Solar Tweaks Client (1.19.4, 1.18.2) is a modification pack for Lunar Client. By modifying the game’s code when it gets loaded, this client adds a variety of features that enhance your Minecraft experience. It allows you to tweak Lunar Client to your liking and re-enable some features that are completely disabled such as Freelook or AutoTextHotkey.

This is a software that allows you to tweak Lunar Client to your liking and re-enable some features that are completely disabled such as Freelook, AutoTextHotkey, removing pinned servers, changing FPS text etc… However, those mods are disabled by the server for a reason. Therefore, use those features of Solar Tweaks at your own risk.


  • Metadata – Enables freelook, removes blog posts, removes pinned servers, etc: it just removes lunar bloat in general.
  • Cloaks+ – Allows you to use Cloaks+ capes and cosmetics on Lunar Client < 1.8, and doesn’t require a host change (you do not need their loader anymore!)
  • Modpacket Removal – Prevents servers from disabling mods on Lunar Client
  • Nickhider – Allows you to change your own IGN (only for yourself, can use colors)
  • Support for Overlays – Re-enables Lunar Client overlays, such at those from Lunar Themes
  • Custom commands – Allows you to set aliases / create custom commands (e.g. /qb might queue bridge with the /play) command. Very similar to AutoText Hotkey, except for the “hotkey” is a command.
  • Uncap reach display – Allows the user to fix the reach display when in creative mode
  • RPC – Show your activity, and show “Solar Tweaks” in your Discord Rich Presence
  • Custom Mods – Allows you to define custom mods, and creates some custom mods as well
  • Remove Fake Levelhead – Removes the “feature” that lunar has to assign nicked players random levels in their LevelHead
  • Fix Ping Sound – Fixes the chat mod “Play sound on mention” system to only respond to actual chat messages, not action bars
  • NoHitDelay – Enables legacy combat, that makes sure the client doesn’t prevent swing/attack packets being sent for no reason
  • Window Title – Allows you to change the name of the window
  • Tasklist Privacy – Prevents Lunar Client from sending all your processes to Lunar Servers
  • Hostlist Privacy – Prevents Lunar Client from sending all your hosts file to Lunar Servers
  • Levelhead – Change levelhead prefix
  • Toggle Sprint Text – Changes the text that toggle sprint says (maybe make a deez nuts joke idk)
  • FPS spoof – Multiply your FPS counter with an arbitrary value
  • FPS – change FPS text
  • CPS – same thing
  • AutoGG – same thing but with autogg text
  • Keystrokes CPS – same thing
  • Reach text – same thing
  • Remove hashing – Might speed up the loading of Lunar Client on low-end computers
  • Debug Packets – Used by developers, helps to debug packets being sent and received from/to the Lunar BukkitAPI
  • Lunar Options – Removes the Open to LAN button entirely (who uses it anyway) and replaces it with the Lunar Options button
  • Toggle Sneak Container – Allows you to use togglesneak while in containers
  • Ping Text & Ping Spoof – Allows you to change the text of the ping mod (might be removed in favour of the custom mods)
  • ClothCapes – Enable cloth capes for everyone
  • HurtCamShake – Allows you to modify your hurt cam shake effect multiplier
  • ChatLimit – Removes the maximum chat limit count to a preset value
  • MumbleFix – Can allow mumblelink on linux, but requires the user to have a special native (not recommended to use)
  • Websocket – Allows you to change the lunar client asset websocket URL
  • Enable Wrapped – Allows you to re-enable lunar client Wrapped, which can be useful for the people that still want to view it
  • Remove Chat Delay – Removes the client-side websocket chat delay (to lunar client friends)
  • Allow Cosmetic Cominations – Allows a user to use multiple incompatible cosmetics at once
  • Remove Splash Blur – Removes the blur on the lunar background panorama
  • Remove Lunar Chat Cooldown – Removes the chat delay of lunar’s friend chat system
  • RuntimeData – Internal module for looking for lunar client classes and methods
  • HandleNotifications – Allows usage of LCNotificationPacket
  • ModName – Changes the client brand to Solar Tweaks (version)/Lunar Client (version)
  • LaunchRequestModule – Request so we can keep track of some nerdy stats (it just increments a counter)



Java 18

Java Runtime Environment 1.8.0


Lunar Client Launcher

How to install:

Solar Tweaks Client (1.19.4, 1.18.2) Download Links

For All Versions from Minecraft 1.7.10 to Minecraft 1.19.4, 1.19.3, 1.19.2

Windows version (Exe file): Download from Server 1

MAC OS version (Dmg file): Download from Server 1

Linux version (AppImage file): Download from Server 1

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