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Bard Mania Mod 1.12.2 adds playable musical instruments that you can play from a computer keyboard and/or an attached MIDI keyboard. The playable range is two octaves.

Bard Mania Mod


  • Animated player movements
    • Equip and remove instrument.
    • Play animation. The arms move when notes are played.
  • When playing music, parrots around the player will dance.
  • Multiplayer support (What better way to impress your friends with your virtuoso musical skills)


  • Musical NPC.
  • ABC Music.
  • Sustained notes for recorder, flute.
  • Localize the model setup and play midi GUI’s.


Bard Mania Mod Features 1

Playing Instruments:

Hold the instrument in the players main hand.

  • Right-Click to equip the instrument for playing
    • PC Keyboard Mode (default) – GUI opens, then press the keys on the PC keyboard or mouse over the key names and left-click them to play. Press the ‘Esc’ key to exit the GUI.
    • MIDI Mode – If your PC and MIDI keyboard are setup correctly just play normally. To stop playing either switch to another hot-bar slot, or Right-Click to unequip the instrument.
  • Shift-Right-Click toggles the input mode between MIDI and PC Keyboard.

The volume level of the instruments is adjusted using the Players volume slider in the Minecraft Options | Music & Sounds dialog.

MIDI Support:

The MIDI implementation in this mod is promiscuous. When active the mod opens any non-sequencer devices and listens on all channels. This can can be adjusted via the mod configuration GUI or file.

  • MIDI note range is 49-72 (2 octaves mapped to the Minecraft key of F#. See table above.)
  • MIDI channels 1-16


Mock-up of the PC Keyboard GUI. Flute and Melodic Toms as equipped and ready to play

Bard Mania Mod Screenshots 1

Flute Animation

Bard Mania Mod Screenshots 2

Xylophone Animation

Bard Mania Mod Screenshots 3

Parrot Dance: Parrots will dance when you play an instrument.

Bard Mania Mod Screenshots 4

Bard Mania Mod Screenshots 5

Bard Mania Mod Screenshots 6

Bard Mania Mod Screenshots 7


Minecraft Forge

Obfuscate Mod

How to install:

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Bard Mania Mod 1.12.2 Download Links

For Minecraft 1.12.2

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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