FandomCraft Mod. All your favourite videogames in Minecraft: Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and more!

FandomCraft Mod adds literally hundreds of new blocks and items from other games. While it mostly focuses on The Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy there are still tons of features from games such as Star Ocean, Star Wars, Pokemon, Terraria, The Elder Scrolls and even a few television shows like Fringe.


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FandomCraft Mod Contents:

FandomCraft Mod Kingdom Hearts

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A Dream Sword can be found in the Bonus Chest. If one doesn’t generate for you, you can also trade a Gold Sword for one from a villager priest.

Killing mobs with the Dream Sword or any other keyblade will cause them to drop Dark Hearts which can be traded to a villager blacksmith for the Kingdom Key.

In order to upgrade the Kingdom Key into its more powerful versions you can “synthesise” it with various materials in the crafting grid.

Soul Eater is a different kind of keyblade that can be found in stronghold chests. When using it to kill mobs, instead of dropping hearts it drops Souls which are used in synthesis of the first ultimate weapon, Ultima.

Obtainable Keyblades:

Soul Eater
Dream Sword
Kingdom Key
Jungle King
Photon Debugger
Metal Chocobo
Destiny’s Embrace
One Winged Angel

Synthesis Materials:

Dark Heart – Obtained by killing various mobs with a Keyblade
Pure Heart – Crafted by surround a Nether Star with Dark Hearts
Raging Soul – Obtained by killing various mobs with a Soul Eater
Empty Soul – Obtained by killing various mobs with a Soul Eater
Soul – Obtained by killing various mobs with a Soul Eater
Soul Harness – Crafted with Unobtainium and a Pure Heart
Soul Stone – Crafted with a Soul Harness and a Soul. Used to craft Illusions
Lost Illusion & Manifest Illusion – Used to upgrade the Keyblade
Crown – Obtained by killing the Wither with a Keyblade. Used to upgrade the Keyblade
Orichulum+ – Obtained by trading the Dragon Egg to a certain villager priest. *Be careful, there’s only one per world

Legend of Zelda

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The bonus chest can also have a Four Sword inside. If not, it can be found inside desert temples.
Take the Four Sword to a certain villager blacksmith to upgrade it to the True Four Sword which will come in handy when trying to obtain the Master Sword.

Trading and Rupees:
Villagers are much more useful than they were before. You can easily make money by selling your unwanted mob loot and farm food to village farmers for Rupees.

Master Quest:

When you think it’s about time to embark on your journey for another ultimate weapon, the Master Sword, remember that it’s far from easy. You’ll need to get the True Four Sword mentioned above first.

To obtain the Master Sword you must find each of the items listed below:

Triforce of Courage – Found rarely in stronghold chests
Triforce of Power – Found very rarely in dungeon chests
Triforce of Wisdom – Found very rare in jungle temples
Blade/Tempered Blade – Found very rarely in village smithy chests. Combine with Goddess Stones to temper it
Hilt/Jewelled Hilt – Found very rarely in village smithy chests. Combine with a Golden Feather and Insignia to jewell it
Golden Feathers – Dropped by Chickens that are killed with the True Four Sword
Insignia – Found very rarely in dungeon chests
Goddess Stone – Extremely rare ore that generates in bedrock
Mole Mitts – You know how quickly nettherack breaks with an Efficiency V diamond pickaxe? This mines normal blocks, including obsidian, that fast. It’s found very rarely in dungeon chests.
Chu Jelly & Potions – Killing a slime with a Four Sword drops Blue Jelly to make potions that restore hunger. Killing a slime with a True Four Sword drops Red Jelly to make potions that restore health. Killing a slime with the Master Sword drops Green Jelly that restores both health and hunger.

*Hylian (Magic) Armour (Not obtainable outside of creative. Will be dropped by one of the Espers.)
When wearing this armour set, you will be completely invincible. However, it drains 1 Green Rupee from your inventory every second it’s worn. If you don’t have any Green Rupees in your inventory, you’ll be unable to move or even use your weapon.
*Megaton Boots – (Not obtainable outside of creative. Will be dropped by one of the Espers.)
When worn these will make you very slow moving, but makes you invulnerable to knockback. Wearing the Hylian Armour with these will let you move normally as long as you have Rupees. These are intended

Final Fantasy

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Powerful, yet expensive, weapons are available through trading.

The third ultimate weapon, Ragnarok, is created by fusing three legendary swords that can be purchased from villager blacksmiths.

Available Weapons:

Ice Rod – Shoots snowballs created out of thin air

Flametounge – Bought for 32 Silver Rupees
Icebrand – Bought for 32 Silver Rupees
Kikuichimonji – Bought for 40 Silver Rupees
Valiant Knife– Bought for 24 Silver Rupees
Ragnarok – Crafted with the 3 weapons above and a Nether Star


(Not yet implemented. Will take a while…)

These are planned bosses that will be impossible to kill without using one of the ultimate weapons.
You’ll be able to find Magicite Shards in chests that can be combined with an Energy Crystal (Ramuh), Supernova Crystal (Ifrit), Poseidon Crystal (Shiva) or a Godstone (Bahamut) to create Magicite that will spawn their respective bosses when used.

Star Ocean & Fullmetal Alchemist

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Star Ocean’s appraisal feature and Fullmetal Alchemist’s Philosopher Stone sort of go hand-in-hand so I’m putting them in the same category.

Appraisal is the act of determining the value of something. In Star Ocean you could find many things known only as ?ITEMs or ?MINERALs. Depending on your character’s skill level you could “appraise” these things and turn them into random metals, accessories and items.

To start appraising, you must purchase a Basic Appraising Kit from a village farmer and keep it in your inventory. You can upgrade the kit twice combining it with various ores and Nether Stars (remember to download CraftGuide for recipes).
Once you have an appraising kit, just start mining. Occasionally when breaking stone a ?Mineral will pop out. As long as you have the appraising kit in your inventory you can right-click with the ?Mineral in your hand to turn it into one of 79 random items.

*This is the only possible way to get Elven & Dwarven Steel.

Basic Appraising Kit – 50/79 chance of getting a low to high value item (up to Mythril)
Advanced Appraising Kit – 67/79 chance of getting a low to very high value item (up to Elven/Dwarven Steel)
Master Explorer Kit – 75/79 chance of getting a low value to priceless item (up to Philosopher Stones and Goddess Ore)

Philosopher’s Stone:

Can only be obtained through appraising or rigorous trading with village librarians.

This is used to upgrade metals. Just combine it with an ingot in the crafting table to use it.
It has 32 uses before it disappears. Below is a list of what is turned into what.

Coal -> Iron
Iron -> Gold
Gold -> Diamond
Diamond -> Orichulum
Orichulum -> Mythril
Mythril -> Eridium
Eridium -> Adamantium
Adamantium -> Unobtainium
Unobtainium -> Darksteel
Darksteel -> Goddess Stone


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A few items and mobs.

Coin – Dropped from Goombas and Koopas, used at shops
Bonus Coin- Dropped from Goombas and Koopas when killed with a Star Hammer. Also crafted with 9 Coins.
Star Hammer- Mario’s signature weapon, a big 3D hammer. Buy it from blacksmiths with Bonus Coins.
Super Shroom – Allows 20 seconds of invincibility. Buy it from farmers with Bonus Coins.
Koopa Shell – Dropped from Koopas. Can be thrown at enemies for lots of damage.

Koopa, Goomba


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A few items and mobs.

Ring- Dropped by chao’s, used at shops
Piko Hammer- Amy’s signature weapon, a big 3D hammer. Buy it from blacksmiths.
Sonic Sneakers- Let you run very fast. Found in dungeons.
Rocket Boots- Let you jump very high. Found in dungeons.
Chaos Emeralds – Each gives you a different buff when held.
Master Emerald, Chao Egg – Spawns the boss Chaos, spawns baby chao’s. Unobtainable since they don’t work yet.

Hero Chao – Tameable with blueberries. If it likes you enough it might protect you from nearby mobs. Spawns in higher altitude biomes.
Companion Chao – Tameable with blueberries. Just a pet. Spawns in lower altitude biomes.
Lonely Chao – Passive mob. Spawns near rivers.
Nesting Chao – Hostile mob. Spawns in jungles.
Dark Chao- Hostile mob. Spawns in packs in the Nether and End.
Chaos (Boss) – Drops lots of rings and XP. Almost impossible to kill without equipment from this mod.

Cameos & Other Games

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Here are the individual referrences from other games or media.

Red Vine – “Fringe (2008-2013)” – Highly refreshing food. Found in chests.
Elucidator – Unknown – Weapon. Bought from blacksmiths.
Adamantium Claws – “X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)” – Weapon. Crafted with Adamantium.
*Mulch – “Pokemon series” – The only way to create farmland. Bought from farmers or found by cutting grass.
Gummis, Chestnuts, Rage Candybar – “Pokemon series” – Food. Chestnuts & Rage Candybars are found in chests. Gummis are crafted with Chu Jelly and come in 3 colours, each with the same effect as the Zelda potion that same colour.
Lightsabers – “Star Wars (1977-2020)” – Weapons. Comes in 4 different colours. Buy them from blacksmiths.
Green Apple – “Snow White (1812-2014)” – Food. Causes poison when eaten.
Orichulum/Mythril/Adamantium/Hellstone – “Terraria” – Ores stronger than diamond.
Eridium – “Borderlands 2” – Ore stronger than diamond.
Unobtainium – “The Core (2003)” – Strongest mineable material.
Piko Hammer – “Sonic series” – Big 3D hammer. Bought from blacksmiths.
Mining Helmet – “Terraria” – Lets you see in the dark. Found in chests.
Invisibility Cloak – “Harry Potter (1997-2011)” – Makes you completely invisible when worn.
Cardboard Box – “Metal Gear” – Lets you hide from enemies inside a big box. (WIP)
Pikachu – “Pokemon (1997-present)” – Neutral/Hostile mob.

Ores, Blocks & Other Things

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These things are either an elaboration on the blocks added, or are other things from beta versions of my own mods, Mealtime and Realism.

*If you can’t mine something, get the next tier of pickaxe listed below these:

Halite (Rocksalt)– Found at the bottom of oceans and rivers. Produces salt for cooking when heated.
Fossil– Found in deserts. Drops bones.
Brownstone (Rock)– Found everywhere. Needed to craft a furnace.
Limestone– Creates fiberglass when heated to make plastic knives.
Pearlstone– Drops pearls used to craft decorative blocks similar to quartz with a pinkish hue.
Infested Dirt– Dirt full of worms. Can be cooked and eaten…if desperate.
Obsidian Ore– Generates in the Nether. Arguably a faster way to obtain more obsidian.
Hellstone– Generates in the Nether. Has no purpose until Espers are implemented.
Bloodstone– Generates above bedrock, making it a pain to search for Goddess Ore. Need Orichulum to mine.

*The following ores each create an armour set, a sword and a pickaxe.

Orichulum – Need diamond
Mythril – Need orichulum
Eridium – Need mythril
Adamantium – Need eridium
Unobtainium – Need adamantium
Goddess Stone– Need unobtainium

The following ores will be used to create the Godstone once Espers are added.
Right now they generate but don’t do anything.

Aquatic Ore – Generates in water. “Water Essence”
Molten Ore – Generates in lava. “Fire Essence”
Terra Ore – Generates in dirt. “Earth Essence”
(Tall Grass) – Rarely found while cutting grass. “Nature Essence”
Void Ore – Generates in endstone. “Empty Essence”


Compound Bow – Twice as powerful as a normal bow, ten times the durability. Fires Powered Arrows that lose their charge and turn into normal arrows when they hit something. Crafting requires killing a Wither and access to The End.


A wheat farm and access to lots of rocksalt, milk, sugar cane and tall grass is recommended if you want to make any good food. Most things are wheat products, after all.
You can use butter and syrup on breakfast meals to restore more hunger and keep you filled longer.
Same goes for cooking and fully preparing most snacks.

You need to craft a plastic knife in order to slice bread/vegetables/meat.

*Skillets and Cutting Boards are currently bugged so you’ll have to make everything in a normal crafting grid.

Cooking Tools:
Plastic Knife

Cooking Materials:
Flour, Salt, Butter, Syrup, Lump of Dough

Bread Slice, Toast, Texas Toast, Banana, Banana Slice, Pepper Slice, Tortilla Chips, Jerky, Bacon, Red Vine, Chocolate/Cookiedough/Blueberry/Strawberry Poptarts, Oreos, Green Apple, Chestnut, Gummis, Sea-Salt Ice Cream, Peanut, Salted Peanuts, Fried Worm, Buttered Toast, Pizza Dough, Tator Tot, Rage Candybar

Light Meal:
Pancake, Waffle, French Toast, Taco, Cheesy Nachos, Cheese Pizza, Jumbo Pretzel, Salad, Fruit Salad, Paupu Fruit

Large Meal:
Buttered Waffle, Waffle with Butter & Syrup, Buttered Pancake, Pancake with Butter & Syrup, Bacon Pizza, Veggia Pizza

Coffee, Tea, Hot Cocoa, Mug of Ale, Beer, Soda

FandomCraft Mod Shops

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64 Energy Crystals – Lightsaber
64 Snowballs & 3200 Rupees – Ice Rod
Icebrand – 6400 Rupees
Flametounge – 6400 Rupees
Tenshi Blade – 6400 Rupees
Zangetsu – 6400 Rupees
Chaos Sword – 7600 Rupees
Elucidator – 9600 Rupees
Kikuichimonji – 12800 Rupees
Piko Hammer – 128 Rings
Sonic Sneakers – 128 Rings
Rocket Boots – 128 Rings
Star Hammer – 64 Bonus Coins

Gold Sword – Dream Sword
Gold Sword – Four Sword
Dream Sword & 64 Dark Hearts – Kingdom Key
3200 Rupees & Four Sword – True Four Sword
Dragon Egg – Orichulum+
Dark Heart – 1 Rupee
Soul – 1 Rupee
Coin – 1 Rupee
Ring – 1 Rupee

Peanuts – 5 Rupees
Mulch – 10-50 Rupees
Appraising Kit – 2000 Rupees
Super Shroom – 64 Bonus Coins
Wheat – 2 Rupees
Carrot – 2 Rupees
Potato – 5 Rupees
Gunpowder – 5 Rupees
Blaze Powder – 10 Rupees
Feather – 3 Rupees
Leather – 1 Rupees
Egg – 15 Rupees
Nether Star – 200 Rupees
Wither Skull – 40 Rupees
Bone – 2 Rupees
Flesh – 2 Rupees
Diamond – 50 Rupees
Golden Feather – 10 Rupees

FandomCraft Mod How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download FandomCraft Mod.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • If one does not exist you can create one.
  • Enjoy FandomCraft Mod.

Download Links for FandomCraft Mod:

For Minecraft 1.7.10, 1.7.2

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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