Minecraft, the globally celebrated sandbox game, has recently released its 1.20 Trails and Tales update. This update has sparked intrigue among players, with 64 myths waiting to be unravelled. In this article, we’ll delve into these mysteries and determine their validity. Let’s continue with the last Part – Part 3 of this article through the mysteries of Sniffer Myths and Miscellaneous Myths!!

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Sniffer Myths

37. The Ruins Chest in the Warm Sea will have Sniffer Eggs?

After we tried for hours, opening and re-opening different chests in the warm sea, we can be sure that this rumor is completely false. We can’t find Sniffer eggs in any chests in the warm sea!!

38. Can we swipe out Sniffer eggs at the ruins of the warm sea?

We can completely find Sniffer eggs when brushing the ruins in the warm sea, but the rate is only… 6.7%, it will also take us a long time to get 1 egg!

39. Will Sniffer’s eggs hatch faster on moss blocks?

This is true, and according to the Wiki, eggs on moss blocks will take half the time to hatch compared to other regular blocks!

40. Baby Sniffer’s head is bigger than an adult Sniffer’s head?

This is completely wrong =))) I wonder how Wiki can still give out this completely false information?

41. Sniffer sniffing the ground will give us ancient seeds?

This is correct, and it even gives us 2 different types of seeds. But I won’t reveal it, go right into Minecraft, hatch a Sniffer and see what two types of seeds they will give you.

42. When you feed your child Sniffer, will you get an achievement?

Exactly! And I got the Little Sniffs achievement when I fed a baby Sniffer :>

43. Can we ride on a Sniffer?

This is completely wrong, we can’t even purebred it @@

44. Planting the seed we were given by Sniffer, will we gain achievement?

This is absolutely true, I have achieved two achievements: Planting the Past and A Seedy Place

Miscellaneous Myths

Apart from the above, there are several other myths surrounding the Minecraft 1.20 update. We’ll debunk these myths and provide a clear understanding of the new features and changes in the game.

45. Can flower torch glow like a torch?

This is completely wrong, flower torches can’t glow. But I don’t understand why, its name is torch flower, why can’t it glow?

46. Mysterious soup made from torches will give us the effect of seeing in the dark?

This is true, one will be given the ability to see in the dark for a moment after drinking the mysterious soup made from torches. This is a pretty cool feature.

47. Will naming the dog Kingbdogz make the dog wear a crown?

This is not necessarily wrong, because these are some of the benefits of Minecraft April Fool, but in this updated version 1.20 it is completely not.

48. Can the new bookshelf level up the enchantment table?

I tried stacking it like a regular bookshelf but I don’t see any new effects flying in, and the enchantment table doesn’t have any newer upgrades. So I can confirm this is a false mystery

49. Put the Hopper under the bookshelf, will they suck all the books on top?

This is real, Hopper will suck all the books lying above the bookshelf down, if we put Hopper below the bookshelf, a useless feature but quite interesting.

50. Enchant books when placed on the bookshelf will have new sound effects?

Yes, this is true, this sound is quite new, I have never heard it in previous versions of Minecraft. Quite interesting, increase my gaming experience significantly!

51. Leaving a Comparator behind a new bookshelf, will we get achievements?

And this is true, but I don’t understand how it works, but as long as it’s collected, it’s still interesting, isn’t it?

52. New update of Nether portal

Going through the new Nether portal will no longer be stunned, so the situation where we are stuck in the Nether portal is no longer present.

53. Will armor decorated with Gold keep Piglins from attacking?

This is completely wrong, I tried it and the Piglins still lunged at me like moths!

54. Bastion Treasure Room always has “Equipment Upgrade Pieces”?

This is true and we can find it in the most gold spot of this building, the drop rate is 100%

55. Looting swords will cause Piglins to drop new heads?

This is wrong, my brothers. I can only do this with electric Creepers

56. Wearing Piglins’ heads will keep them from attacking us?

This is also completely wrong, its only effect other than decoration and also almost useless is to reduce the visibility of the Piglins.

57. Will the ears on Piglins’ head move when in contact with the red rock?

Yes, the Piglins’ ears will wag back and forth non-stop when it comes into contact with the red rock, which is very funny!

58. Will the dragon’s head move when we move?

That’s right, the mouth on the dragon’s head will continuously open and close when we move, feeling like we are a dragon that moves and breathes. It’s so lively!

59. Placing the heads of the Mobs on the button box will make a sound corresponding to each Mobs

This is true, and we can apply it to all types of heads, except… the heads of other players.

60. New music from Trail Ruins?

It’s true that there’s a new record when we brush suspicious gravel at Trail Ruins, but it’s also pretty rare!

61. Use sword to break bamboo faster?

This is absolutely true, you won’t imagine how fast we farm bamboo using swords!!

62. We have new people in the bamboo village?

This is of course true… but those villagers, it’s been a long time @@

63. Can the bamboo raft hold items when we break it?

No thanks guys, our items will drop right into the water when we break it…

64. The ultimate mystery!

80% of people who see my blog have never left any likes or comments 🙁



Wrapping Up

The Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales update has brought a wave of new features and changes, sparking intrigue and speculation among players worldwide. From the introduction of camels to the mysteries surrounding their behavior and characteristics, the game continues to evolve, offering endless opportunities for exploration and discovery.

While we’ve delved into a number of myths in this article, remember that the beauty of Minecraft lies in its boundless possibilities. So, whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the game, we encourage you to dive in, explore, and form your own understanding of the Minecraft universe.

As we continue to explore the 1.20 Trails and Tales update, stay tuned for more insights and guides to help you navigate the ever-evolving world of Minecraft. Happy gaming!

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