Avaritia Fabric Mod (1.20.1) adds various extremely powerful tools and items, with extremely expensive recipes to create them. Besides, it adds a new workbench, on which you can craft the main items from this mod. All the items have good efficiency and deal a lot of damage, which means that crafting these items will not be easy.


  • Compressed workbenches: There are two levels of compressed workbenches. Such workbenches are used in some crafts. Besides, they can be used as a regular workbench. To create a level 1 compressed workbench, you need to combine 9 regular workbenches. And to create a level 2 compressed workbench, you need to use several level 1 compressed workbenches. Compressed workbenches can be turned back into regular workbenches.
  • Diamond lattice: It is made from five diamonds and used in many crafts. The main thing the lattice is used for is to create new ingots.
  • Crystal matrix ingot: It is the main item that is used in almost every crafting. It is crafted with 4 diamond lattices and 2 nether stars.
  • Extreme workbench: It is one of the most important blocks in this mod. So, you need to craft it for your further development. It is crafted with 8 Crystal Matrix Ingots and a level 2 compressed workbench. The interface of this workbench has a size of 9×9 blocks, so the crafting of items will be hard. This workbench is not designed to craft regular items and blocks.
  • Neutron collector: The neutron collector is crafted on the extreme workbench from a variety of quartz blocks, iron blocks, redstone blocks, and crystal matrix ingots. You can use this device to collect neutrons. To start production, you need to put this block anywhere you like. Initially, it produces neutronium dust, which will appear when the collector reaches 100 percent. However, it takes a very long time.
  • Neutronium ingot: After you get nine neutronium units of dust, you need to create neutronium nuggets. To create a neutronium ingot, you need 81 units of dust since it is crafted from 9 nuggets. This item is used to create special armor and tools. You can also use the ingot to create a neutronium block.
  • Neutronium compressor: The neutronium compressor is crafted on the extreme workbench using iron blocks, crystal matrix ingots, neutronium ingots, redstone blocks, and funnels. It is used to create a singularity.
  • Singularity: You can create the singularity from any type of metal, including lapis lazuli and redstone. Besides, if you have any additional mod that contains metals such as tin, copper, silver, nickel, platinum, or iridium, you can also use them to create the singularity.
  • The endest pearl: The endest pearl is crafted on the extreme workbench using end stones, ender pearls, neutronium ingots, and a nether star. It is used as dynamite. If you throw it on the ground, it will form a black circle, within which blocks will be exploding for 5 seconds, thereby causing destruction. What’s more, it is used in some crafts.
  • Ultimate stew: The ultimate stew is crafted from certain plant foods and neutronium dust. It is used as an edible item and in some crafting. Eating the stew replenishes your saturation bar and gives you the effect of regeneration (level 2) for 15 seconds.
  • Cosmic meatballs: They are crafted from certain types of animal food and neutronium dust. Eating them replenishes your saturation bar. What’s more, you get the effect of strength (level 2) for 15 seconds. They are used as an item in crafting the infinity catalyst.
  • Record fragment: It is crafted by destroying any type of record on a workbench. Use one record to get 8 fragments, which can be further used in crafting.
  • Infinity catalyst: The infinity catalyst is used to craft armor and tools. It is crafted on the extreme workbench from a variety of items. You will need 7 singularities created from different types of metal, including quartz, lapis lazuli, and redstone. You will also need a diamond lattice, a crystal matrix ingot, neutron items such as dust, a nugget, an ingot, as well as an ultimate stew, cosmic meatballs, the endest pearl, and a record fragment.
  • Infinity ingot: The infinity ingot has a very expensive craft since it is used to create tools, a sword, and armor. To create one such ingot, you will need numerous neutronium ingots, infinity catalysts, and crystal matrix ingots. When used as an item, this ingot can shimmer and change its color.
  • Sword of the Cosmos: Crafting this sword requires using infinity ingots, crystal matrix ingots, neutronium ingots, and an infinity catalyst. This sword has an unusual appearance that depicts stars. The peculiarity of the sword is that it has infinite damage, which means it kills everyone with one blow. Besides, this sword cannot lose its durability.
  • Longbow of the heavens: Similar to the sword, it kills with one arrow. If you lose, there is a rain of arrows at the place where the arrow falls. The rate of fire is very high. To create this bow, you will need infinity ingots, a crystal matrix ingot, and wool of any color.
  • World breaker: The world breaker is a pickaxe that can dig very fast. Besides, it has a level 10 luck enchantment. What’s more, it deals high damage, even more than the diamond sword – 8. Press shift + RMB to change the function of the pickaxe that will turn into a hammer and destroy blocks in the form of a cube. Thus, if you use this hammer to break one block, then all the nearby blocks will be destroyed. However, they won’t disappear and you can pick them up.
  • Planet eater: The planet eater is used as a shovel and has very high efficiency. Press shift + RMB to change the mode of operation of this shovel that will turn into a pickaxe. However, it deals more damage than a regular pickaxe – 9.5.
  • Nature’s ruin: It is used as an axe and breaks the entire tree when chopping its lower base, which is a very useful feature. Change the mode if you want to break all the nearby trees. It deals 21 damage per hit.
  • Hoe of the green earth: Use the hoe to create arable land very quickly. With one click on the ground, you will create a 9 by 9 arable land. But if you want to create one arable land, then use shift + RMB.
  • Skull fire sword: It deals only 7 damage, but this is not its main function. With this sword, you can set skeletons on fire. Besides, you get a wither skeleton skull upon their death.
  • Infinity armor: Wearing a full set of this armor gives you many positive effects. Thus, you will be able to fly without any restrictions. The flight will be very fast since you get the effect of speed. You will no longer die underwater since there is an underwater breathing effect. There is also the effect of night vision and jumping ability. What’s more, the armor looks chic.



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