Have you been wondering how to be a mob just like the zombie or creeper? Well now, you can be a mob now using this addon. Morphing Bracelet Addon (1.20, 1.19) adds an item called a morphing bracelet that can make you morph into mobs like pigs or cows.


How To Morph:

To morph into any other mobs, you need an item called Morphing Bracelet. To craft this item, you need 4 Soul Soils and 1 Souls in a Glass and place them like how they are placed in the image below:

To be able to morph into a mob you want, you need to have the bracelet in your inventory and kill a mob and then use your morphing bracelet and pick the mob you just killed to morph as them.

Souls in a Glass:

To be able to obtain this item, you have to smelt soul sand in a furnace. This item isn’t only used for crafting the bracelet, you can also use this as a weapon for other players. You can throw this item and hit other entities and it will give them blindness for 10 seconds.


Installation Note:

  • You need to turn on all of the experimental toggles for the addon to work.
  • You need to turn on the EDUCATION EDITION toggle to be able to fly as a mob that has the ability to fly.
  • This addon does not currently work on Realms. Mojang is aware of this issue and it will be fixed in the future.

How to install:

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Morphing Bracelet Addon (1.20, 1.19) Download Links

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