This addon is based on stand disc, created by fish and clown_imp team from bilibili. To use this addon, you need to download stand disc first and then combine it with the bizarre world in one world. The Bizarre World Addon (1.20) adds stands like: wonder of you, gold experience requiem, stone free, the world over heaven, and some skins for them. These stands are fun and interesting to play with friends, but make sure that the bizzare world is on top of the addons list.


Stands’s skills list:

Ger skills:

  • 1) Barrage
  • 2) life beam-creats powerful beam
  • 3) life creation-creats bees and if someone will come near to bees they will be poisoned also crouch and bees will help you to levitate.
  • 4) don’t use that skill in water or on air also don’t move when you will be teleported the skill is rtz-what will happend in skill duration nothing will be true.

Twoh skills:

  • 1) barrage
  • 2) reality rewrite heavy punch
  • 3) control the world-gives you buffs and enemies debuffs
  • 4) time stop

Stone free skills:

  • 1) M1(crouch and use stand disable)
  • 2) barrage
  • 3) stone free catch them!-stone free ropes the enemy
  • 4) beatdown
  • 5) rage

Wou skills:

  • 1)Absolutely defense you are protected from most things
  • 2) Poison rain
  • 3) calamity
  • 4) pilot

Pearl jam: One of the best support

  • 1) first skill cooks for you
  • 2) Second one will cook for other players

Death 13: it brings death, run away

  • 1. slash
  • 2. dreamscape
  • 3. Nightmare


Installation Note:

  • You have to download Stand Disc first and then combine The Bizarre World and Stand Disc into one world.

How to install:

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The Bizarre World (1.20) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20

The Bizarre World Addon: Download from server 1Download from server 2

Stand Disc Addon: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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