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Azton’s Vanilla Fantasy Addon (1.19, 1.18) lets you play Minecraft with Fantasy Mobs, Humans, and more Bosses but still sticks closely to “vanilla”. Fantasy creatures will appear in the game. Each received detailed models, textures, behaviors, and features. The add-on contains a large number of mobs, which means you will have something to explore.
(Note: Some features might not be final, armor weapons might get nerfed, structures might not generate correctly, and lastly this is still in it’s beta version).


First, The human knights!

Keep knight – Great warriors who serve no ruler but themselves and their allies, They are the youngest faction of knights only A few decades old in their reign, They live in A castle called Emerald Keep these generate in plains and forests and sometimes in taigas.

Royal Guards – Trained to protect the great and humble King Kronos and Queen Emera! They are born to serve and help others, they are one of the few who have learned to ride on horseback, They live in A royal castle, generates in the plains, mountains, taigas, and forests.

King Kronos And Queen Emera!

The rulers of A castle so far from their true home, It is said that they are from an alternative universe called azton Emeralds AU but that story is for another time.

[Azton Alternate Universe References]

Azton’s are azton’s, they have their own unique universe, different timelines, and different stories!

Azton The Dragon Knight – He’s an Azton from another universe, he was the sworn dragon slayer of his village Entofrost, after years of peace amongst the dragons, an unknown figure massacred the village, once This Azton found out that his lover died… His only goal is to find that knight The Dragon Slayer

King Kronos – He was A Ferrous WroughtNaut from A different universe. Reformed back into A human his Thousand Metal Armor dipped in the strongest gold, and his old Thousand Metal Axe reforged into A claymore.

Queen Emera – Wife of King Kronos was the leader of the Keep Knight Faction but they disbanded to form the Royal Faction to follow their own path.

The Teutonic Knights – These noble knight’s only served their religion, they are nomads, no place is home for them, and they rarely even spawn so if you’re lucky greet them. Unsure If They Spawn.

The Wizards!

Light Mage – Born to protect those who need help, these humble old men with prowess in the mystic arts, use their light energy to cast spells from their staffs.

Red Wizard – A power-hungry and corrupted wizard capable of shooting strong spells from their blood-red ruby staff, these menacing wizards are a force to deal with.

The Elves – are not like their ancestors, they only want power and to rule over the weak ones, they wield War Axes and Long Bows, both powerful in ranged and melee, and they spawn in forests, taigas, and plains

The Dark Elves Race – They are like elves but they don’t bathe in the light they are dark and feared, but these rumors of them being power-hungry cold-hearted killers are false, they are a misunderstood race, they are humble and innocent they spawn in forests.

Death Guard Faction – The Death Guard Faction is a group or army of forgotten soldiers, from a long-forgotten kingdom ruled by The Torment King.

Death Guard Knight – A Warrior trained to protect the Torment King they are humans but their minds are covered in a blood red mist forcing them to fight for the wrong side but they don’t know this… they only spawn when you fight the Torment King (Every phase)

Death Guard Paladin – Cold-hearted killers, they spare no lives, they only fight for their king, they know of their curse to protect The Torment King, but they take it as a blessing, These are not humans, they’re monsters… They Spawn in the second and third phases of the Torment King.

Dwarven Race – Ah the mischievous yet helpful dwarves this humanoid-like race are known for their short height, being small has some perks though, they are experienced miners and great blacksmiths, and they will go deep into the mountains for their precious resources, they spawn in cold and high places. Tip: trade with their blacksmiths they can give you a good deal in their trades!


Goblin Warriors – Trained by their Goblin Chief, they ravage and plunder unsuspecting travelers, they wield A crudely made spear, they are weak but very fast, and they spawn in packs so watch out, spawn in plains, forests, and savannahs.

Goblin Chief – A brute that wields Goblin Axe, as A mini-boss they spawn with A banner they are known to fight and kill other goblin chiefs for dominance, even goblin warriors, they currently drop nothing but that will be changed in the future, they spawn as the same place as Goblins Warriors.

Goblin Trader – A humble merchant who travels the Overworld to sell you things, and even A special potion!, they spawn in any biome

The Crypt Mobs!

Cryptors – Overgrown skeletons that spawn in the crypts, and at nighttime, these skeletons were reanimated to protect the chamber of A necromancer in the crypt.

Mourns – These were humans at first but now they are tall and lanky figures almost skeletal, they mourned the death of their loved ones for so long, it drove them mad, they spawn in the Crypts, and at night.

Ogre, And Troll

Troll – A very strong creature carrying A spiked wood club they spawn in caves, jungles, and forest’s.

Ogre – A creature larger than A human, carries A wood club, and has A very strong attack so be careful, spawns in the same place as Trolls

Mythical Mobs

The Minotaur – Half man half bull, a mad and very hostile creature they use their axes to chop down their do they hit very hard, they spawn in forests and plains

Cyclops – A one-eyed and very big monster these giants roam the plains searching for things to eat no matter what they are, their sharp teeth and strong arms give them the strength to smash their prey to a pulp.

Wendigo – A tall dark and lanky creature this thing once was a man now is an ever starving and strong being, butchering its targets with its sharp claws to feast on their flesh, they spawn in forests.

Forest Guardian – An Ent of some sorts these woody peaceful Groots protect their forest homes from dangerous creatures and protect the animals of their home, they spawn in forests.

Dread Horsemen – These skeleton horsemen wielding swords roam the harsh lands of the souls and valleys looking for souls to feast on. They spawn in soul sand valleys, swamps, jungles and Roofed forest’s.

Miscellaneous Mobs

Harvester – A reaper who doesn’t want to kill or take the lives of any living creature, they only want to trade soul shards with you, just don’t hit them or it’s instant death, spawns in the nether (I think) and the overworld.

Shadow Walkers – Once darkness covers the lands and the night appears these shadowy creatures will roam and spread darkness to others if you get too close, spawns at night and in most biomes.

Pure Souls – Annoying yet adorable little souls, they only spawn through A tome you can trade for from the harvester, they mostly act as an annoying distraction for mobs.

Dragon Slayer The Living Armor – Once was the cause of a massacre of a village, a strong knight capable of bringing down a dragon with ease, died to his own job as a dragon slayer, his soul possessed his Dragon Slayer Armor And Lives amongst it (He is only called/spawned in the final phase of the Torment King)

The Fallen Knights – they we’re great knights from long forgotten armies that had A dark past.

Fallen Sentinel – A knight from A long forgotten kingdom, he was shunned after the death of countless innocent people in his drunken rage accepting the banishment for his sins he awaits for a challenger to arrive and slay him. they spawn in the plains, forests, and taigas, but it will be changed to A structure.

Iron Vanguard – A powerful being and A high-ranked sentry, He was a chieftain that lead A royal army, but was cast out after A powerful force took over his body now alone he waits for A brave warrior that comes forth to challenge him.

The Armored Tower – A half-giant only seeking Revenge for the extinction of his kind, they died off from the dragon so they hunt and hunt dragons until there are none left welding A Dragon Bone Zwei Händer they await A challenger who will wring down the last of the giants.

The Torment King – He was the ruler of a lost and forgotten kingdom, he had gone mad after all his citizens tried to dethrone him, in his rage at his citizens he cast a spell he would regret, taking the lives of his people their souls their life force taken and placed in his ruby embedded crown, now the souls of the tormented live in his crown and his rage, hatred, and lust for power, fuel the strength to be above all else. . . Be careful of his axe, you won’t survive one blow…

Fire Dragon – A large reptile capable of shooting balls of flame, but I think you already know what it is.

Ice Dragon – A large reptile similar to the fire Dragon but holds the ability to shoot cold blocks of freezing ice at you be careful, these blocks of ice might trap you!

The Mythical Bosses!

Earth Statue – Carved from stone but destroyed and reanimated by A wizard seeking power but was killed by its own creation, now this golem-like creature roams the forests and plains seeking purpose and the same power-hungry personality of the wizard.

The Anchor – Once was A great captain of A ship he sailed across continents, but once mutiny rallied among his ship he was thrown overboard chained to the anchor of his own ship. Now filled with rage he seeks revenge on those who dare plunge into the depths.

Armor, And Weapons:


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Installation Note:

  • If The .mcaddon File Doesn’t Work Just Rename It To azton’s Vanilla and you Can Just Manually Move The BP And RP To The Minecraft Files. in Android/data/

How to install:

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Azton’s Vanilla Fantasy Addon (1.19, 1.18) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19, 1.18

mcaddon: Download from server 1 – Download from server 2

zip: Download from server 1 – Download from server 2

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