Smelting Plus Addon (1.19) is an addon for Minecraft Bedrock that improves the recycling process when smelting items. Instead of only getting a gold or iron nugget, you will now receive an ingot. This addon can be easily installed in your world and allows you to get an ingot back from each tool or piece of armor you smelt. You can also melt diamond and netherite items using any type of furnace, including common and blast furnaces.


The list of items you can smelt:

  • Iron pickaxe, iron shovel, iron axe, iron hoe, iron sword, iron helmet, iron chestplate, iron leggings, iron boots, iron horse armor.
  • Golden pickaxe, golden shovel, golden axe, golden hoe, golden sword, golden helmet, golden chestplate, golden leggings, golden boots, golden horse armor.
  • Diamond pickaxe, diamond shovel, diamond axe, diamond hoe, diamond sword, diamond helmet, diamond chestplate, diamond leggings, diamond boots.
  • Netherite pickaxe, netherite shovel, netherite axe, netherite hoe, netherite sword, netherite helmet, netherite chestplate, netherite leggings, netherite boots.

The list of items you will get:

  • Iron ingot
  • Golden ingot
  • Diamond
  • Netherite ingot

How to install:

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Smelting Plus Addon (1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

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