Forgery Mod (1.20.4, 1.19.4) is a mod that aggregates vanilla tweaks and some minor features that Unascribed developers want to update into. As of now, Forgery/Fabrication Mod has more than 261 features, and each feature has its function that affects your game. Some features will only affect your client, and some will work on the server side if you want to install them on your server. Some features include Books Show Enchants, book of Enchantments will display the first letter of the enchantment it owns; Anvil Repair allows you to repair Anvil with a single right-click while holding an iron block; or Anvil No Xp Cost, you can use Anvil without any experience cost. To list all 261 features will take a lot of time here. You can refer to the below Features for more information. If you want to make the game harder or easier, Forgery/Fabrication Mod can do it. Try to install and enjoy the exciting features it has to offer.


General – Broad features and global settings

  • Balance – Changes to vanilla balance.
  • Experiments – Bad ideas given form.
  • Fixes – Fixes for bugs and weird behavior.
  • Mechanics – New mechanics and powerful additions.
  • Minor Mechanics – Small additions to vanilla mechanics.
  • Pedantry – Fixes for non-problems.
  • Tweaks – Minor changes that fit with vanilla.
  • Unsafe – QoL changes that make cheating easier.
  • Utility – Useful tidbits that don’t modify gameplay.
  • Weird Tweaks – Opinionated changes.
  • What’s Old Is New Again – Forward ports of forgotten tidbits.
  • Dark Mode – Makes the config screen darker.
  • Data Upload – Enables submitting anonymous data to a self-hosted privacy-respecting Matomo instance run by Unascribed.
  • Limit Runtime Configs – This makes the game a much faster but requires a restart to change features.
  • Reduced Motion – Disables high-motion animations in the Fabrication config screen.

Fixes – Fixes for bugs and weird behavior

  • Adventure Tags In Survival – Makes CanDestroy/CanPlaceOn work in Survival.
  • Better Pause Freezing – Makes textures not tick while the game is paused.
  • Boundless Levels – Fixes enchantment.level.27.
  • Colored Crack Particles – Makes “crack” particles honor item coloration, such as leather armor dye.
  • Bubble Column Pop – Re-adds bubble columns having a bubble pop particle and sound at the top.
  • Stable Cacti Break Vanilla Compat – Stable cacti, but it will break some existing vanilla farms.
  • Fix Charm Amethyst Dupe – This fixes a bug in Charm caused by bad assumptions that allow generating amethyst shards.
  • Fix End Portal Render – The end portal block will render from all sides
  • Fix Nether Portal Nausea – Render the nether portal UI texture even if the player has nausea.
  • Furnace Minecart Pushing – Right-clicking a furnace minecart pushes it; silently removed around 17w46a.
  • Ghast Charging – Brings back the ghast “charging” animation that broke in 1.3.
  • Inanimates Can Be Invisible – Makes inanimate entities honor the “invisible” tag sent by the server.
  • Melee Mobs Keep Attacking – Through some mystical Mojang reasoning mobs would normally stop looking for the player after reaching the player’s last known location, and this fixes that.
  • Multiline Sign Paste – Allows pasting multiple lines of text into a sign.
  • No Night Vision Flashing – Disables the flashing effect when Night Vision is about to run out.
  • Omniscient Player – The player render in the inventory always follows your cursor.
  • Open Inventories in Nether Portals – Allows players to open inventories while in a nether portal.
  • Silverfish Step – This fixes an oversight that prevents silverfish from playing their step sound.
  • Stable Cacti – Makes cacti less afraid.
  • Sync Attacker Yaw – Correctly sync the last attacker yaw for damage tilt; fixes MC-26678.
  • Uncap Menu FPS – Removes the hardcoded 60 FPS cap in menu screens.
  • Use Player List Name In Tag – Changes player name tags to match names in the player list.

Utility – Useful tidbits that don’t modify gameplay

  • Books Show Enchants – Enchanted books show the first letter of their enchant.
  • CanHit – A CanHit tag for weapons in the same vein as CanDestroy/CanPlaceOn.
  • Despawning Items Blink – Makes items that are about to despawn blink.
  • All Damage Is Fatal – Any amount of damage done to an entity is unconditionally fatal.
  • Chat Markdown – Adds bold, strikethrough, underscore, and italic markdown to chat.
  • Disable Bees – Disables bee nest generation and all bee sounds.
  • Disable Villagers – Prevents villages from generating and zombie villagers from spawning.
  • Enter Selects Highlighted Suggestion – Pressing enter selects the highlighted suggestion.
  • Item Frames Don’t Display Name Tags – Item frames will not display the item’s names inside them.
  • No Guardian Jumpscare – Disables the elder guardian appearance effect upon being inflicted with Mining Fatigue.
  • Show Bee Count on Items – Makes bee hive items show the number of contained bees.
  • Weapons Accept Silk – Weapons can be enchanted with Silk Touch, and Silk Touch becomes incompatible with Looting.
  • Extract Furnace Experience – Allows clicking on the empty output slot of a furnace to extract the experience instead of needing to break it.
  • Hide Armor – Adds /hidearmor and /showarmor commands to hide and show your armor.
  • /i And More – Adds /i, /item, /more, and /fenchant commands.
  • Item Despawn Control – Allows fine-grained control over item despawn times.
  • KillMessage – Allows customizing kill messages for summoned entities and spawned items.
  • Legacy Command Syntax – Brings back various kinds of old command syntax; old habits die hard.
  • Lenient Command Suggestions – Command suggestions for modded ids will still appear even if the id namespace is not explicitly specified.
  • Linkify Urls – Links in chat are clickable.
  • Mob IDs – Make entities show their entity ID as a nametag in Creative when F3 is up.
  • /mods Command – Adds a /mods command in the same vein as Bukkit’s /plugins.
  • Ping Privacy – Sends no ping data to IPs that have not successfully logged in in the last seven days.
  • RMB Clears Text Fields – Right Mouse Button will clear text fields
  • Show Bee Count in Tooltip – Makes bee hive tooltips show the amount of contained bees.
  • Show Map ID – Makes filled maps show their ID.
  • Taggable Players – Allows assigning various “tags” to players, such as no_hunger or invisible_to_mobs.
  • Toggle Sprint – Adds a “Toggle/Hold Sprint” keybind.
  • Toggle Stance – Adds a “Toggle Stance” keybind to switch between standing and sneaking.
  • Tools Show Important Enchant – Tools show the first letter of their “important” enchant.
  • Yeet Recipes – Adds a yeet_recipes.ini that can altogether remove any recipe.

Tweaks – Minor changes that fit with vanilla

  • Alt Absorption Sound – Taking damage that is completely absorbed by Absorption plays a different (custom) sound.
  • Arrows Work In Water – Reduces arrow drag in water by a fair bit to make bows useful underwater.
  • Bush Walk Doesn’t Hurt – Makes walking through berry bushes not deal damage.
  • Bush Walk Doesn’t Hurt When Sneaking – Makes walking through berry bushes when sneaking does not deal damage.
  • Bush Walk Doesn’t Hurt With Armor – Walking through berry bushes with both leggings and boots equipped doesn’t hurt.
  • Cactus Brush Doesn’t Hurt With Chest – Touching the side of a cactus with a chest plate on doesn’t hurt.
  • Cactus Walk Doesn’t Hurt With Boots – Walking on top of a cactus with boots on doesn’t hurt.
  • Campfires Cook Entities – Campfires will cook entities without setting them on fire.
  • Campfires Ignite Entities – Campfires will set fire to mobs standing on them, therefore also cooking them.
  • Campfires Place Unlit – Campfires are unlit when placed and must be lit with a Flint and Steel.
  • Cracking Spawn Eggs – Spawn eggs spawn cracking particles and play a sound when used.
  • Ender Pearl Sound – Ender pearls plays enderman teleport sound when breaking.
  • Can Breathe Water – Players will not lose air while underwater.
  • Fireproof – Players cannot take fire damage.
  • Invisible To Mobs – Players cannot be targeted by mobs at all
  • No Hunger – Players never lose food, and when they eat food, it instead heals them directly.
  • No Phantoms – Prevents phantoms from spawning.
  • No Wandering Trader – Prevents wandering traders from spawning.
  • Permanent Conduit Power – Players always have Conduit Power.
  • Permanent Dolphins Grace – Players always have Dolphins Grace.
  • Scares Creepers – Players will scare creepers.
  • Feather Falling No Trample – Farmland will not get trampled when wearing feather falling.
  • Flammable Cobwebs – Cobwebs can burn.
  • Fullres Banner Shields – Makes shields use the full-res banner patterns instead of weird smaller versions.
  • Ghast Panic – Makes ghasts randomly play the unused “scream” sound when outside of the Nether.
  • Legible Signs – Adjusts sign text colors to be less garbage.
  • Less Annoying Fire – Shortens the fire overlay and hides it when you have Fire Resistance.
  • Less Restrictive Note Blocks – Makes note blocks work with blocks above them.
  • Long Level Up Sound At 30 – Plays the old more extended level up sound when you reach level 30.
  • Nether Cauldron – Water evaporates when placed inside a cauldron in the nether.
  • No Dinnerlava – Disables the generation of 1 block hidden lava pockets in the Nether.
  • No Heavy Minecarts – Chest and hopper minecarts will not be slowed down proportionally to the number of items in them.
  • No Sneak Bypass – Blocks that would normally not affect players when sneaking will.
  • No Trample – Farmland will not get trampled.
  • Normal Fog With Night Vision – Disables the fog brightening effect with Night Vision.
  • Play Note Blocks In Creative – Allows sneaking when punching note blocks to play them in Creative mode.
  • Rainbow Experience – Makes experience random colors instead of just lime green.
  • Recipe Book Auto Craft – Recipe book crafts items instead of moving them to the crafting area.
  • Reverse Note Block Tuning – Sneaking while tuning a note block reduces its pitch rather than increases it.
  • See Held Items While Riding – Allows players to see held items while riding entities like boats.
  • Shulker Bullets Despawn On Death – It makes shulker bullets despawn when the shulker that shot them is killed.
  • Silent Minecarts – Makes minecarts silent.
  • Tridents In Void Return – Loyalty tridents return when falling into the Void.

Minor Mechanics – Small additions to vanilla mechanics

  • Cactus Punching Hurts – Breaking cactus with your hand will damage you the same as hugging it.
  • Channeling Two – Makes Channeling II a valid enchant that also works while raining.
  • Crawling – Adds a key to explicitly enter the “crawling” stance.
  • Exact Note Block Tuning – Right-clicking a note block with a stack of sticks sets its pitch to the size of the stack minus one.
  • Collision Based Landing Pos – More accurately determines what the player is standing on.
  • Launching Pistons – Pistons launch players up as if they were pushing slime blocks.
  • Observers See Entities – Observers detect when entities move in front of them if they have no block in front of them.
  • Observers See Entities – Living Only – Observers only detect living entities and not e.g., item entities.
  • Spiders Can’t Climb While Wet – This makes spiders unable to climb while wet.
  • Water Fills On Break Strict – Requires water_fills_on_break to have at least 2 water sources.
  • Feather Falling V – Makes Feather Falling V a valid enchant that completely negates fall damage.
  • Feather Falling V Damages Boots – Makes absorbing fall damage with Feather Falling V causes damage to the boots.
  • Fire Aspect Is Flint And Steel – Makes Fire Aspect tools act like Flint and Steel.
  • Fire Protection On Any Item – Fire Protection can be applied to any enchantable item and makes the item immune to fire and lava damage.
  • Furnace Minecart Accepts Any Fuel – Allows furnace minecarts to accept any furnace fuel rather than just coal and charcoal.
  • Gradual Block Breaking – Snow layers and slabs will be mined a layer at a time.
  • InfiBows – Makes Infinity bows not require an arrow in your inventory to fire.
  • Invisibility Splash On Inanimates – Invisibility splash potions affect inanimates (minecarts, arrows, etc.), making them invisible.
  • Mechanism Muffling – Placing a block of wool adjacent to a dispenser, dropper, or piston makes it silent.
  • Note Block Notes – This tells you to note the note block has been tuned to when tuning it or playing it manually above your Hotbar.
  • Note Blocks Play On Landing – Makes note blocks play when landed on.
  • Protection On Any Item – Protection can be applied to any enchantable item.
  • Spiders Can’t Climb Glazed Terracotta – Makes spiders unable to climb glazed terracotta.
  • Spreadable Moss – Using bone meal on a stone block with a moss block nearby grows moss to that block to make it a bit easier to work with for building.
  • Tridents Activate Levers – When a trident hits a lever, it will toggle it.
  • Unsaddle Creatures – Shift right-click with an empty hand to retrieve a saddle from a pig/strider.
  • Water Fills On Break – Water source blocks fill in broken blocks instead of air under some conditions.

Mechanics – New mechanics and powerful additions

  • Anvil Repair – Allows right-clicking on an anvil with a Block of Iron to repair it one stage.
  • Bottled Air – Filling a glass bottle underwater and refilling 1 air bubble.
  • Broken Gear Drops Components – Makes gear drop its constituent items when broken.
  • Detecting Powered Rails – Allows using a comparator on a powered rail just like a detector rail.
  • Directional Detector Rails – Placing magenta glazed terracotta under a detector rail makes it only detect minecarts moving in the direction of the arrow.
  • Directional Powered Rails – Placing magenta glazed terracotta under a powered rail makes it push minecarts in the direction of the arrow, even from a stop.
  • Enhanced Moistness – Entities are considered “wet” for 5 seconds after leaving a source of wetness.
  • Colorful Redstone – Redstone on top of wool will not connect to redstone on top of a different color of wool.
  • Swap Conflicting Enchants – When adding enchants that would normally not be compatible it will instead get added in an inactive state.
  • Weaponized Pearls – Pearls will teleport entities they hit and pull nearby ones.
  • Grindstone Disenchanting – Placing a book in the bottom slot of a Grindstone when disenchanting an item will transfer the enchantments onto the book.
  • Obsidian Tears – Lets you set your spawn at a Crying Obsidian block; automatable.
  • Pursurvers – Adds “Pursurvers”, observers with a Purpur block next to them, that can detect left-clicks on their watched block.
  • Slow Fall Splash On Inanimates – Slow fall splash potions affect inanimates (minecarts, arrows, etc) making them unaffected by gravity.
  • Toggleable Furnace Carts – Powered rails stop furnace carts when appropriate and conserve their fuel.
  • Wool Protected Sheep – Sheep wool slightly reduces some types of damage.

Balance – Changes to vanilla balance

  • Anvil No Level Limit – Anvils don’t become “Too Expensive.”
  • Anvil Rename Always Costs One – Makes renaming an item on an anvil always costs one level.
  • Bedrock-Like Impaling – Makes the Impaling enchantment act as it does in Bedrock Edition and Combat Test 4.
  • Disable Prior Work Penalty – Disables the anvil prior work penalty when an item has been worked multiple times.
  • Drop More Experience On Death – Players drop 80% of their experience when dying instead of basically nothing.
  • Environmentally Friendly Creepers – Creeper explosions deal entity damage, but not block damage, even if mobGriefing is true.
  • Anvils Take Damage Only When Falling – Anvils only take damage when falling from a height rather than randomly after being used.
  • Anvil Fully Repairs – Any item repair in the anvil will restore item durability.
  • Anvil No Xp Cost – Anvils don’t cost any xp.
  • Brittle Shields – Causes explosions to always break shields.
  • Disable Elytra – Prevents using Elytra.
  • Disable Elytra Boost – Prevent Elytra boosting using firework rockets.
  • Disable Mending – Stops the mending enchantment from working.
  • Disable Mending Trade – Stops new villagers from offering mending.
  • Disable Storing Thrown Ender Pearls – Ender pearls forget who threw them when being unloaded.
  • Ender Dragon Always Spawns Dragon Egg – Ender dragon always spawn a dragon egg when killed.
  • Full Ender Dragon XP – Ender dragon always gives the same xp amount as it would the first time.
  • Faulty Shields – Shields half non-projectile damage instead of blocking it.
  • Food Always Edible – Allows players to eat unconditionally.
  • Infinity & Mending – Makes Mending and Infinity compatible enchantments.
  • Interrupting Damage – Taking more then a heart of damage. interrupts the current action of any mob / player.
  • Lava Causes Fall Damage – New in v3.0.3 Lava halves fall damage instead of removing it.
  • ChunkLoading Furnace Minecart – Makes furnace minecarts load chunks if they have fuel.
  • Mobs Drop Less Metal – All ingot mob drops are converted to nuggets where possible, otherwise voided.
  • No Filled Inventories In Shulkers – New in v3.0.3 Shulker boxes will only allow inserting items which don’t store other items this also allows empty shulker boxes to be stored inside a shulker box.
  • Pickup Skeleton Arrows – Arrows shot by skeletons can be picked up.
  • Player Free Spawners – Mob spawners don’t require a player nearby to spawn.
  • Static Dragon Egg – Prevents dragon egg from teleporting.
  • Tools in Bundles – Allows storing up to 8 nonstackable items in a bundle, as long as nothing else is stored.
  • Faster Obsidian – Makes obsidian and obsidian-related blocks break 3× faster.
  • Hyperspeed Furnace Minecart – Makes furnace minecarts very fast and burn fuel more quickly.
  • Infinity Crossbows – Allow putting Infinity on crossbows.
  • Soul Speed Doesn’t Damage Boots – Makes running on soul blocks with Soul Speed not deal damage to your boots.
  • Spawners Always Tick – Spawners always count down their spawn timers, even if no player is nearby.
  • Tridents Accept Power – Allows tridents to accept the Power enchantment, increasing their ranged damage.
  • Tridents Accept Sharpness – Allows tridents to accept the Sharpness enchantment, increasing their melee damage.

Weird Tweaks – Opinionated changes

  • Blaze Powder Grows Nether Wart – Blaze powder behaves as a bone meal for nether wart.
  • Chaining Creepers – Creepers explode after taking explosion damage.
  • Dimensional Tools – Completely configurable dimensional tool bonuses/penalties.
  • Disable Equip Sound – Disables the unnecessary “Gear equips” sound that plays when your hands change, and is often glitchily played every tick.
  • Disable Nether Fog – Removes thick nether fog.
  • Drop Experience With keepInventory – If keepInventory is enabled, players still drop their experience when dying, but do so losslessly.
  • Endermen Don’t Grief – Endermen no longer place or pickup blocks.
  • Endermen Don’t Squeal – Makes Endermen not make their growling or screeching sounds when angry.
  • Creepers Explode When On Fire – Causes creepers to light their fuses when lit on fire.
  • Curable Piglins – Piglins and hoglins can be made immune with a golden apple or cured if they also have weakness.
  • Disable Lightning Fire – Prevents lightning from creating fire.
  • Disable Night Skip – Prevents beds from skipping the night.
  • Encroaching Emeralds – Emeralds spawn in all biomes which have ores.
  • Flimsy Tripwire – Tripwire breaks after being activated.
  • Foliage Creepers – Creepers will take on the foliage color of the biome they’re in.
  • No Dolphin Theft – Prevents dolphins from picking up items.
  • Photoallergic Creepers – Creepers burn in sunlight.
  • Photoresistant Mobs – Mobs don’t burn in sunlight.
  • Source Dependent Invulnerability Frames – Allows entities to take damage multiple times if it’s from multiple sources.
  • Thrown Buckets Empty Lava Cauldrons – Throwing an bucket at a lava cauldron will pickup the lava.
  • Underwater Explosions – TNT and other explosives do block damage even underwater.
  • Villager Trades Reset – Instead of restocking villagers will completely reset their trades.
  • Villagers Follow Emerald Blocks – Villagers will follow players holding emerald blocks.
  • Instant Pickup – Drops from blocks and entities are instantly placed in your inventory if there’s room.
  • Item Safe Cactus – Items don’t get destroyed by cactus blocks.
  • Leaves Grow Grass – Grass and tall grass can be placed on leaves.
  • Déjà Void – Players falling into the void teleports them back to the last place they were on the ground and deals 6 hearts of unblockable void damage.
  • Use Items While Riding – Allows players to use items and attack while riding entities like boats.



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Forge version: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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Forge version: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.20.2

Forge version: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.20.4, 1.20.3

Forge version: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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