Gourmet Foods Add-on (1.18, 1.17) adds 40 new additional foods and each one with its functionality. It will help your survival more interesting.


As you can see on the cover, the foods are the current ones in the game but this time crafted with ores, similar to the golden apple.

These are the foods added so far:

(Food crafts are the same as golden apples)

About the foods:

  • Apples: regeneration = 20 seconds;
  • Melon: regeneration = 17 seconds;
  • Sweet Berries: regeneration = 15 seconds;
  • Bread: regeneration = 12 seconds;
  • Potato: regeneration = 10 seconds;
  • Carrots and Beets: regeneration = 8 seconds.

About the ores:

  • Gold: Absorption; fire resistance;
  • Diamond: Absorption; Water Breathing;
  • Iron: Resistance; Speed;
  • Emerald: Hero of the village; Invisibility; Strength;
  • Redstone: Jump Booster; Slow Falling;
  • Copper: Instant-Health, Saturation;

On the apple of all ores, its effects are of less time than the others and it has:

  • Invisibility
  • Jump booster
  • Fire resistance
  • Aquatic breathing
  • Resistance

Nutrition varies depending on the rarity of the food and the ore. Saturation too.


Gourmet Foods Add-on (1.18, 1.17) Download Links

For MCPE 1.18, 1.17

Resource: Download from server 1

Behavior: Download from server 1

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