Shin Godzilla is the 29th film about the adventures of a giant lizard that was released in 2016. Shin Godzilla Addon (1.19) is dedicated specifically to this film, which means Godzilla will appear in Minecraft in all stages of evolution. Unique animations, textures, and behaviors are what sets the addon apart from many others. In the latest version, it’s models, textures, and animations with new features added. The addon is a movie based but it doesn’t mean it’s 100% accurate to the movie. Each form has its own respected features.


1st Form

  • Health: 20000
  • The first form of shin Godzilla can damage mobs within 12 blocks due to hot steam and can evolve into the next Form.

2nd Form | Kamata Kun

  • Health: 5000
  • In the Second Form of Shin Godzilla, you can sit him using bone but it won’t stop him from evolving, can evolve into next Form.

3rd Form | Shinagawa Kun

  • Health: 110000
  • The 3rd Form of Shin Godzilla, the appearance is closer to traditional Godzilla but more turkey-like can evolve into the next Form.


  • Before evolving he will do the Blood vomit.

  • After that, he roars and starts to run.

4th Form | Kamakura San

  • Health: 1300000
  • Thermal Flame(per damage): 30.6
  • Atomic Beam(Per hit): 21000
  • Tail Beam(Per hit): 25000
  • Back Beam(Per hit): 25000

Note: Before he can do those 3 beam attacks he first uses the Smoke and Thermal Flame attack.

The fourth form mostly appeared in the movie as the creature who follows his instinct. Don’t bother him and he will not bother you too!


  • Shin can kill you with his stomp while walking.
  • Shin moves only in one direction.
  • Use Stick to make him do a snake move.

  • Use Blaze rod to make him do Crawling mode.

  • You can stop these two by using Barrier.

  • When Damaged by B-2 Bombs shin will get a huge amount of damage and Scream from the pain.

  • After he screams he will do the destructive feature Much like in the movie. (Step By Step)

  • After the Destruction, he will rest for a long Time:

  • The Aftermath:

5th Form | Humanoids

  • The Final Form of shin(in the movie), to counter humanity.
  • Health: 80
  • Attack: 15-18

Note: You can summon them from Dead Shin’s Tail by using Stick.


  • Can roar and pounce on enemy.
  • When night time their vision weakens making their target radius into 5 blocks.
  • But when daylight comes their vision will back making their target radius back into 50 blocks.

Hidden Features:

  • He can transform into an alien by naming him —-.

  • Group of bombs that Damaged Shin Godzilla’s dorsal Fins.
  • Can drop bombs on Monsters only within 14 blocks.

How to install:

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Shin Godzilla Addon (1.19) Download Links

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