World Wild Animals Addon (1.19) adds animals from all over the world. Each individual animal functions differently and has its own uniqueness from big elephants to cute penguins. Each Update for this addon will focus on one Minecraft biome like the first one: Savanna.


Honey and Bears Update


  • will spawn in villages
  • u can trade with them
  • will avoid monster
  • spawns with two bees

Brown bear

  • spawns in taiga biomes
  • will attack u when u get to near
  • u can make them trust u by giving them honeycomb
  • when they are peacefull u can breed them with salmon
  • will attack monster


  • spawns in animal biomes like plains or birch
  • will fly around
  • comes in 5 different colors
  • red blue green pink and brown
  • can be tempt with wheat seeds

Aquatic Update

  • humpback whale
  • hammerhead shark
  • hermit crab
  • manta

Valentine Update


  • can be bred with fish
  • tamable with bread
  • will follow you when tamed

Desert/Badlands Update


  • oasis
  • cactus grass
  • tree structure
  • dead tree structure
  • badlands temple


Road runner

  • drops road runna feather
  • breedable with wheat seeds
  • when you are near a road runner it gives you a speed effect
  • avoid big water sources
  • sometimes fly around
  • hunts rattle snake and rabbits

Tiger rattle snake

  • drops rattle item
  • attacks roadrunners  fennec
  • will warn and rattle if in danger
  • attacks with poison
  • rattle item can be brew into poison potion


  • hunts jerboa and rabbits
  • breedable with beef


  • you can give it a tiger rattle snake rattle and will start to dig and throw at you a item that it finds in the sand
  • breedable with carrot
  • is scared of most mobs
  • drops meat that can be eaten

Fire ants

  • are neutral
  • spawns in colonies blocks
  • tempt with acacia leaf
  • avoids meerkat
  • will pick up grass and go back to its main colony
  • added ant colonies blocks
  • when charged you can shear it and get a larvae
  • you can craft a new colonies block with a larvae and two ant blocks
  • when breeding  a queen spawns
  • added new ant blocks

Sulcata turtle

  • are passive
  • bred with flowers
  • when attacked it will turn into a defense mode
  • drops turtle scute
  • can be brew into turtle master

Bark scorpion

  • are aggressive
  • can be bred with spider eye when calmed down
  • can be calmed down with jerboa


  • can be tamed with apple
  • can be ride and saddled
  • can be bred with carrots
  • spawns in groups


  • bred with wheat
  • eats fire ants
  • drops meat

Gila monster

  • bred with beef
  • neutral
  • attacks mobs
  • is very poisonness

Jungle Update


  • health 40
  • damage 6
  • tigers are Always on the way to hunt something
  • tigers hunt pigs, cows, chickens, cassowarys, sheeps, red pandas, and baby gorillas
  • when a player walks to near to a tiger the tiger will start attacking and maybe kill the player
  • u can feed a baby tiger with beef
  • tigers will eat all meat items that are on the ground

Bumblebee shrimp

  • lives underwater in warm biomes
  • will avoid players
  • will swim in groups
  • a player can pick up the shrimp with a water bucket

Red panda

  • spawns in Jungle biomes and bamboo forests
  • breedable with bamboo
  • u will often see red pandas plant a bamboo sapling randomly
  • will avoid tigers
  • will randomly sit


  • spawns in jungle biomes
  • will randomly fly around and maybe sit on trees
  • will follow mobs
  • drops feather


  • health 40
  • attack damage 11
  • spawns in all jungle biomes in groups
  • breedable with melons
  • there is a male and a female Version
  • males are more aggressive and also attack other males
  • males will also start attacking the player if being to near to the group
  • females are less aggressive than males
  • gorillas will search for melon blocks and eat them
  • gorillas will attack pillagers ocelot, tigers, irongolems, and monster
  • will randomly sit

Capuchin monkey

  • breedable with melons
  • can climb walls

Wild capuchin monkey

  • will avoid tigers
  • health 6
  • spawn in all jungle biomes
  • tamable with sweet berries

Tamed capuchin monkey

  • health 20
  • damage 2
  • will follow its owner
  • sittable
  • breedable with melons
  • will defend its owner


  • health 25
  • damage 6
  • will attack players that are not sneaking
  • breedable with melons
  • drops chicken and leather
  • makes booming sounds
  • on bred it will lay cassowary eggs

Cendrawasih (event winner)

  • spawns in jungle biomes
  • when in love they will dance
  • can be bred with seeds
  • will follow mobs around


  • spawns in jungle biome
  • flies around

Cold Biomes Update



(penguins spawn in cold biomes)

  • they often spawn in colonies
  • a colony consists of a : colony creator, two fisher, several adults and an egg
  • penguins love fish and will hunt them
  • penguins avoid polar bears
  • health 10
  • damage 3
  • breedable with salmon
  • when bred they will lay an penguin egg (block)
  • tempt with salmon
  • penguin fisher behavior these penguins has different behavior than normal adults when spawning they will start searching for a hunting ground on reach they will hunt some fish and go back to the colony


  • spawns in frozen biomes
  • breedable with salmon
  • tempt with salmon
  • will hunt fish
  • avoids polar bears
  • health 15
  • damage 6


  • spawns in all cold biomes and in mountains
  • breedable with wheat
  • tempt with wheat
  • when hurt they will fight back


Penguin egg

  • only obtainable by breeding penguins and creative menu
  • have tree block states one day, two days and tree days
  • when ready it will break and spawns an penguin babies

Savanna Update



  • elephants are found in Savanna
  • breedable with acacia leaf a new craftable item
  • rideable, you can put a saddle on an elephant to control it
  • tempt with acacia leaf
  • you can equip them with a chest they offer 32 free spaces where you can put your items
  • when hurt they will attack back
  • damage 9
  • health 40

Bombardier beetle

  • found in the savanna biome
  • will drop Bombardier beetle item
  • breedable with grass
  • if they stand on plants like wheat they make it grow faster
  • they will take damage when in water
  • health 5
  • tempt with grass


  • spawns in groups in the savanna biome
  • you can breed them with wheat
  • you can only tempt them if you are sneaking and holding wheat
  • will drop gazelle horn [new item]
  • gazelle avoids players that are not sneaking


  • they spawn in [savnna rivers] or [savanna biomes]
  • hippos are very territorial and will attack any mob that gets too close
  • you can make them neutral by washing them with a bucket of water but you need to sneak on them so they dont get angry
  • you can only tempt a baby hippo with grass
  • they can swim underwater
  • when its day they will sleep on land
  • hippos will pick up items and eat them
  • health 35
  • damage 11


  • meerkats spawns in savanna biomes
  • you can trade with them by giving them fish
  • breedable with Bombardier beetle item
  • you can tempt them with Bombardier beetle item
  • meerkats are diurnal
  • they hunt beetlesy rabbits, chickens and fish
  • health 10
  • damage 3


  • breedable with wheat seeds
  • you can tempt them with wheat seeds
  • when bred they will lay an ostrich egg [new block]
  • when hurt the group will start attacking the target together
  • health 25
  • damage 6


Acacia leaf

  • crafting recipe
  • one acacia leaves in a crafting table
  • the food item for the elephant

Bombardier beetle item

  • can only be obtained by killing bombadier beetle
  • the food item for meerkats
  • eatable

Gazelle horn

  • only obtained by killing gazelles
  • can be crafted into horn block [new block]

Fish bone

  • can only be obtained by trading with meerkats
  • you can brew a potion of poisen with it

  • can be eaten


Grid fence

  • crafting recipes

Water container

  • works like a cauldron
  • crafting recipes

Horn block

  • crafting recipes

Ostrich egg 

  • can only be obtained by breeding ostrichs
  • have tree block states
  • will change it state and give birth to an ostrich baby after some Minecraft days

Installation Note:

  • You must activate the Experimental Gameplay Options to be able to enjoy our addon without problems.

How to install:

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