defend themselves from them, but this rarely happens unless forced by the player, due to them spending the night inside the onion.
  • If an onion is made stand up and start flying while Pikmin are outside, all Pikmin will reenter the onion and not come out until you make it land again, this makes relocating onions with colonies easy, they´ll also reenter the onion if you toggle off the option for Pikmin to exit the onion on their own, again you can do this from the interface or by using the whistle on the onion.
  • Pikmin in colonies can´t be called or picked up by any player if you as their owner want to use them, you first need to make them reenter the onion, then withdraw them from there, the faster way is to make the onion stand up, take the as much as you have and need, and then make it sit again.
  • Only a maximum of 20 Pikmin per colony can be outside the onion at the same time, the rest will remain inside the onion, from where you can still take them without any limitations or weird shenanigans needed.

Farming Pikmin:

  • Pikmin can actually reproduce by themselves, they just need a “food” source for the onion, either enemies they can kill or pellet posies to harvest, Pikmin will harvest any grown pellet postie of their color near their onion and bring the pellets to it, they´ll do the same with crystalized nectar, then the onion will absorb it and produce seeds, once they grow after a second of landing, the Pikmin will pluck them and the new Pikmin will join the colony, if there´s already 20 Pikmin outside the onion, the new Pikmin will just enter the onion and remain there, so really with a few pellet posies or an income of hostile mobs the Pikmin can actually kill on their own, you don´t need to do much yo get more Pikmin.

Candy pop Buds

  • Onions are the only way to PRODUCE Pikmin, but there´s another way to get new colors, candy pop buds spawn randomly in the world during the day in places with grass, they come in the same colors as onions and Pikmin, if a Pikmin of a different color is thrown inside one, they get transformed into a Pikmin seed of the same color of the flower, you can do this with a maximum of 5 Pikmin before the candy pop bud withers and dies, these are a good way to get types of Pikmin you don´t have onions for, especially the purple and white ones, which their onions only have a 20% chance to generate.

Super Spicy Spray

  • Sometimes when an enemy is killed by a pikmin, apart from just nectar they can also spawn a drop of super spicy extract, you can collect this with a bottle to make the super spicy spray when used this will make all your Pikmin start glowing red, and increased their damage, movement speed, and attack speed when latched onto an enemy, this will last for a while before it runs out and they go back to normal.


  • This is the in-game guide of the addon, it goes into detail about all aspects of the addon, you receive one upon entering the world, but can also be crafted like this

Installation Note:

  • This addon is compatible with all other addons and doesn’t use player.json.
  • Make sure you turn on the Experimental Gameplay.

How to install:

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Pikmincraft Addon (1.20) Download Links

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