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Coherent Villages Mod 1.12.2 increases the spawn rate of vanilla villages and added them to all of the biomes. This mod also adds new types of mobs that will defend their village and new types of structures to make each village more unique.

Coherent Villages Mod


The Villager Classes:

Peasants – Nothing special about these soldiers, except that they are common and expendable.

Coherent Villages Mod Features 1

Militia – A step up above the Peasants, better armed and trained, but still lackluster

Coherent Villages Mod Features 2

Man-At-Arms – This soldier specializes in armor, having the most armor points out of all the villager soldiers, nothing to unique in terms of offensive capabilities.

Coherent Villages Mod Features 3

Warrior – The Villager warriors are two things: incredibly fast and incredibly strong (Strong enough to one-shot most common mobs). Although they aren’t armored pretty well, they make up for it in their high hit points.

Coherent Villages Mod Features 4

Sergeant – Incredibly rare soldier type, that is sort of a balance between the Man-At-Arms and Warrior.

Coherent Villages Mod Features 5

Guards – Soldiers are stationed in various parts of the village, and stand guard there. Nothing special otherwise

Coherent Villages Mod Features 6

Archer – Standard bow using Villager, most likely to get killed out of the archer types since the prefer to fight at a closer range

Coherent Villages Mod Features 7

Mage Archer – Physically weaker than the other archer types, but can use spectral arrows to outline enemies

Coherent Villages Mod Features 8

Marksman – Experience archers who’ve trained fro a long while. The most deadly, and accurate archer type. They also have the longest range. A single shot from him can kill most mobs

Coherent Villages Mod Features 9

Hunter – Not to different from the archer, expect they specialize in animal hunting

Coherent Villages Mod Features 10

The Mage – The standard village mage type, fires volleys of fireballs in rapid succession. Quite weak physically. Also has a nasty habit of setting everything on fire, beware.

Coherent Villages Mod Features 11

The Conjurer – A mage that specializes in summoning spells, has no offensive capability on it’s own, although it can stop a zombie siege all on it’s own.

Coherent Villages Mod Features 12

The Necromancer – The most interesting archer type. Summons Skeletons to aid it in battle, and sometimes may sacrifice a bit of it’s own health to summon more. It’s skeleton minions often are condemned by the necromancer’s allies and those allies may even target them as well.

Coherent Villages Mod Features 13

The Grand Mage – The most powerful mage type, has master the art of summoning and elemental magic… And is quite physically formidable even by soldier type standards

Coherent Villages Mod Features 14

The Undead Hunter – A alchemist who specializes in killing the undead, but only the undead. Highly effective against large groups of undead mobs, but it’s limited range is a hindrance. Incredibly hard to detect unless actively looking for them, because of their invisibility potions

Coherent Villages Mod Features 15

The Alchemist – Contrary to the Undead Hunter the alchemist is fairly effective against living mobs, but this sometimes can be a double-edged sword when the alchemist has allies nearby.

Coherent Villages Mod Features 16

The Healer – Specializes in healing Villagers, but has no combat capacity.

Coherent Villages Mod Features 17

The Potion Master – A versatile Alchemist who functions in a similar fashion all 3 other Alchemist Types, incredibly rare however.

Coherent Villages Mod Features 18

The Cavalier – A quick, but lightly armored mounted soldier. But keep in mind that it’s only lightly armored relative to the other Knight Types… It’s still a lot heavier than most of the classes in the other types.

Coherent Villages Mod Features 19

The Knight – A pretty well equipped Villager, given some of the best armor and weapons a Villager can afford. On top of that they also use a horse

Coherent Villages Mod Features 20

The Mage Knight – Mage knight are a combination of a knight and a mage. Physically more capable then most mages, but can also use magical attacks that most knights can’t. Also comes with a horse.

Coherent Villages Mod Features 21

The Apothecary – An Alchemist but has a horse they can ride. Nothing else to special

Coherent Villages Mod Features 22

The Horse Archer – An archer but given a horse to ride on. Incredibly effective against slower mobs.

Coherent Villages Mod Features 23

The Paladin – Paladins are veteran Knights, and will defend their village to the dying breath. The most Heavily armored Villager out of all the types, incredibly hard for most mobs to even make a dent in.

Coherent Villages Mod Features 24

The Bandits:

  • Enemy villagers who spawn in various places in the Overworld.
  • Bandit
  • Bandit Archer
  • Bandit Horseman
  • Bandit Mage
  • Bandit Alchemist


  • Barracks
  • Walls and Fences
  • Guard Towers
  • Forts
  • Hunter’s Hut
  • Alchemy Hut
  • Inns
  • Wizard Towers

New Mechanics:

  • Villager Soldiers like other normal villagers do not regenerate or respawn after death. Basically all villages have a finite supply of soldiers, and there is no way (at the moment) for a village to regain anymore if all of their soldiers die.

Soldiers with special AI:

  • Guards – Stands guard in a single spot for the day
  • Peasants – Patrols during the day, rests at night
  • Militia – Doesn’t Patrol, but searches houses frequency
  • Man-At-Arms & Warrior – Patrols at night


Villager Archer

Coherent Villages Mod Screenshots 1

Villager Soldier

Coherent Villages Mod Screenshots 2

Guard Tower

Coherent Villages Mod Screenshots 3

Village Barrack

Coherent Villages Mod Screenshots 4

Village Mage casting spells

Coherent Villages Mod Screenshots 5

Village Mage

Coherent Villages Mod Screenshots 6

Village Alchemist

Coherent Villages Mod Screenshots 7

Villager Merchant

Coherent Villages Mod Screenshots 8


Minecraft Forge

How to install:

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