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What does this mod do?

When a player dies, a grave will pop up, containing a small honor message, your name and the items you have lost on death.

A grave will ALWAYS appear, no matter what. If you die above or in lava, the grave will search for any close solid block to spawn on. look in trivia section for more info on grave spawning

Graves, Grave Models and how to change them:

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Their are 9 models available from which you can choose. Simply press ‘M’ on your keyboard and a menu showing off all graves pops up, letting you choose whichever grave you want. The model you choose will be remembered even after you log out.
The Key can be customized in Minecraft’s Control Settings menu.

Graves always spawn facing east, but they can be rotated while sneaking (default, hold Shift key and right click block). They have 32 rotate stances. (every click makes it turn 11.5°)

Graves have a small chance of spawning a bunch of bones under your grave…
Destroy the block to gather some bones

Choosing between all models available on the Grave gui …

Rotating you grave !

Finding your own remains under your very own grave …
gloomy …

Grave Inventory:

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Graves come with an inventory that gets filled with the player’s inventory when they die.
The items can be taken back in many ways :

  • If the grave is dedicated to you :
  • Right click the grave to open it’s interface. You can take out any items you like
  • Mine the grave. All items will be dropped, and you can pick them up.
  • if the grave is from someone else :
  • Right click the grave to open it’s interface. You can loot 1 item. then the grave will be sealed, and no more items can be taken out.
  • If the player from whom the gravestone is, and that player is offline, you can mine the grave. If the player is online, you can not
    this is mainly to prevent grievers from placing graves everywhere.

-Note that items can be taken out, but not placed in.
-If a player takes away an item, the grave will be sealed to everyone, except the owner.
this means that 1, and only 1 item can be taken.

-In creative mode, you can fill graves with items.

Finding your grave, and taking out the loot

not your grave ? choose wisely !!

Grave Beams and Armor Rendering:

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IF :
-the grave is your grave
-the grave has items

then the grave will emit a beam and help you to find it back easely.

If you died with armor on (helmet, chest), these armor items will be rendered on the bust grave !

grave with items

Grave with armor items

I think i died over there …

Decorative Graves:

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-You can craft a Decorative grave too.

To set a grave, the grave will need some arguments.
It needs :

  • a playername
  • a death message/honor message
  • a meta/type of grave model

To proceed to these, use commands, which you can use anytime ! be sure to hold the item in your hand.

/grave set

  • meta + a number from 1 to 9.
    (tip: press M to take a look at the graves. they have their respective numbers )
    example: /grave set meta 2
  • name + a word (no spaces !! Artix all mighty is not a valid name. Artix_all_mighty is !)
    example: /grave set name George.W.Bush
  • message + a word. If you want to set a complete sentence, use ‘ _ ‘ to space the words ! example: /grave set message I_was_more_Famous_then_my_dog_!
  • message2 + a word. same as above. only this message will come AFTER the name.

You need all 4 arguments to make the grave spawn correctly. if you want message or message2 to be nothing, just fill in an underscore ( _ )

-Or you can also craft some bones for fun and decorative ends.

blown up *


How to install Gravestone Mod:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Subaraki’s Gravestone Mod
  • Put Subaraki’s Gravestone Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done

Gravestone Mod Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.6.4

For Minecraft 1.6.2

For Minecraft 1.5.2

Other Versions:

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