VICTORY FIRE STUDIOS Presents Star Wars Armory Addon (1.19) – Supply Pack Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, this addon includes many heavy weapons with a unique gun system, 25 different armor sets…which is enough to create the amount of destruction you desire!


  • 18 Blasters including the BTX42 flame thrower and the RPS6 rocket launcher with a unique gun system.
  • 25 different Armor sets
  • Fully animated and fun for everyone.
  • Vehicles and much more coming soon in additional packs.

Here’s a small list of what’s included in the pack:


  • The A280 was a weapon that was widely used by the rebellion in the Galactic Civil War.

  • The E-11 was the classic weapon used by the stormtroopers of the galactic empire

  • Manufactured for precision and reliability, the E-11D was the primary blaster of Imperial death troopers.

  • The DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle was a model of heavy blaster rifle manufactured by BlasTech Industries. They were mainly used by regular Stormtroopers and Heavy weapons stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire.

  • The DLT-19D heavy blaster rifle was a long-range heavy blaster rifle and a variant of the DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle, featuring a scope and two underbarrel devices, one of which was a glowrod. This weapon was used by some of the Galactic Empire’s death troopers.

  • The DLT-19x targeting blaster was a blaster rifle and another variation of the DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle.

  • The DH-17 blaster pistol was commonly used by soldiers of the Rebel Alliance for conflicts aboard starships, and sometimes the officers of the Galactic Empire carried it instead of the standard E-11 medium blaster rifles.

  • The Se-14 Blaster pistol was an small blaster pistol used by many factions in the Star Wars universe.

  • The EC-17 hold-out blaster, also known as the scout pistol, flash pistol, or scout trooper blaster, was a standard-issue hold-out blaster pistol for Imperial scout troopers and patrol troopers, manufactured by BlasTech Industries.

  • The WESTAR-35 blaster pistol, also known as the MandalTech Jai’galaar model blaster, was a blaster pistol model manufactured by Concordian Crescent Technologies. They were commonly used by the Mandalorians of Death Watch during the Clone Wars and continued to see use by Mandalorians into the Imperial Era and beyond.

  • The RT-97C heavy blaster rifle was a model of heavy blaster rifle that saw use during the Galactic Civil War. It was a versatile heavy rifle, fitted with optics that allowed use at long range. Imperial sandtroopers were known to use them, as were jumptroopers.

  • The BT X-42 heavy flamethrower, also known as the clone flamethrower, was a type of flame-projecting weapon developed for the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Used by the clone flame troopers, they were designed for use against unarmored targets, such as Geonosian warriors during the Second Battle of Geonosis. It was also used by the Mandalorian Royal Guard.

  • The DC-15S was the blaster carbine variant of BlasTech’s DC-15A blaster rifle. This weapon was carried by the clone troopers of the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. It was also in service in the earlier years of the Galactic Empire.

  • The DC-15A blaster rifle, known simply as the DC-15 blaster rifle, was a heavy blaster rifle manufactured by BlasTech Industries, as part of the DC-15 family. It was one of the standard-issue weapons of the Galactic Republic’s clone troopers, an army of cloned soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic, during the Clone Wars against the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

  • The DC-15x sniper rifle was a sniper rifle manufactured for the clone snipers of the Galactic Republic.

  • The DC-17 hand blaster, also known as DC-17 blaster pistol, was a heavy blaster pistol wielded by the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. An advanced firearm, it was fielded to elite soldiers in the army, most notably Advanced Recon Commandos, clone trooper commanders, and clone jet troopers.

  • The DC-17m heavy rifle was a blaster used by the clone commandos of the Galactic Republic. Designed by BlasTech Industries to be able to meet the demands of the Grand Army of the Republic’s elite special forces soldiers, the DC-17m became the unique weapon of the Republic commandos throughout the Clone Wars.

  • The RPS-6 rocket launcher, also known as the Sienar shoulder-launched missile, was a model of missile launcher manufactured by Merr-Sonn Munitions ,Inc. and Sienar Fleet Systems. It was relatively lightweight and easily transportable and was ideal for mobile infantry units.

How to use the guns:

  • In order to shoot the guns, you have to click hold click (for automatic fire)the gun.

  • In order to reload them you have to have the right ammo in the inventory and then hold click the empty gun until the reload animation is finished, then simply stop clicking the gun and it’s reloaded.


Imperial Armors:

  • Stormtrooper Armor set

  • Sandtrooper Armor set:

  • Shocktrooper Armor set:

  • Scouttrooper Armor set:

  • Patrol trooper Armor set:

  • Deathtrooper Armor set:

  • Tie Pilot Armor set:

  • Imperial Navytrooper Armor set:

  • Imperial officer Armor set (grey):

  • Imperial officer Armor set (olive):

  • Imperial officer Armor set (security/stormtrooper corps):

  • Imperial officer Armor set (Imperial Security Berau):

  • Stormtrooper pauldrons (3):

  • Imperial rank bars (23):

Rebel Armors:

  • Rebel Navytrooper Armor set:

  • Rebel Navy Commander Armor set:

  • Rebel snowtrooper Armor set:

  • Rebel commando Armor set:

  • Rebel officer Armor set:

  • Rebel  Pilot Armor set:

  • Rebel rank bars (12):

Mandalorian Armors:

  • Mandalorian Armor set:

  • Klan Kryze Armor set:


  • Wookie “Armor”:

  • Brown Cloak Armor set:

  • Black Cloak Armor set:


How to install:

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Star Wars Armory Addon (1.19) Download Links

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