Are you looking for new ways to spice up your survival world? If you are a Minecraft fan like me, you will love these 30+ build ideas that are sure to surprise you. You can find out how to make end portal designs, real-life farms, an underwater base, an ant farm, and an underwater cave in this video. Let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the first build.

You can see all parts here:

#1-4 IRL farm: Hop, Coffee, Sweet Berry and Tobacco Farm

We’re going to explore some IRL Farms, which are basically farms that look realistic. The first one is the Hop Farm, which is where beer comes from. We’ve made it look nice by adding a beer barrel design over here. And over here we have our main hop farm, which is not really doable in vanilla Minecraft without using some tricks. We have some glowberries floating here, so that’s why I have another way to make this by using some blocks above them.

The next IRL Farm is the coffee farm, which is also a useful farm, as we have used sweet berries instead of coffee bushes. This is also a cool and nice way to make a Sweet Berry bush farm.

The next IRL Farm is the tobacco farm, which is just a lot of dark oak saplings. You might think that these will grow eventually, but there’s a clever way to stop that by putting a piece of string above them. If you’re far enough and on the right level, you won’t see it, so it works pretty well.

The last IRL Farm is the vineyard of grapes, which is how wine is made. For this design, we just have some fences and fence gates with a Sweet Berry bush below and some leaves above. We’ve also added some pathways and some nice wheelbarrow designs.

A cool thing you could do is make a huge field of all of these like I did, and you’ll have a great-looking farm area in your survival world.

#5-8 Portal: Void, Lush end, Inside-room Portal

We’re going to see four different ways to make end portals, from #5 to #8. The first one is the Void design, with some old-looking bridges that are dangerous. It’s a cool and different way to make an end portal.

The second one is the Lush end portal, which would take a lot of work because you have to change the stronghold room where the end portal is. But you can make it look really nice and green.

The third one is a ruined nether portal, which is like the stronghold room has been damaged. We’ve made a big hole in the back corner and added some moss, dirt, and grass. We’ve also replaced the lava with water and made some cracks in the stone with stairs. The water looks like it’s flowing through the cracks.

The last one is a custom one that looks like it’s in a room. We’ve made a frame around the end portal with wood and trapdoors to make it look more secure. We’ve also added some storage and crafting blocks on the sides. This is a good idea for an end portal if you go to the end often. This is a nice custom room to have.

#9 Underwater Cave

We’re going to see this custom underwater cave design next (#9). This would be a great idea if you wanted to make a cave more interesting and add a path to it. For the decoration, we’ve used some end stone and some stone bricks to make the walls more textured. We’ve also used some stairs and slabs to make the edges and sides more varied. For extra detail, we’ve added dripstone, hanging roots, glow berries, spore blossoms. We’ve also made this big main path that would go as far as you need. I stopped it here because I was lazy, and you can only see it from here anyway.

#10-13 Nature Decorations

We’re going to see some nature decorations next, from #10 to #13. The first one is a backyard design, with some small gardens around the place, with some composters and barrels in the corner. In the middle, we have a nice little island with some big bushes.

The second one is a custom pond, with stone and andesite around the edge instead of dirt. We’ve also made the corners and edges smoother by using some stairs and slabs. It looks better than just having it like this.

The third one is a mini waterfall, with different levels. It starts up here, then it goes down to this part, then to here, and then to our little pond. I like how it looks like it’s flowing down.

The last one is a custom cliff face, which you can use to make your cliffs more interesting than something like this. You can make a nice overhang here with some stone stairs and slabs to support it. You can also add a cave section if you want, and maybe make it into a mine entrance. There are so many possibilities, guys.

#14-17 Mine Shafts

We’re going to see some different ways to make mine shafts, with different themes, from #14 to #17. The first one is the medieval theme, with some big pillars. We’ve used some oak wood and stripped oak wood to make them look old. We’ve also used some stairs and trapdoors to make them look like they are holding up the ceiling, which is falling apart, like here. We’ve also added some details like barrels, chests, logs, and candles. We have a smelting station over here, and a mini elevator over here.

The second one is the lush theme, which is not very practical, but very pretty. It leads to a nice pond. You can add a bridge over it if you want to go further, or turn left or right here. You decide.

The third one is the ruined one, which is like the medieval one, but more damaged and old. We’ve added some logs to make it look like the structures have collapsed. We have a pond here too, and some nature blocks to make it look like nature has taken over.

The last one is the opposite of everything else. It’s more modern and organized. We have some fluorescent lights in the ceiling, which I love. We have some levers that let us switch between tracks. We have a sewer system that we have to cross over with slabs. We have a big iron door at the end. We have some copper blocks on the sides to look like pipes. We also have lightning rods up here to look like a pipe that goes along the tunnel.

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