Tale of Kingdoms 2 is a follow up on tale of kingdoms 1, where the story ended there continues here, with stronger reficules but more stuff to do, and now with your friends! you heard it right, you can now go smp with your friends and fight those evil reficules together


  • Everyone seperate gold totals
  • Number on top of screen of gold total + gold total bank (client side only)
  • Harder to finish path to kingship
  • More ways to finish path to kingship, for example quests!
  • All entities get a proper ai
  • Central block in your kingdom, only accessible for you
  • Mystcraft support
  • Redo of gold values
  • Different types of kingdoms
  • Able to invade kingdoms??


Manual Instructions

  • 1) Start with a fresh .minecraft
  • 2) Delete META-INF
  • 3) Install Minecraft Forge
  • 4) Drag into the mods folder (the whole zip file!!!)
  • 5) Test if everything works!! (else start again!)
  • 6) Have fun

MultiMC Instructions

  • 1) Download MultiMC into its own Folder and Install
  • 2) Download
  • 3) Create a new Instance in MultiMC
  • 4) Right click Instance to Edit mods and install Minecraft Forge in Minecraft.jar Tab
  • 5) Switch to Mods Foder Tab and add
  • 6) Play ToK and Enjoy!

For Minecraft 1.5.2

For Minecraft 1.5.1

For Minecraft 1.4.7

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