Throw out your old bows and arrows, you won’t need them anymore! Arrows Plus overhauls archery in Minecraft.


  • 12 new, rare trees that can be used to create powerful bows and arrows.
  • Each bow and each arrow has its own special effect! Mix and match to see what you get!
  • Old archery system has been thrown out. Your aim is no longer perfect and arrows can be affected by wind. Craft better bows to counter this!
  • RPG-style woodcutting experience. You can’t cut down and use a powerful tree if your level is too low.
  • Arrows are made using iron shards (4 per iron ingot) instead of flint. Much more convenient.
  • Full SMP/LAN support! Install to your PvP server and have a blast! (Literally, sometimes.)
  • Open source & fully documented to assist those who want to make their own mods.

How to play:

Things to know first
First, know that regular bows will not shoot Arrows Plus arrows, and Arrows Plus bows will not shoot regular arrows.

You should start a new world. If you play on an existing world, then it may be difficult for you to find the trees, which set the features of the mod in motion.

Starting to play

Arrows Plus adds 12 different trees which spawn rarely in different biomes. Open the to see their information.

Aspen Tree. Requires Lvl. 0 woodcutting. Spawns in Forest, Forest Hills, Ocean (Islands), Taiga, Taiga Hills, Ice Plains, and Ice Mountains biomes. Usually quite tall with thick leaves.

Cottonwood Tree. Requires Lvl. 0 woodcutting. Spawns in Forest, Forest Hills, Ocean (Islands), and Swampland biomes. Very green leaves, colorful bark.

Alder Tree. Requires Lvl. 10 woodcutting. Spawns in Forest, Forest Hills, and Ocean biomes (Islands). Light green leaves with gray bark.

Sycamore Tree. Requires Lvl. 20 woodcutting. Spawns in Forest, Forest Hills, Ocean (Islands), and Swampland biomes. Usually very tall with greenish bark.

Maple Tree. Requires Lvl. 20 woodcutting. Spawns in Forest, Forest Hills, Ocean (Islands), Taiga, Taiga Hills, Ice Plains, and Ice Mountains biomes. This tree has two types: Hard Maple and Soft Maple. Hard maple’s wood is darker and stronger than soft maple’s. Soft maple is not recommended for crafting arrows or bows.

Gum Tree. Requires Lvl. 30 woodcutting. Spawns in Forest, Forest Hills, and Ocean biomes (Islands). Usually short. Bark is similar to birch.

Ash Tree. Requires Lvl. 50 woodcutting. Spawns in Forest, Forest Hills, Ocean (Islands), and Swampland biomes.

Beech Tree. Requires Lvl. 60 woodcutting. Spawns in Taiga, Taiga Hills, Ice Plains, and Ice Mountains biomes. Smooth white bark with bright leaves.

Hickory Tree. Requires Lvl. 80 woodcutting. Spawns in swampland biome only. Has rough bark and thick leaves.

Mahogany Tree. Requires Lvl. 90 woodcutting. Spawns in Swampland, Taiga, Taiga Hills, Ice Plains, and Ice Mountains biomes.

Sypherus Tree. Requires Lvl. 100 woodcutting. Spawns in Jungle biome only. Usually extremely short.

You can only cut these trees if you have a high enough woodcutting level. You gain experience by cutting regular trees or Arrows Plus trees that you are able to cut. You get more experience for cutting Arrows Plus trees. You are notified when you can cut a new tree, but you can view your experience at any time by using the command: /arrowsplus.showxp

Once you’ve cut down an Arrows Plus tree, head over to the crafting table and make the logs into sticks. From here, you can either make bows or arrows with them.

To make bows: Use the exact same recipe as regular Minecraft bows, except, of course, replace regular sticks with the sticks you’ve gotten from the Arrows Plus tree.

To make arrows: Arrows Plus arrows use the same “shape” recipe as regular arrows, but they use iron shards instead of flint for the arrowhead and of course Arrows Plus sticks instead of regular sticks.

To craft iron shards, you must craft a hammer with the following recipe (using regular sticks!):

Place the hammer in a crafting table with an iron ingot to smash it into iron shards. A hammer cannot be damaged, so you only have to make one. (Unless you lose it)

After you’ve made your new weapons

Try them out! Be ready for the new shooting system. It is very different from regular Minecraft.

  • You are automatically put into “smooth camera” mode for fine-tuning your shot.
  • You will no longer zoom in slightly when drawing the bow string back.
  • Your crosshair will shake depending on how stable your bow is.
  • Once you fire, your arrow could be affected by wind. You may find it difficult to hit far off targets with slow arrows. Craft faster ones!
  • All bows and arrows have special attributes which can affect their charge-up time, speed, damage, etc.

Description of Attributes:

Bow Effects:
Standard Enhancements/Disabilities

  • Lightweight: Fast draw time.
  • Slow Draw: Slow draw time.
  • Very slow draw: Very slow draw time.
  • Very stable: Crosshair will not shake.
  • Stable: Crosshair will shake less violently.
  • Unstable: Crosshair will shake more violently.
  • Very strong string: Arrow will travel much faster.
  • Strong string: Arrow will travel faster.
  • Accurate: Arrow will be less inclined to be affected by wind.

Magical Effects

  • Teleportation: You are teleported to the location where the arrow hits.

Arrow Effects:

All upper-level arrows have a natural small resistance to wind.

Standard Enhancements/Disabilities

  • Lightweight: Travels faster and a longer distance when shot.
  • Heavy: Travels slower and a shorter distance when shot. Slightly more resistant to wind.
  • Very Accurate: Wind does not affect the arrow.
  • Accurate: More resistant to wind.
  • Inaccurate: Less resistant to wind.

Magical Effects

  • Wither: Target is put under the effect of Wither.
  • Poison: Target is poisoned.
  • Slowness: Target is slowed down.
  • Blindness: Target is blinded.
  • Knockback: Target is knocked back after being struck.
  • Flames: Arrow catches on fire.
  • Explosion: Arrow explodes where it lands. It does not destroy any blocks.

Positive Special Effects

  • Destroy 1 Block: The arrow destroys the block it hits.
  • Block Penetration: The arrow can go through a few blocks and hit targets on the other side (with reduced damage).
  • Insta-Hit: Arrow fires extremely fast.

Negative Special Effects

  • Breaks on armor: Arrow cannot damage someone wearing armor.
  • Unreliable: Chance of breaking before being fired.
  • Wind Prone: Chance of being caught by wind and missing completely.

Now that there are 12 different types of arrows, how do you decide which one you want to shoot?

You can equip a stack of arrows by selecting them and right clicking them. Your bow will now use those arrows until there are no more, after which it will automatically begin to use the most powerful arrows (damage-wise).

If you do not equip arrows, the bow will automatically fire the arrow that does the most damage!!!

You can unequip a stack of arrows by right clicking on them again, or right clicking another stack of arrows.


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge installer
  • Start the new Minecraft launcher, switch your profile to “Forge,” and run the game.
  • Exit the game.
  • Go to your Start Menu, type %APPDATA%, and press enter.
  • In the new window, open the .minecraft folder.
  • Download the latest version of Arrows Plus.
  • Place the file you dowloaded into the mods folder.
  • Run the game and enjoy! Arrows Plus should be listed under the Mods menu.



  • Initial beta release.

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