Adapted Origins Mod (1.19.3, 1.19.2) adds revised and reimagined versions of the Dullahan, Fairy, Giant, Forestborn and Copper Golem origins.



  • A towering Origin that has greater strength and the ability to carry and throw entities, but has a drawback in size and speed.
  • Giant is naturally 4 blocks tall and move 10% slower than a human.
  • You have double health, immune to the levitation status and knockback effects.
  • You can pick up an entity or player, forcing them ti ride on your back, and Press again to throw held entity.
  • You can also use your primary active ability to slam into the ground.


  • A ghostly rider that can summon a nightmare steed to ride and is empowered to hunt for souls at night.
  • Dullahan is an accursed headless horseman, who uses their nightmarish powers to trap the souls of their prey in lanterns.
  • You are stronger at night and always respawn with a Soul Pumpkin on your head that does not drop on death.
  • And have significant hunger and slowness when under the light of the sun.
  • You passively restore hunger by standing close to a lit Soul Campfire.
  • Finally, you can fire a barbed chain, slowing the first target it hits and inflicting them with wither.


  • A small protector, with a set of wings and the ability to heal and guide their allies.
  • Fairies are small mythical creatures that born to help others.
  • You are smaller with blue skin and natural wings.
  • You can summon a regeneration field that applies the effect to all mobs in its radius.
  • You can use your primary active ability to leap into the air.
  • You are more saturated by honey bottles, and gain two temporary hearts when drinking a bottle.

Copper Golem

  • A curious automaton, equipped with sensors to find rare materials as well as skills to help create redstone contraptions.
  • Copper Golem has an oxidation meter which increases over time, slowing the golem down.
  • Rain, water, and using your Ore Radar can progress this meter faster.
  • While axes and lightning can remove oxidation.
  • You cannot heal from any source other than Copper Ingots.
  • You can use your secondary active while holding a Redstone component to convert it to its counterpart.
  • You can toggle a radar that detects various blocks.


  • A being of the wilds, capable of phasing through trees and becoming empowered when surrounded by nature.
  • Forestborn is a being of the forest, enamoured with the mysteries of nature.
  • You gain stacks of weakness while not on a grass or dirt type block.
  • You take damage over time while in a desert type biome and can only eat plant-based food.
  • You can use your primary active ability key to toggle the ability to move through wood blocks of all types.


  • A noble firebird, who can become reborn after dying and fly with their wings.
  • The Phoenix has its own elytra and does not use breastplate slot.
  • You have two forms: Normal and Reborn.
  • Upon dying in normal form, you will ignore death and enter reborn form.
  • In derect sunlight, you receive various effects.



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