DawnCraft Mobs Mod (1.18.2) adds a collection of animated mobs and creatures with unique animations/attacks made for DawnCraft. Most bosses contain at least 10 unique animated attacks.


  • Fully animated creatures and bosses with unique attacks.
  • Weapons and enemies that are compatible with the epic fight mod.

Monsters with Rarity Status:

  • Monsters with certain rarities(legendary and epic) spawn from boxes that look like mob spawners, when the player gets close enough to the mob spawner it will spawn a named monster and for some hostile mobs it will attack the players.
  • Monsters that are not legendary or epic can spawn without the restriction of the mob spawner.
  • There is a chance to spawn non-hostile monsters that do not attack you unless you attack them first, (Enderman for example).
  • These types of monsters drop items that are called “affixed” gear, which is basically a personalized item of the monster.
  • How to tell what rarity is the monster?
  • Rarity is shown in the title of the named monster.
    • Green- Uncommon
    • Blue -Rare monster
    • Purple – Epic monster
    • Orange -Legendary/Mythic monster

Uncommon Monsters:

  • Where to find them?
    • They can spawn in overworld outside and in underground.
  • What type of monsters do they spawn?
    • They spawn without the need of a monster spawner box type like the legendary and Epic monsters , and they spawn like the usual monster.
    • The monster that spawn are usually vanillia monsters , mostly zombies , skeletons and depending on the biome wither skeletons.
  • What to expect from them?
    • These type of monster are easily dealt with if you have an iron gear and shield , however you will need to pay close attention for nearby monsters as they posses a threat if they combo you and can even kill you.
    • These types of mobs usually deal around 1.5 hearts or so with iron gear without enchants, and will take you around 20 hits with a diamond sword to kill them.
    • They have increased health compared to usual monsters, for instance for a normal zombie it would take 5-6 hits of a 10 dmg weapon to kill them and for an uncommon monster would take around 20hits, their damage is also slightly higher, depends on the sword they spawn with.
    • These types of uncommon monsters usually are highlighted even through building blocks , with a green
  • What kind of loot should you expect from them?
    • You should expect iron gear drops as well as chain slightly enchanted with medium to low level enchants.
    • You should expect iron gear drops as well as chain slightly enchanted with medium to low level enchants.

Epic Monsters:

  • Where to find them?
    • Legendary and Epic monster spawner room
    • You usually find them underground near dungeons and inside caves. The environment is similar as that of a legendary monster.
  • What type of monsters spawn?
    • Well they spawn all sorts of monsters for example enderman and zombie pigman, however I think it depends on the biome that the spawner resides .
  • What to expect from them?
    • If you have diamond armor and 2 pieces with protection 3 , the rest basic diamond armor , it will deal 1.5 hearts , for iron gear it might deal 3.5-4 hearts.
    • While under 30% it has around 30% increase speed , not as much as legendary where the speed is almost doubled but it still is a lot if you are trying to run away from him.
  • What kind of loot you should expect from them?
    • Well, if you get lucky on your rolls you can get enchanted gear comparable to a legendary monster drop.
    • Another thing to add it seems that it usually drops shields or accessories , as according to some discord talks and my own experience most of the time the drop were shields, very op ones at that .The only downside would be that its not as common to find epic as it is legendary monsters.
  • Strategies to beat them:
    • You can use the same strategy to beat like the legendary monster . However due to the low damage compared to legendary monster you can fight him in combat mode and not lose much only some durability on your armor and weapon depending on case.
    • Use overload enchant as well as life steal , however with 2 overload enchants I believe you can out heal his damage .
    • One thing to mention , gems with current health and overload can work on shields or other gear , it doesn’t need to be on the weapon to work.

Legendary Monsters:

  • Where to find them?
    • So far I’ve encountered them in overworld mines. The environment can usually be any terrain or environment as long as there is a 6×6 box which has the monster box in it.
    • These legendary monsters unlike their rare and uncommon counterparts spawn only from a mob spawner box .
    • Beware as if you get within 7 block radius of the box it will spawn the legendary monster.
  • What type of monsters spawn?
    • All types of vanilla monsters, so far the monster spawn with a name, for example, ” Father Gregor The Dragonborn”(Enderman legendary spawn).
  • What to expect from them?
    • If you have rare ‘affixed’ full gear of iron with protection 2, the monster will deal 60% of the health bar from 1 hit, so beware if you are not ready to fight them don’t attack them.
    • The health of legendary monsters is as you expected significantly high, expect for a diamond sword(without unbreaking) to lose around 75% durability till you kill him if you aren’t in combat mode, and around 45% if you are in combat mode. It will take you around 45 minutes of hitting with a diamond sword with sharpness 2 if you are not in combat mode, so it would take you way less with a better sword.
    • While the monster is under 30% it will have a significant increase in speed.
    • The monster does not have a health bar like some mini-bosses have.
    • These mobs should only be attacked if you have a high level of gear, or else you risk dying many times.
  • What kind of loot should you expect from them?
    • The gear makes it worth it due to the high-level enchants and the rarity buffs of the gear.
    • You should expect diamond+ gear with good high level enchants as well as an empty socket for gems.
    • After obtaining such an item you will be awarded the achievement “Titan Forged”, which indicates that the gear is mythical in rarity with an empty socket.
  • Strategies to beat them:
    • Use armor toughness on gear to increase your chances not to get 1 hit by the mob.
    • One thing to mention , gems with current health and overload can work on shields or other gear , it doesn’t need to be on the weapon to work.
    • Use socketed items with current health bonus dmg+ , since this guy has a lot of health it will heavily counter him, build at least 5×5 , 2 blocks height roof to attack him in non combat mode , you can do it in combat mode as well but it will put a heavy tool on your armor , after that poke him a few times , he will start to teleport and you will kind of play a game of rat and mouse , where at one time he will teleport , and you could either chase him down or go outside the safe zone I mentioned(5×5 2 block height) and he will teleport to you trying to sneak attack you , basically running out of the safe zone and quickly inside. When he will get under 30% health he will start stretching his arms and going at you like SCP-096(if you are familiar with him) and stop teleporting and go all offensive . During this time all you have to do is stay in your safe zone and poke him . In the end he will drop his affixed item with different enchants , very nice.



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