Crocoducks Mod 1.11, 1.10.2 adds the amazing creature, the Crocoduck. Crocoducks are a hybrid between a crocodile and a duck. They don’t hiss or quack, they hack, and are bloodthirsty pack hunters, killing and eating anything that they can get their jaws around, from spiders to sheep, to villagers and players. Can you tame the incredible Crocoduck?

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How to:

What do they do?

Being avid pack hunters, Crocoducks make great hunting utilities. When leashed together and trained not to attack their masters, Crocoducks will enter hot pursuit with any warm blooded animal with red meat, with the exception of chickens.

How do I train my Crocoduck?

To train your Crocoduck, you will need one when they are young. They can be bred by feeding two adults raw meat, but your first time doing this might make you lose a couple fingers in the process, so a safer alternative would be hatching a Crocoduck egg.

How do I get an egg?

Crocoducks lay an egg up to once or twice a day, consider leashing them or having them chase you into a fence, or getting a cat because, like chickens, ocelots will attack Crocoducks, causing them to scatter in fear. Any eggs on the ground would be fair game to obtain at that point.

How to train your Crocoduck:

  • Once you have your Crocoduckling, feed it raw meat and it will follow you and love you forever. When they are young, Crocoducklings will not attack anything and must be kept well sheltered for they face the risk of getting eaten by ocelots.
  • After about a day, your Crocoduckling will be a fully grown Crocoduck, and it will follow you with an inquisitive quack, all nearby animals such as sheep, horses, cows, chickens, and pigs stand no chance against the power of the mighty Crocoduck, keep all horse mounts and farm animals out of the reach of Crocoducks and use leads when necessary. Failure to do so will result in a swift and bloody death to your animals, except chickens, because chickens don’t have giant crocodile heads weighing them down, causing them to run significantly faster.
  • Consider using your Crocoducks for entertainment by building stadiums with plenty of chickens, you’ll understand when you finish.

How to install:

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Download from Server 1

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