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Friends and Foes Mod (1.19, 1.18.2) adds some passive and hostile mobs into Minecraft. Specifically, it adds the Glare, Illusioner, Iceologer, Copper Golem, Moobloom and Beekeeper. Some structures are also added. One of the main goals is to also further expand upon original concepts and add new vanilla like features related to all the mobs.

As cool looking as the glow squid is, it does not really bring anything new to the game. Thus the main focus of this mod is to also add related features to all of the mobs and expand the minecraft world and mechanics in a vanilla friendly way.



Copper Golem:

  • A copper golem is a small neutral mob with funny behaviour. He does not have a specific purpose other than randomly pressing copper buttons.
  • Creation: Copper golems are created by first placing any waxed or unwaxed variant of copper block as a bottom block, carved pumpkin or jack o’lantern as a middle block, and then placing a lightning rod on top of the pumpkin block.
  • Drops: Copper golems drops 1-3 Copper Ingots when they die.
  • Copper golems wander around a world. They spin their head just for fun.
  • If a copper golem is nearby to one or multiple copper button/s of any state, the copper golem will randomly choose one and it will move toward the button and it will try to press it.


  • Un-waxed copper golems have four stages of oxidation (including the initial unaffected state). Lightning bolts and axes can remove the oxidation on copper golems.
  • As the golem begins to oxidize, it gets slower and slower. In the last stage (oxidized state), the golem is transformed into the statue.
  • Waxing: Copper golems can be turned into the respective waxed copper golems by using a honeycomb item on them.
  • Scraping: Using an axe on a waxed copper golem turns it into the respective unaffected copper golem. In addition, using an axe on an exposed, weathered, or oxidized copper golem reverts it one stage to an unaffected, exposed, or weathered copper button respectively.
  • Healing: Using a copper ingot on a copper golem restores its health by 5♥


  • A glare is a small neutral mob exclusive to the lush caves biome.
  • Spawning: Glares can spawn only underground in lush cave biome when the light level is 1 or higher and only on certain blocks. They do not naturally spawn in any other biome.
  • When a glare is killed, it drops: 0–2 Glow Berries. The maximum amount is increased by 1 per level of looting, for a maximum of 0-5 with Looting III.
  • Glares flies like bees and flee from nearby monsters. Untamed glares will also try to avoid dark areas as much as possible.
  • If there is a cave vine with glow berries on it within a 12 block radius of a glare, it flies toward the bush and shake them down and then tries to eat them.
  • Tamed glares will occasionally fly to the dark areas withing a 8 block radius and become grumpy, letting owner know that monsters can spawn there.
  • Glares can be tamed by feeding them glow berries with 1⁄3 chance of success.
  • Like tamed wolves and cats, a tamed glare follows the player unless it is leashed to the fence, and may teleport if there is a sufficient distance between them and the player. Like all tamed animals upon death, a death message is displayed to its owner.


  • Mooblooms are buttercup-covered variants of cows exclusive to the flower forest and meadow biome.
  • Moobloom can spawn in flower forest biomes in herds of 2–4 when the light level is 9 or higher and on Grass. They do not naturally spawn in any other biome.
  • A pair of mooblooms can breed after being given wheat. A moobloom cannot be bred with a cow unless the moobloom has been sheared.
  • Baby mooblooms do not have buttercups on their backs. Buttercups appear once the baby grows to an adult.
  • A moobloom can be milked by using a bucket on it, yielding a milk bucket.
  • When walking, there is a chance that flower will spawn on the ground. With each flower they plant having an 40% chance of beign a buttercup, 40% chance of beign a dandelion, or a 20% chance of being a sunflower. Otherwise, mooblooms mostly had the same AI behavior as mooshrooms and cows. They wandered aimlessly, mooing and huffing constantly, avoiding lava and cliffs high enough to cause fall damage.
  • When bee is nearby to the moobloom, the bee will try to pollinate flowers on mooblooms back.


Mauler (Great Hunger):

  • Maulers are small neutral mobs exclusive to the savanna, badlands and desert biomes.
  • Maulers spawn naturally above grass blocks or dirt in savanna, coarse dirt or red sand in badlands or sand in desert.
  • Maulers drops all stored experience points as experience orbs when killed.
  • Spawned maulers have appearance corresponding to the biomes they spawn in. Maulers can vary in size, that means the more experience points is stored in the mauler the bigger it is.
  • Maulers hunt chickens, rabbits, frogs, baby zombies and small slimes, maulers also becomes hostile to a player or other mob that attacks it.
  • Sometimes maulers can burrow down to the ground bellow and wait there for its prey.


  • An illusioner is a spell-casting illager armed with bow. He can be only found in illusioner shack structure and in raids.
  • Individual illusioners spawn during the generation o illusioner shack structure. They do not respawn after their initial spawn.
  • Illusioner spawned with illusioner shack do not naturally despawn (unless the world is switched to Peaceful mode‌).
  • Illusioners can spawn during raids by themselves or riding ravagers. Illusioners cannot spawn in raids in easy difficulty, because such raids have only three waves, while illusioners appear in the fifth wave and above.
  • Illusioners attack players, villagers, iron golems, and wandering traders within 16 blocks if a raid occurs. He attacks with his spells and his bow, firing an arrow every second.
  • The Illusioner moves quickly and always tries to maintain a consistent distance between itself and the player, retreating if the player gets too close, and advancing if the player retreats.
  • Any illusioner can join a patrol if sufficiently near a patrol captain.
  • The illusioner has two spells: a spell that blinds its opponent, and a spell that summons illusions and makes the illusioner invisible for an short amount of time.
  • The illusioner casts its blindness spell only if the regional difficulty is greater than 2.
  • Upon first engaging a new opponent, an illusioner casts a Blindness effect that lasts for 20 seconds. It signals this attack by raising its arms, making a low pitched sound, and producing a black mist.
  • The illusioner does not cast this spell more than once on the same opponent, unless it has first shifted its attention to another opponent, and then back to that original opponent.
  • When the illusioner is damaged, he teleports away, becomes invisible for three seconds and creates 8 illusions of himself in the circle formation around his original position.
  • Illusion will behave exactly as the illusioner and will attack same target as the illusioner with its bow. Illusion will dissappear on the first hit.
  • When the real illusioner is killed, all of his illusions disappears immediately.



  • Buttercup is a small yellow flower.
  • This is currently not implemented! In the future buttercup could spawn in flower forest and meadow biome.
  • Shearing a moobloom drops 5 buttercups and turns it into a normal cow.
  • Buttercup can be used as decoration or crafted into yellow dye, as well as planted on grass blocks, dirt, or coarse dirt. Buttercup can be planted in a flower pot and also used to craft suspicious stew.

Copper Button:

  • A copper button is a non-solid block that can provide temporary redstone power for certain amount of redstone ticks based on the oxidization level.


  • Beekeeper and also a new village structure is currently fully functioning in game.



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