Are you looking for new ways to spice up your survival world? If you are a Minecraft fan like me, you will love these 30+ build ideas that are sure to surprise you. You can find out how to make end portal designs, real-life farms, an underwater base, an ant farm, and an underwater cave in this video. Let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the first build.

You can see all parts here:

#18-21 Forest, Jungle, Snow, Spruce BIOME

From #18 to #21. The first one is the forest biome, with a path made of dirt and grass. We have added some flowers, leaves, and logs to make it look more natural.

The second one is the jungle biome, with a path made of mossy cobblestone and stone bricks. We have added some stairs to make some cracks in the path, and some moss carpet, coarse dirt, grass, azaleas, and stones to decorate the sides. We also have a river next to the path, to make it more interesting.

The third one is the snow biome, with a path made of gravel and cobblestone. We have added some lanterns on walls to light up the path, and some snow around it. The lanterns might melt the snow, but that’s okay. It makes it look like the path is warm and cozy.

The last one is the spruce biome, with a path made of podzol and spruce planks. We have added a campsite with some barrels, chests, and a fire. We also have a sweet berry bush area, which looks like a natural feature. On the other side, we have a wheelbarrow and some more barrels for decoration.

#22 Underwater base

You guys really enjoyed the underwater base that I showed you in one of my posts. I don’t remember which one =))), but I have another one for you. This one is also inspired by Subnautica, and it has two parts. On the right, we have the entrance that would take you to the other part over here. It’s full of water because I didn’t bother to drain it. On the back, we have the main base, with a nice indoor farm on the top. It’s a pretty cool base design, don’t you think?

#23 Tiny little Village on Island

We have a small village on an island next (#23). It has a dock at the bottom, which leads to the main platform. There is a nice bench and a garden there, and a staircase that goes up to the two buildings. This could be a good base for you and a friend, and it looks very nice.

#24 The Space Greenhouse

We have a space greenhouse next (#24), which is a random idea that I had one time. It looks amazing at night, especially with the shaders that I used. You can see how to get them in the video at the top right. The build is like a tunnel with farms on the walls. We have some tables with potted plants, and a table with flowers in the middle. We also have some grass and bushes at the back. It’s a very cool and futuristic design.

#25 Medieval Lighthouse

We have a medieval lighthouse build next (#25), which is a great build to put on a beach. Maybe you live near the beach or in the forest over here, and you want to have a nice view of the ocean. You can make this in your world, and it will look very nice. A good detail to add to your lighthouse is to have some stones around it and make it on its own sand island.

#26-27 Bridge

We have two similar bridge designs next, from #26 to #27. One is made of stone, and one is made of wood. The stone one is like a dam wall, with water on one side higher than the other. The water flows through some iron bars to the lower side.

The wood one is a normal bridge, with a nice arch that you can sail through. It also has a pass-through so you can cross the bridge without going up or swimming. It’s a very nice wooden bridge design.

#28-30+ Compact Rooms

We have some compact room designs for the last part of the post, from #28 to #31. The first one is the indoor farm room, which is a good way to use space. We have some crops on both sides, and some storage on the right side. We have some barrels and some spruce slabs in the middle as a table, with some decorations on it.

The second one is the storage room, with a lot of chests on the left side, and some barrels and chests on the right side. We have a table in the middle made of barrels and slabs too.

The third one is the crafting room, with a brewing area and some crafting blocks.

The last one is the smelting room or the kitchen, with a nice floor pattern. We have a simple smelting setup on the left side, and a more efficient one on the right side, with hoppers and chests connected to the furnaces. You can just put your items in the top chest and get them smelted in the bottom chest.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some ideas for your own builds. If you did, please give this post a 5 rate and subscribe to see more of my post in the future. I appreciate your support and feedback. See you in the next post.

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