Aetherworks Mod 1.12.2 is an addon to minecraft mod named Embers by Elucent. It adds a new resource named Aetherium which can be used to create new tools. Processing raw aetherium into usable forms is challenging but worth it as the tools come with unique abilities. Aetherworks is meant to provide a late game toolset for Embers.

Aetherworks Mod

Features, Screenshots and How to use:

Aetherium Ore

The first thing you will need in order to begin playing with the mod is Aetherium Ore itself. Formed high in the mountains it can be a challenge to find. Thankfully it emits light to help find it. Upon mining it with a dimond pickaxe it will drop Aetherium Shards.

All generation properties can be configured in the config file!

  • Biome: Any
  • Min. Height: 80
  • Max. Height: 128
  • Tries Per Chunk: 4
  • Vein Size: 4

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 1

Aether Collector

After you’ve gained yourself some aether shards it is time to move up. Mining aetherium is inefficient and Aetherium ore is rare. The next task for you would be building an Aether Collector. It is a multiblick structure for which you will need:

Archaic Bricks x12

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 2

Archaic Edge x8

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 3

Fluid Vessel x1

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 4

Aetherium Prism Support x2

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 5

Moonlight Amplifier x4

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 6

Aetherium Lens Focusing Matrix x4

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 7

Aetherium Prism x1

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 8

Then you need to build a structure like this:

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 9

You know you’ve done it correctly if it starts to glow with sky blue runes:

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 10

After that wait for the night time and your collector will start collecting Impure Aetherium for you!

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 11

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 12

Purifying Aetherium

In order to get usable Aetherium Gas from the Impure Aetherium you’ve been collecting you’ll need a Mixer Centrifuge. Simply mix Impure Aetherium with some Molten Electrum to get your pure Aetherium which is usable!

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 13

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 14

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 15

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 16

Aetherium can be immediately used to create more Aetherium Shards via the use of a Stamper:

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 17

The Forge

To work with Aetherium a simple crafting table isn’t enough. A forge structure is required. The forge is constructed by placing a 3×3 of Dawnstone blocks and hitting the middle one with your Tinker’s hammer:

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 18

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 19

The forge is a multiblock structure that you build up using peripherals that affect the way the structure works.

The central component of the forge is the Aetherium Forge Core which is placed on top of the middle forge block. It requires embers which can be inserted from the top of the block. You know you’ve done it correctly as the forge will start glowing with red runes:

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 20

The forge operates with heat – in order to work it needs to store a specific amount of heat. If too little is stored it won’t be usable. If too much is stored the forge will blow up. In order to control the heat you may want to know it’s current amount instead of guessing. The Heat Gauge is a block that can be placed on any side of the Aetherium Forge Core and will read the current heat of the forge:

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 21

As already stated the forge needs heat. The way to build up heat is through the use of Aetherium Forge Heaters. They will convert external (pumped in) water into steam using a heat source underneath (lava) and heat up the forge. They can be attached to any horizontal (north, west, south or east) side of the forge blocks themselves (not the core!). They need a redstone signal to start producing heat and will stop as soon as the signal is removed. They also require ember to work. Multiple of this block can be attahed to the forge for extra heating:

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 22

The heat will drop on it’s own if none is produced but a finer control is needed in order to operate the forge properly. There are 2 methods of removing the heat from the forge. The Aetherium Forge Cooler is one such block. This block can be attached to any horizontal (north, west, south or east) side of the forge blocks themselves (not the core!). It needs ember as well as a cold source underneath (ice). If activated with a redstone signal the cooler will consume the coolant block and instantly drop the temperature of the forge by 500:

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 23

A more passive way of venting out heat is the Aetherium Forge Heat Vent. This block can be attached to any horizontal (north, west, south or east) side of the forge blocks themselves (not the core!). It will passively vent out the steam from the forge dropping the heat by 0.5 each tick. Multiple of this block can be attahed to the forge for extra cooling:

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 24

Now when you are able to heat up your forge and cool it down you can begin working with it. At it’s core the forge is used to process aetherium so you need a way of inputing it into the forge. Placing any fluid container by the forge blocks (not the core!) on the same y level will allow the forge to extract aetherium from that container:

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 25

In order to actually do anything with the forge you will need 2 blocks. Aetherium Forge Metal Former is one such block. It is able to imbue materials with Aetherium to convert them into their aetherium counterparts. It is placed on top of the forge blocks (not the core!). To place the material into this block just right-click it with the material in your hand:

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 26

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 27

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 28

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 29

The second crafting block is the Aetherium Forge Anvil. It too is placed on the top of the forge blocks (not the core) and allows you to process items. To insert an item into this block just right-click it with the item in hand. If the recipe and the temperature are correct you will see a red exclamation point above the anvil. Right-click the anvil with Tinker’s hammer in hand when it makes a noise and the exclamation mark turns green to work the metal. You can fail 3 times. After several clicks your item will be ready:

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 30

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 31

And that is how you operate the forge!


  • Make sure that the Aetherium Forge Core is actually receiving ember!
  • Every time you hit the anvil with your Tinker’s hammer the temperature drops by a bit. Make sure it stays within the range!
  • All the parts apart from the core are optional!
  • Heaters, Coolers and Heat Vents can be attached more than once and their effects will stack!
  • The hotter the forge is the slower it will build up more heat.

Aetherium Tools

  • Now when you know how to collect aetherium, purify it and put it to use in the forge you can start making Aetherium Tools. They are the ultimate tools that can assist you while you play in multiple ways.
  • Any tool has an AoE effect when it breaks blocks. Shift-clicking with the tool in hand disables that effect. In order for the effect to proc you will however need some ember in your inventory (a Matle Cartridge in your offhand will do).
  • All tools have the unique Aetheric enchantment that makes them repare themselves while exposed to moonlight. This enchantment however allows the tool to be enchanted even further via an Enchantment Table or an anvil.
  • Different tools have different additional effects.

Pickaxe Of The Boundless Sky: This pickaxe is able to mine veins of blocks. Right-clicking any block will make the pickaxe break it and all similar surrounding blocks in a range.

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 32

Pickaxe Of The Molten Depths: This pickaxe has a chance to drop geode items when you mine blocks. The type of the geode is determined by the biome you are mining in. Different types have different items in them (or at least different chances to get different items). Geodes can be processed on an Aetherium Forge Anvil to obtain the contents.

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 33

Axe Of The Ancient Torrents: Holding right-click with this axe will randomly apply bonemeal around you. It will also considerably speed up the growth of any crop. This effect has a range (radius) of 16 blocks.

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 34

Axe Of The Twisted Realm: Right-clicking a block of wood with this axe will make it chop the farthest connected block of wood. If you aim at the base of a tree and hold right click this axe will chop down the entire tree regardless of it’s size.

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 35

Shovel Of The Perfect Machines: While holding this shovel in your hand an additional hud element will be visible at the bottom right of the screen next to the hotbar. Shift right-clicking any block will make the shovel “remember” this block. Right clicking on any block when the piston image has a cross on it will make the shovel place a 3×3 wall of “remembered” block against the face of the block you clicked on consuming the materials from your inventory in the process. Holding control and scrolling the mouse wheel will change the “mode” of the shovel changing the image in the bottom right from a cross to a set of arrows. Clicking any block in this mode will make the shovel place extra blocks around the block you’ve clicked based on the face of the block you’ve clicked.

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 36

Shovel Of The Ineluctable Changes: While holding this shovel in your hand an additional hud element will be visible at the bottom right of the screen next to the hotbar. Shift right-clicking any block will make the shovel “remember” this block. Right-clicking any block with this shovel will make it replace the targeted block and all similar blocks connected to it to the “remembered” block consuming materials from your inventory.

Aetherworks Mod Screenshots 37


Minecraft Forge

Embers Mod

How to install:

  1. Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge and Embers Mod.
  2. Locate the minecraft application folder.
    • On windows open Run from the start menu, type %appdata% and click Run.
    • On mac open finder, hold down ALT and click Go then Library in the top menu bar. Open the folder Application Support and look for Minecraft.
  3. Place the mod you have just downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  4. When you launch Minecraft and click the mods button you should now see the mod is installed.

Aetherworks Mod 1.12.2 Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.12.2

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2