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Dreamland Biomes Mod (1.19.2, 1.19) is a mod that aims to enhance the player’s experiences while exploring the Overworld. Currently, the mod adds 4 biomes, some mobs, blocks, effects, and items to go along with each. This mod introduces new fantasy-inspired biomes to contrast the realism Mojang retains with their overworld biomes.


Tar Deltas:

  • Ooze mobs reside here. They spawn in daylight and will shoot tar ball projectiles that will slow the player.
  • New slowing effect, tarred. Applied when standing in tar liquid or being hit by an Ooze.
  • A new liquid, tar, can be found in this biome and tars the player when standing in it. Standing still in the fluid will allow escape.
    Unique tree and plants

Jeweled Forest:

  • Opal Shell, a friendly tortoise-like mob that grows opal on it’s shell.
  • Bumble Beast, can provide the player with honey and a new cosmetic block, the bumble block.
  • Opal clusters and amethyst can be found here
  • Potion diffuser block that will disperse an inserted potion’s effect in a 5 block radius around it
  • Unique tree and plants


  • Underground biome home to the territorial larva mob
  • Breaking hive blocks will alert nearby larva with the antagonized effect.
  • Harvest the hive’s jelly for food or to produce light sources when thrown.
  • Hive weaver blocks that spawn indestructible hive membrane blocks around it.
  • Hive block variants of vanilla ores.

Midas Caves:

  • Underground biome rich with gold, and gold colored vegetation
  • Special mushroom, Midashroom which can be right clicked with gold to fertilize surrounding blocks in 2 block radius with a chance to convert crops into a random gold block!
  • Kunzite stone and points which can be crafted into various decorative blocks
  • Gold geode for a renewable gold source



Minecraft Forge

TerraBlender Mod

GeckoLib Mod

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Dreamland Biomes Mod (1.19.2, 1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.19.2, 1.19.1, 1.19

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