Career Bees Mod 1.12.2 is an addon for Forestry, that adds a large variety of new bees loosely based after real world professions. To begin breeding the careers bees, you must breed ‘common’ and ‘cultivated’ bees with a bookshelf as a base. You can learn further mutations using the Escritoire, or via an add-on such a JEI Bees.

Career Bees Mod


Student Bees

  • Common + Cultivated (Requires a bookshelf as a foundation).
  • A student bees drone can be shift-right-clicked onto an apiary and will alert when the queen is gone.

Collecting Bees

  • Student + Common.
  • Wombling: Picks up items in their territory.

Graduate Bees

  • Student + Common.
  • Retraining: Restores the effect chromosomes of any purebred career bee if it has lost them. Place the bee you wish to retrain on a nearby flower pedastal.

PHD Bees

  • Student + Graduate.
  • Retraining: (see Graduate Bees).

Artistic Bees

  • Graduate + Cultivated.
  • Painting: Creates works of art and hangs them up nearby.

Armorer Bees

  • Graduate + Graduate (Requires an anvil as a foundation).
  • Armorer: Buffs armors placed on nearby flower pedastals.

Police Bees

  • Graduate + Valiant.
  • Policing: Attacks nearby mobs and picks up items when they die (at a very high luck rating).

Sharpening Bees

  • Graduate + Armorer.
  • Sharpening: Sharpens weapons placed on nearby flower pedastals.

Lumber Bees

  • Graduate + Forest.
  • Bark Biter: Bites small pieces of bark off of nearby trees. The trees are not permanently harmed by this, and the pieces of bark can be crafted into full logs.

Husbandry Bees

  • Graduate + Meadows.
  • Husbandry: Breeds animals together within its territory.

Smelter Bees

  • Graduate + Modest (Requires a furnace as a foundation).
  • Smelting: Smelts items placed on nearby flower pedastals.

Repair Bees

  • Armorer + Sharpening.
  • Repair: Repairs items placed on nearby flower pedastals.

Buisness Bees

  • PHD + Imperial.

Butcher Bees

  • Graduate + Lumber.
  • Butcher: Humanely slaughters any grown animals in its territory. Will keep one pair of each animal alive to breed.

Yente Bees

  • Student + Husbandry.
  • Yente will make matches for your bees. Shift-right-click a Yente princess onto an apiary and it’s breeding will be automated. Yente will always choose the drone that she judges to have the best traits for the princess.

Rainbow Bees

  • Artistic + PHD.
  • Will produce every color of dye.

Mason Bees

  • Graduate + Smelter.
  • Masonry: Chisels nearby cobblestone into stone bricks.

Science Bees

  • PHD + Industrious.

Doctor Bees

  • PHD + Majestic.
  • Healing: Heals any entity within its territory and gives a regen effect.

Engineer Bees

  • PHD + Noble.

Thief Bees

  • Police + Sinister.
  • Yoink: Steals items from nearby players.

Chef Bees

  • Smelter + Artistic.
  • Honey Glazing: Gives a special honey glazing to any food item, placed on a nearby flower pedastal. When eaten, honey-glazed food gives absorbtion hearts.

Miner Bees

  • Graduate + Engineer (Requires a block of iron as a foundation).
  • Mining: Mines ores within their territory (ignoring y restrictions).

Silky Miner Bees

  • Engineer + Miner (Requires a block of gold as a foundation).
  • Silky Mining: Mines ores (with Silk-touch).

Fortunate Miner Bees

  • Miner + Silky Miner (Requires a block of diamond as a foundation).
  • Fortune Mining: Mines ores (with Fortune 3).

Taxcollector Bees

  • Police + Thief.
  • Taxation: Extracts drops from nearby mobs without hurting or killing them.

Plague Bees

  • Doctor + Sinister.
  • Curative: Cures any negative potion effects on entities within its territory, and provides slight healing.

Ore Crusher Bees

  • Mason + Sharpening.
  • Crusher: Grinds up any metal ores placed on flower pedastals, to give 2x-3x dust.

Clockwork Bees

  • Smelter + Engineer.
  • Clockwinding: Winds up Clockwork Engines in their territory, giving free power.

Mad Scientist Bees

  • Science + Engineer (Must have been a nearby explosion in the last 10 seconds).
  • Advances scientific progress and only occasionally causes a random explosion. These explosions only break non-’tile entity’ blocks.

Quantum Charming Bees

  • Quantum Strange + Quantum Strange.
  • Mad Scientist + Phantasmal.
  • Teleposition: Randomly swaps nearby blocks of a similar material.

Quantum Strange Bees

  • Quantum Charming + Quantum Charming.
  • Mad Scientist + Phantasmal.
  • Teleposition: Randomly swaps nearby blocks of a similar material.

Temporal Bees

  • Quantum Strange + Quantum Charming.
  • Accelerate: Increases the flow of time within their territory.

Energy Bees

  • Repair + Clockwork.
  • RF Inducing: Induces a RF charge in blocks placed next to their housing.


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Minecraft Forge

Forestry Mod

JEI Bees Mod (Optional)

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