Respawnable Pets Data Pack (1.19.3, 1.19.2) introduces a new mechanic that can bring your pets back from the dead. In Minecraft, your pets can often run into accidents and die very easily due to how fragile they are. This is especially true for pet wolves since they are involved in combat. This data pack adds a brand new respawn mechanic for your pets so that you don’t have to lose them ever again! After dying, your pets can be respawned if you sleep in a pet, or if you die then respawn yourself. Download and try this now!


  • New respawn mechanic for your pets (Cats and Wolves).
  • Type [/trigger petrespawninfo] for more information.


How to Install:

Please visit the following link for full instructions: How To Download & Install Data Packs

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Respawnable Pets Data Pack (1.19.3, 1.19.2) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.19.3, 1.19.2, 1.19

Download from Server 1 

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