The Spy Mod Includes Spy Items,Blocks, Explosives And More!




  • 1. Download and install Minecraft Forge for the correct version of minecraft
  • 2. Navigate to the Downloads tab below and click Download for the latest version of the mod
  • 3. Now on the new page click [Download]
  • 4. Find the place you downloaded
  • 5. Extract and open it
  • 6. On Windows 7 or vista – Click on your start menu, type %appdata% and press enter
  • 6. On Windows XP or lower – Click on your start menu and click on “Run”, type %appdata% and click OK
  • 7. Click “.minecraft” and then “mods” if you don’t see “mods” run minecraft with forge and look again
  • 8. Drag into the folder
  • 9. Run minecraft and Enjoy!
  • 10. If the mod does not work make sure you installed modloader, deleted META-INF and you are running the right version

Download Links for Spy Mod: