Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 1.12.2, 1.10.2 is nearly identical to its predecessor Ex Nihilo in terms of gameplay. There are some things taken from Ex Nihilo 2, but it is more similar to the first.

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod

Screenshots and Crafting Recipes:


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Resource production

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 1

You can use hammers to break cobblestone into gravel, gravel into sand, and then sand into dust.

Don’t want that sandstone anymore? No problem! Just hammer it back into sand.

Are you tired of all that normal, not falling netherrack? Hammer it into nether gravel!

Endstone, too! Who wouldn’t want all the blocks in the end to be able to fall?

Ore processing

Gotten any broken ores from sifting gravel?

Pack em together into ore gravel!

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 2

You can use the hammer to break apart the ore gravel and get bits of crushed ore. You can repeat the process again to get ore dust, and every extra step you take gives the chance of getting more ore!

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 3

You can smelt each type of ore into its ingot.

I want it

Glad to hear. To make one, you simply put some wood, stone, iron, gold, or diamond on a handle like this:

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 4


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A quick right click will pull the animal to you and away from those dangerous ledges. That should buy you enough time to repair a fence or fix a wall.

If an enemy does manage to spawn on your island, hitting it with a crook will do exactly zero damage. However, it will shove the enemy backwards. With some planning, you could arrange for them to be shoved into the void.

And finally, the improved reach allows you to better inspect leaves as you break them, making it twice as likely to get saplings (and apples) from leaf blocks as you break them. How do you get your hands on one?

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 5


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When you are using your crook to harvest leaves, there is a slim chance that you might find a silkworm hiding in them

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 6

Set this guy loose on a tree and he’ll relentlessly infest and colonize the leaves

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 7

With enough patience, there will be no living leaves left

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 8

With no leaves left, you can’t get any saplings from them, however, these guys have been working nonstop making silk. The closer to white the leaves are, the more you’ll get, so be sure to let these guys finish their job.

If you want more silkworms, you can probably get them out of their leaves with a crook.

And if you end up with more of these dudes than you want, they are decently high in protein…

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 9


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If you burn some sticks, you won’t be left with anything that seems useful at first.

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 10

However, ash contains enough nutrients to work to grow plants and saplings.

It can also be mixed with some clay that you got from a barrel and bonemeal to create porcelain clay

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 11

Now this stuff is really useful.

Porcelain buckets

You find that you really have a knack for sculpting, and can easily shape some porcelain clay into a bucket.

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 12

But you notice that it is still pretty malleable. Maybe if you put it in a furnace it will get strong enough to hold liquids.

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 13

Eureka! It functions just like a normal, metal bucket!


By hammering smooth stone, you find you can get smaller, perfectly hand-sized stones!

Try and see how far you can throw them.

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 14

Or try and put them back together

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 15

Note: you can change how many stones are required in the config, 1-9, 0 to disable.


These are interesting. They can be used dirt to grow mycelium, and cows seem to have an odd reaction…


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With enough of that porcelain stuff, you find you can make a very large basin.

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 16

Based on you experience with the bucket, you figure you need to fire this thing, too.

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 17

Now what can this thing do?

Spoiler alert: something.


With a source of heat beneath it, the crucible itself gets rather hot. You notice that some things are hotter than others.

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 18

Now that the crucible is all warmed up, try adding something to melt!

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 19

And just give it some time. You notice that the higher quality the heat source, the less time it takes.

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 20


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Sieves are now crafted like so, you can make them out of any type of wood

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 21

And you add a mesh to it after you place it

Currently, there are two meshes you can add, and the only difference is durability

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 22
Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 23

If you want to have an easier time, you can change the config so that you craft the mesh directly into the sieve, and the durability won’t wear out.

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 24

Once you have your hands on one, try putting some dirt in it.

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 25

And then sift around a bit…

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 26

And out pops some stuff!

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 27

But there’s plenty more that you can get from sifting, as long as you’re lucky.

What exactly?


  • Stones
  • Wheat seeds
  • Melon seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Beetroot seeds
  • Carrot seeds
  • Potato seeds
  • Sugarcane seeds
  • Different types of tree’s seeds

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 28

Try and plant the seeds! Most will need farmland to grow.


  • Flint
  • Coal
  • Lapis lazuli
  • Diamonds
  • Broken ores


  • Cocoa beans
  • Cactus seeds
  • Spores
  • Crushed ores

Soul Sand:

  • Quartz
  • Nether wart
  • Ghast tear

Nether Gravel:

  • Broken nether ores


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Barrels, turns out, can be made from pretty much anything.

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 29

And you make ’em like this

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 30Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 31

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 32Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 33

But they do more than just sit there and look pretty. What exactly? Well, quite a lot.


You can put pretty much any organic matter into a barrel…

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 34
Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 35

Let it sit for a bit…

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 36

And eventually, you’ll end up with dirt!

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 37

Collecting rain

Barrels have this wonderful property: they can collect water, from rain!

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 38


Once you have enough rainwater, you can put some dust that you got from your hammer into the barrel, and get some clay!

Netherrack and Endstone

If your barrel can hold lava without catching fire, you can mix in some redstone or glowstone to congeal the lava into netherrack or endstone, respectively.


If you were lucky enough to get some spores from a sieve, try adding them to a barrel of water. The spores have a supernatural effect, fermenting the water into the vile substance known as… witchwater.

Witchwater has some pretty nasty properties, mutating friendly mobs into monsters, monsters into nightmares, and, less extremely, can transform sand into soul sand when still in a barrel.


Nothing’s worse than spoiled milk, right? It gets all chunky and nasty. Fortunately, however, there is a way to turn this into a good thing!

Mix some milk into water…

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 39

Let it sit for a bit, get all nice and… green?

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 40
Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 41

Well, what do you know? You grew a slime.


With some gems and a handful of porcelain, you could sculpt a friend to keep you company up there in the sky. But he looks rather plain doesn’t he? We should give him a coat of paint.

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 42

This guy has quite the hot temper! He should take a nice bath to cool off, but he insists on having the water scorching so it doesn’t help much. I think he was actually more angry after the bath. He started throwing things and mumbling about burning the whole building down.

HINT: Add it to a barrel of lava and wait.

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 43

This friend is a bit on the goth side. He likes movies about vampires and witches. He’s been practicing to be a vocalist in a metal band. Not a bad guy overall, but keep an eye on him. If he thinks you’re not looking, he’ll pocket anything he can get his hands on.

HINT: Add it to a barrel of witchwater and wait.

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 44


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