Poppy Playtime Map (1.19, 1.18) is from the horror game, there are multiple areas that you can check out and those areas are listed below.


You were a former employee of Poppy Playtimes Factory. But you heard about the mysterious disappearances of your colleagues. You tried to visit the factory to check it out.

There are multiple sections of the map :

Chapter 1:

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Entrance of PLaytime.co factory

You start at the entrance here you can find the entrance area and a room where you can find the Grab pack
(the grab pack is not an item)

Next is Huggy Wuggys area where you can see Huggy Wuggy for the first time in the Game. And in there are a series of doors that can lead to various areas
(some only)

The Factory. Where everything is all made.

And also where another hand is:

The “Make a Toy” Machine. But in these types of conditions is it really making a “toy”?

Here is where Huggy wuggy chases you in the vent

And finally here is where Poppy’s is. The product that started it all.

Chapter 2:

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You opened Poppy’s safe and sentient toy seems at first to be trying to help you.

To enter the next area you need to fall in the hole where Poppy was snatched by Mommy Long Legs in the original game

You fall down and were surprised to be in a slide tube. And end up to see more slide tubes with their own certain name. And what seems to be an electrical area

You find an entrance whatever may be on the other side. You know someone or something is waiting for you outside

You end up in a train station. You find three pathways. Each leading to certain games. Very playful titles for the game. Or is it?

Bunzo Bunny’s game. In the game, you have to finish the minigame where you have to follow a certain sequence and repeat it by pressing the following. Failure to complete is death (There’s no minigame its just build)

Mini Huggy killing you by hitting them. Simple concept terrifying execution. (There’s no minigame it’s just built)

Pug-a-pilar’s game. Basically, it’s a game of Statue’s Lights on you’re free to move Lights off you must stay till. You move when it’s dark you die (Again there’s no minigame it’s just built)

The rest area is up for you to explore and have fun!


How to install:

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Download from server 1

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