Here is some informations about Coloured Beds Mod for Minecraft Frostburn that you can need before download it


  • Add Coloured Beds (depends on wool color and wood type)
  • Add Stone, Gold and Obsidian Beds!!
  • Add “Monster” Beds (with unique skin. Actually : creeper, enderman, lava, cow, leaf, mushroom and skeleton)
  • Add Pajamas, Ender Pajamas and Creeper Pajamas! (if you sleep with pajamas on a mod’s bed, you get regen when you wake up)
  • Add Utility Beds. No more without a bed.
  • Rewritten bed model and possibility to make bunk beds!
  • Every bed has an hidden chest inside it. Just hold shift, make sure that you have nothing in your hand, and right click on the bed. The size of the chest can be modified in the config file.
  • Include ModUpdateManager. Never miss a new release!!
  • Configuration File (lets you choose the IDs… and more)

How to install:

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  • Added the Mushroom Bed.
  • Made a new model for the beds!
  • Added bunk beds!
  • Added Creeper Pajamas.
  • Addd Dirt and Sandstone Utility Beds.
  • Added Skeleton Bed.
  • Added an option in the config file to disable the Utility Beds.
  • Added an option in the config file to set the hidden chest size.

Download Links for Coloured Beds Mod:

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