If you’re a fan of the indev horror game poppy playtime than Poppy Playtime Addon (1.19, 1.18) is for you, the addon added huggy wuggy into your world and he act just like in the game ducking down from a block with custom animation, vent crawling, chase theme, jumpscare and more he can do all of them just like in the game.


Right now in the addon there only Huggy Wuggy, but the name of the addon is poppy playtime so I might come back to add more character when the game release more chapters.


Huggy Wuggy:

Is the main antagonist in the indev horror game Poppy Playtime developed by MOB games Huggy is 4.2 blocks tall in game he’s tall and look like cookie monster ripoff, he’s hostile don’t be fooled

  • Health: 300
  • Damage: 10 – 15

Huggy abilities:

  • 1. Jumpscare: can one hit player it doesn’t one hit everything it just have very high damage it have cooldown so when in cooldown he will use melee attack it have 2 variant

Huggy jumpscare in vent

  • 2. Ducking and crawling: Huggy can duck down 3 and 2 blocks tall area to fit through it

Huggy duck down in 3 blocks high space(not all block will make huggy do this animation)

  • 3. Sprinting: Huggy will sprint if you sprint jump, he know other mob speed and can choose when to use walk and when to use run

  • 4. Faking dead: Huggy can fake his death to regen and get up one more

Huggy is getting up

Other features:

Falling and landing animation

Huggy can self healing after a while if he is not chasing anything

Huggy wuggy can spawn naturally into your survival world but it rare

Morph: Play as Huggy Wuggy

To morph as huggy you need to get this item:

To remove the morph simply use this item

When you morphing into huggy you will have all of the abilities the Huggy mob version has


Huggy Wuggy statue:

It did nothing is just for decorate.

Installation Note:

  • Due to 1.18.10 all 3D block addons stopped working
  • So now you need to download this pack to fix it: BlockGeo Fixer addon.


How to install:

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Poppy Playtime Addon (1.19, 1.18) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock from 1.17+ to 1.19

New (Have Morph): Download from server 2

Old (No Morph): Download from server 1

BlockGeo Fixer addon

Poppy Playtime Map

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