Elemental Invocations Mod 1.11.2, 1.10.2 is an elemental magic mod, there are six elements:

  • FIRE [F]: focuses on dealing raw, area of effect damage.
  • WATER [W]: focuses on adapting itself.
  • AIR [A]: focuses on confusing and incapacitating enemies.
  • EARTH [E]: focuses on defense.
  • DEATH [D]: focuses on soul reaping.
  • LIFE [L]: focuses on giving and creating life.

Elemental Invocations Mod

The player chooses one affiliation and rises in levels of adeptness in magic, specifically his element. Spellcasting happens by having a wand in the main/offhand. Wands have a certain core, attuned to one element. Using a wand (right / left click) for right/left hand adds a charge of the wand’s element to the player. Using middle mouse button the player can invoke a spell based on the currently active charges.

Certain combinations of charges can be a spell shape. If the charges match a spell shape, that spell is cast. If no shape is matched, an orb of magic is hurled instead. The effect and strength of the orb depends on the invoked charges.

Charges can be invoked unlimited, however there is a catch. Every time the player invokes a charge, an amount of instability is added. The amount depends on the number of active charges and the nature of the charge. For example, a fire mage invoking a water charge will cause a lot more instability than a fire mage invoking a water charge. The further the element is from the caster’s element on the magic circle, the higher the instability The amount of instability a mage can handle depends on its magic level. Whenever a mage invokes a charge, there is a chance for the combination of currently invoked charges to fizzle, the higher the instability, the higher this chance, the higher the mage’s level, the lower this chance. When magic fizzles, the effect of the magic orb which would be cast is applied to the player instead, be it with reduced effects.


These are where it starts: These are your elemental cores. They can be crafted or found in dungeons, but don’t expect to be crafting them right off the bat. From left to right: air, fire, and water.

Elemental Invocations Mod Screenshots 1

The rest: Death, life, and earth.

Elemental Invocations Mod Screenshots 2

Wand without a core: Poor wand, it needs a core.

Elemental Invocations Mod Screenshots 3

Making your first wand: What a nice guy you are.

Elemental Invocations Mod Screenshots 4

It doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

Elemental Invocations Mod Screenshots 5

Elemental Invocations Mod Screenshots 6

If you cast an element combination that doesn’t have any other effects, it shoots a little magic ball of pure elemental energy.

Elemental Invocations Mod Screenshots 7

Elemental Invocations Mod Screenshots 8

Those poor woolly bastards.

Elemental Invocations Mod Screenshots 9

Little Ghosty Counters

Elemental Invocations Mod Screenshots 10

Elemental Invocations Mod Screenshots 11

Elemental Orb

Elemental Invocations Mod Screenshots 12

Upgrading wands

Elemental Invocations Mod Screenshots 13

Conjuring Charges – TPS

Elemental Invocations Mod Screenshots 14

Conjruing Charges – FPS

Elemental Invocations Mod Screenshots 15


Elemental Invocations Mod Screenshots 16


Elemental Invocations Mod Screenshots 17

Ball lightning

Elemental Invocations Mod Screenshots 18

Wave Form

Elemental Invocations Mod Screenshots 19


Elemental Invocations Mod Screenshots 20

How to use:

To get started, you have to find or craft some elemental magic cores and consume one to choose an element as your magical affinity. Then, by combining elemental cores and a staff in an anvil you can create elemental wands. Using these wands it is possible to conjure elemental charges. Wands are dual wielded and override default vanilla logic. When holding a wand in your left and another wand in yoru main hand, using LMB will conjure a charge from the wand in your left hand and RMB will conjure a charge from the wand in your right hand.

For example invoking a spell with 2 fire charges, 2 water charges and 2 earth charges causes fire, cold and physical damage, can apply a critical hit (applies to all 3 damage types) or a knockback or slow the target. The damage, chance of secondary effect and secondary effect scales with the potency of the charges. There are 5 tiers of wands, and higher tier wands conjure higher potency charges.

Then, there are also special spell effects, which happen for certain combinations of spells. The effect and damage of these spells scales with the potency of the used charges as well. The special spells are listed below:

  • Sunstrike [3 Fire + 2 Air]:  After a short delay, a solar flare strikes the designated area causing large damage to anything still standing there
  • Conjure Meteor [3 Fire + 2 Earth]: Pulls a meteor from outer space towards earth. As long as the caster channels, the meteor homes in on the caster’s target.
  • Death Nova [3 Fire + 2 Death]: If a target is weak enough (low enough hp), the caster can finish off this entity in a very explosive fashion.
  • Purifying Flame [3 Fire + 2 Life]: Causes massive damage on the target, then applies regeneration
  • Wave Form [5 Water]: Conjures a wave of water which carries the caster. The wave remains as long as the caster channels and travels the direction the caster is looking.
  • Ball Lightning [3 Water + 2 Air]: The caster transforms itself in a ball of lightning and zaps towards its target. While in ball lightning form, the caster is invulnerable. Entities hit by the ball lightning are damaged.
  • Frost Armor [3 Water + 2 Earth]: Conjures a layer of frosty armor which reduces incoming damage and slows enemies hurting the caster.
  • Vacuum [3 Air + 2 Death]: Removes all air around the target, sucking in all entities and causing damage.
  • Living Armor [3 Earth + 2 Life]: Applies a layer of protective living rock which reduces incoming damage and heals the caster.
  • Necromancy [3 Death + 2 Earth]: Consumes previously reaped souls to summon zombies and skeletons to fight for you.
  • Consume Soul [3 Death + 2 Life]: Consumes a previously reaped soul to restore health

However conjuring and invoking spells comes with a catch. Conjuring and maintaining charges requires great concentration. The higher the tier of charge, the more charges and the nature of the charge compared to the player’s affinity determines how much focus is needed. For example, a fire mage conjuring fire charges requires less concentration than a water mage conjuring fire charges.

The amount of concentration a mage has depends on his adeptness in magic. A mage’s adeptness slowly increases as he invokes spells which are related to his elemental affinity.

When the mage is conjuring charches which are too many or too potent for him to handle, his concentration might slip, when this happens, the conjured magic fails and is applied to the caster instead. This can only happen above a certain threshold (which depends on the player’s magic adeptness) and above this threshold, there is a growing chance that this will happen.


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How to install:

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