Cyclic Mod (1.20.1, 1.19.4) for Minecraft is a collection of all the brand new and interesting items with many different usages. From the equipment used to fight off monsters to those that maximize your time consuming daily grind tasks. If you are someone who is looking for a mod pack that changes the core gameplay of Minecraft, and to experience the tools that you have never seen before then Cyclic is a modpack worth researching and looking through. Because this pack doesn’t just merely adding more items but also diversify the ways you play this game.

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Why would this modpack diversify your Minecraft playstyle you asked? Well, big modpacks usually have a specific theme such as science, magic, warfare,…etc. But not Cyclic, this is an amateur mod. Why is that even a good thing? When a non-professional start working on a mod, the developer will try to program whatever they find necessary for their daily survival gameplay without limiting themselves to one theme. And that turns Cyclic into a multifunctional, Jack of all trades modpack, one that can provide any needs or request from the player. If they need some powerful weapons to kill the mobs? There are tons of them to choose from. Do they want to upgrade already existing feature? Upgrades are available to make. Does the player want to focus on mining the land? This mod presents a vast amount of supporting items for that. How about those who need mechanized farming and lumbermill? The mod provides you machines capable of all that. Need electrical energy? There is a system that allows you to assemble and generate the most common power: FE.

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Most of you have probably heard of the famous character Doraemon ( only 90’s kids will remember this) – A high intelligent robot from the future with thousands of cool and magical gadget. Cyclic – just like Doraemon – provides the player with hundreds of items that are extremely useful and magical. With the Merchant Alamanac note, you can quickly trade goods with the Villagers that you meet in the realm with a trading board. This makes the trading process much more accessible and convenient than before, especially if you are planning to buy a large about of cargo, materials. Do you want to replicate and re-build a complicated house structural multiple times but you afraid of making a mistake somewhere? With Pattern Replicator, all you need to do is collect the building material, and the crafting work will be handled from A to Z. Now building a whole city is not a problem with a single player anymore. If you want the traveling method in the realm of Minecraft to be easier, there are tons of items that will enable your feeling of adventures and explore, no longer sitting at that blockhouse yours. Ender Wings let you return to the World Spawn position or a spawn point that you picked, Ender Book allows you to memorize the location of where you have traveled to (Only usable when you are in the right dimension). Void Charm will save you in case you fall into an endless black hole in any realm, Sailor Charm will boost your speed on a cruising boat, a range of carrots to level up your horse’s speed, etc.…

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In the case of generating, storing and using energy, Cyclic provides you with a unique system to generate electricity: ones that can create power from peat – a material that can be extracted from the earth and trees. With this system, the player won’t be in a blackout anytime soon, especially in recent patches, players can create more dirt with gravel. Of course, if you use too much of one element, it will eventually run out, but for one to entirely use up the amount of dirt in the Minecraft world, you probably won’t be here playing anymore! With the leaves and vines, players can create Biomass and combine them with soil to make Dry Peat bog, when placing them under water long enough, they will get Saturated Peat Deposit. And finally, when you break the deposit, you’ll get Peat. Putting them in the Peat-Fired Generator and you will have all the power needed to run all automated machinery blocks included in the mod. If the player has enough material, they can even have automation of the power generating process, in turn, create the perfect cycle of automated machines.

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With the machines available in the system, players can craft: Block Placer that place a random blocks automatically, Structure Builder which construct architecture building, Controlled Miner can mine the surrounding blocks, Forester chopping down trees and growing them back, Automated User, well, automatically using item that was placed inside of it, Auto Crafter will craft what you need using blueprint and material provided, Shearing Block can shed any sheep inside the appointed area,… With electric powered machines like this, you can build a whole production line just for power generation, material collecting and minimized the tedious grind task that you have to do every day and spend time traveling, cruising the world and fighting monsters.

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Speaking of killing monsters, have you ever wish that fighting the dangerous enemy in the realm of Minecraft to be… less dangerous? If the answer is yes, then worry no more for Cyclic modpack is bringing into the game a vast array of weapons. They are not only flashy but also have unimaginable destructive power that can’t be used for lulz and giggles. Spirit Seeker is a staff that fire magical light beams, these beams then seak out dangerous targets to destroy them. Engraved Thunder shoots 3 spheres that summon a terrifying lightning bolt on the impacts zone. Duskflame Hex is basically a shadow flame staff, this thing will burn anything dangerous but will do absolutely nothing to harmless creatures nor burnt the terrain. Evoker Fang uses Evoker Illager magics, and summons teeth from the ground and damage creatures inside a zone. The Chaos Reaper scepter will cause your enemies to turn on each other (granted if they are NPC or A.I controlled) without you doing all the actual fighting. Other than these weapons, the mod also added 3 more swords with different stats and skills for the player to use at will.

You can say Cyclic is a mod jammed with content and has mixed or no theme at all, but that’s the beauty. From the magic bound weapons to the tools of science, there is one thing that every item in Cyclic has in common, that is bringing conveniences and a brand new experience to the player.


Merchant Almanac

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Pattern Replicator

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Slime Pads: launch up any entity that lands on it. Can be upgraded.

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Cyclic Scepter: A Tool for long range building.

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Automatic Fishing Net

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Password Trigger (for wireless Redstone)

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Piston Scepter – Push pull and rotate blocks. It even pushes chests and keeps their inventory.

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Brewable Potions of Resistance, Haste, Health Boost, Luck, Waterwalk, Levitation, Magnet, Ender Aura, and Slowfall

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Emerald Apple to cure villagers and unlock any ‘X’d out trades

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Unlockable Survival inventory tabs

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For Minecraft 1.19.4

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For Minecraft 1.20.1, 1.20

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